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✅ Pros

It is a complete coffee replacer.
Review Pros
It is lab-tested for peace of mind.
It is 3rd party tested for molds, yeasts, heavy metals, pathogens, mycotoxins, and pesticides.
The benefits of mushroom coffee are aplenty, from being shown to have anticancer effects, prevent liver disease, and aid in digestive health (thanks, prebiotics!).
It is 100% USDA organic, non-gmo, gluten free, vegan, and Whole30 & Kosher.
It is fair-trade certified.
Four Sigmatic instant coffee is also available in single-serve sachets for even easier portioning.
A variety of options are available.
It contains organic, vegan, gluten-free, and lab-tested ingredients .
It is locally sourced.
The superfoods and adaptogens they contain are shown to support higher focus and concentration, relaxation, steady energy levels, daily wellness, and positively affect your immune system.
It tastes better than mushroom tea.
It is nutrient-dense fair trade coffee alternative made from locally sourced ingredients.
It may improve mental clarity.
No sugar or sneaky sweeteners are added whatsoever.
We find Four Sigmatic extremely affordable and worth the price.
They offer tons of good science-based information that explains the veracity of some of their health and wellness claims.
It is featured in Time, Bon Appetit, Vogue, Forbes and Harpers Bazaar.
Four Sigmatic Chill with Reishi and Chaga Mushrooms and its cacao drinks are ideal for those who want to relax and sleep more easily.
Medicinal mushrooms are all high in antioxidants which can help to boost your natural immune reaction to viruses, and bad bacteria.
It is organic.
Four Sigmatic coffee contains less caffeine to help prevent jitteriness and energy crashes.
Drinking Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffee can enhance creativity.
The Four Sigmatic Adaptogen blend is a good choice if you want to consume the various healthy mushrooms as a powder that you can add to your smoothies or other drinks.
No mushroom taste; Functional mushrooms are available for added health benefits.
It has delicious taste.
Mushroom coffee is fair trade, single-origin, and organic.
20,000 5 star reviews don’t lie. This company is loved in over 65 countries around the world.
They stand by their products with a 100% money back guarantee.
Lion’s mane mushroom is antioxidative, and antidiabetic and can even help alleviate depression, amongst other things.
It’s ground mushroom coffee allows our love of coffee to persist, and eliminates nagging concerns about acid eating through the gut, onto the floorboards, and into the substrate.
The 90-serving comes in a thin plastic bag that’s recyclable if your facility takes thin plastics.
They use recyclable and resuable packaging.
It has sweet and earthy taste.
Money-back guarantee and full refunds are available.
It can be added to a number of beverages.
It is easy to brew.
It is organic.
The instant formula dissolved fully in seconds, resulting in a smooth texture similar to a standard cup of coffee.
100% vegan products are included.
It is vegan.
They are planting 40,000 trees in partnership with tentree.
Their products are 3rd party lab tested, vegan, organic, fair-trade and have 0 grams of sugar.
It contains less caffeine percentage.
You can make it almost instantly.
It is cost efficient at around $1.50 per cup.
Four Sigmatic can help you get better sleep.
It contains no fillers, additives or carriers.
It provides me with an energy boost and enhanced mental clarity without the post-coffee jitters.
It is an amazing alternative to regular coffee.
It gives caffeine boost without jitters.
It is a nutrient-dense product line.
It is easy to use and require no additional ingredients, simply add water.
All Four Sigmatic coffees are fair trade certified, promoting partnerships with farmers to work towards a goal of greater equity in international trade.
There is sustainable sourcing by Four Sigmatic.
I noticed my energy levels improved and felt more focused after consuming these products.
Four Sigmatic seems to bend over backwards to feature sustainability in its products and practices.
It offers money-back guarantee.
It reduces the negative effects of excess caffeine including caffeine fatigue and or insomnia.
Company started in Venice, CA. Packaging in Texas and ingredients are sourced globally.
Four Sigmatic mushroom blends are balanced with complimentary extracts.
It’s nutty, it’s creamy, and there’s truly a considerable amount of calmness and focus that comes over you.
It blends easily.
Four Sigmatic Instant Mushroom Coffee Mix claims to help you focus better thanks to three superfood mushrooms, while providing a convenient and tasty instant brew.
It enhances cognitive activity.
I love the sweet, subtle, and earthy taste that allows it to stand on its own or blend with other drinks.
Functional mushrooms minimize some of the negative effects of drinking coffee alone including crashing, caffeine headaches (since mushrooms slow inflammatory effects) and more.

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❌ Cons

The 30-serving comes in a small tin, which feels wasteful.
It has less “Coffee” taste.
It is not as stimulating as caffeine.
Benefits may take time to feel.
The mushroom instant coffee also didn’t have the same aroma as brewed or even normal instant coffee, which a couple of our testers missed.
A functional food is often a little more expensive, so you can expect to pay more per cup of Four Sigmatic.
High cost ($2 / Packet) (1 Packet = 1 Drink).
It doesn’t contain as many mushrooms as some other brands.
It’ll cost you more than regular ground (or instant coffee).
We’d like see less plastic and zero single-use protein packets.
Our testers also noted that while the Four Sigmatic formula helped them feel more alert and less jittery, it didn’t deliver the promised higher levels of focus.
It is more expensive than your average cup of homebrewed coffee (but less than Starbucks!).
Elixir “High” is different from caffeine.
It has slightly more bitter flavor than regular coffee.
Scientific evidence is lacking to back up medicinal claims.
Some products might be overpriced.
It could be just a little easier to foam in a quality espresso machine, like our old faithful Rancilio.
While the flavor of the Four Sigmatic mix’s mushrooms is subtle, it does give the coffee an earthiness that may not be to everyone’s taste.
We found that adjusting the amount of instant coffee mix for a larger cup was tricky to do without negatively affecting the flavor.
This variety has around half the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of joe.
Comparing it to chai-tea may be disappointing to those that have experienced really good chai before.
Better alternatives (Mushroom Supplements) are available.
It is fairly pricey compared to other non-mushroom infused products.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Around the world, caffeine is the second largest consumed psychoactive substance on the planet. Yet it has side effects that are more backfiring. Why not try an alternative that can counteract these side effects and give you better results? That is why we recommend Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixirs so you can be a healthy individual!
Four Sigmatic is basically obsessed with how you feel, providing the world’s most potent, most studied, most nutrient-dense, and most powerful superfoods. Without jitters, sugar crashes, or GMOs. Just organic, fair-trade, sustainably-sourced, and delicious. And for all that, it has to be expensive, right? Nope. Actually, we find Four Sigmatic extremely affordable and worth the price.
I enjoyed my introduction to Four Sigmatic coffee, and believe in their mission to bring high quality ingredients to a discerning consumer. Best of all, I was able to keep my daily coffee ritual alive, albeit with some new benefits. I’ll be adding their Think Coffee to my morning rotation.
The alternative-coffee brand tells rich stories through its blends and powders, and doesn’t skimp on ingredients. Thousands of customers were pleasantly surprised that they couldn’t taste mushroom in their beverages, and that the drinks stood up to their claims. People weaning themselves off coffee also noticed that they didn’t crash around midday after consuming Four Sigmatic’s benefits—something that’s a huge benefit if you’re a coffee addict.
We recommend Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee and cacao mix to anyone looking to easily add functional mushrooms to their daily routines and for those curious about functional mushrooms and adaptogenic ingredients.
Overall, we’re giving Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane 4.9 out of 5 stars. It could be just a little easier to foam in a quality espresso machine, like our old faithful Rancilio. Although some other coffees are easier to foam, most don’t taste as good as Four Sigmatic.
In short, Four Sigmatic sells quality mushroom coffee. Granted, it’s a somewhat acquired taste. So buy a pack before subscribing. Opt for the ground versions over instant. These products taste better. It’ll cost you more than regular ground (or instant coffee). That’s down to the healthy ingredients and lack of caffeine.
Our testers universally agreed that while Four Sigmatic Instant Mushroom Coffee wouldn’t replace their everyday cup of coffee, they’d happily keep it in their pantry for hectic mornings and the formula’s health benefits. For a busy coffee drinker, Four Sigmatic instant coffee is a better-tasting and more nutritious swap for standard instant coffee. It’s also a great choice for anyone looking for ways to reduce their caffeine intake while still getting a boost of productive energy.
I enjoyed both MUDWTR and Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Blend, but I personally like Four Sigmatic more. There are a few reasons for this: I prefer coffee and tea and I didn’t find the MUDWTR experience compelling enough to make the complete switch. I drink tea daily and have coffee as a treat. 🙂 The mild flavor of Four Sigmatic seemed more complementary to my morning drinks. I use half a scoop, and take an additional Ashwagandha pill.This works best for my needs. I’m a huge Ashwagandha fan!
The Four Sigmatic Ground Lion’s Mane Coffee is the powerhouse of ground coffee. This particular blend is a mix of dark roasted coffee beans, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga mushrooms. This coffee is a great blend to get your body and mind awake and ready to move in the morning. Four Sigmatic’s coffee has a dark, rich, nutty flavor without all of the normal caffeine jitters.
In my experience, buying and consuming Lion’s Mane Coffee from Four Sigmatic is, in fact, worthwhile. Good taste, good ethics, easy brewing, and beneficial mushrooms lead to a coffee experience that—while different from a typical cup of coffee—is no less satisfying. Research led us to conclude that mushroom coffee can be considered healthy for most people (especially those who already consume caffeine, and may be looking to reduce their intake).
I find that drinking my Four Sigmatic coffee every morning gives me a gentle boost of clarity, calm, and focus, and seems to sustain me throughout the day. I also don’t need to go for a second cup of “regular coffee.” I attribute this to the calm energy that Four Sigmatic and coffee provide as a synergistic duo.
If you are looking for a quick coffee fix that is still organic, non-toxic, and packed with other immune-boosting, brain-supporting, and anti-stress ingredients, then these Four Sigmatic Instant Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane packs are perfect.
This product lives up to the hype. I’m highly sensitive to caffeine, and this product is a tasty alternative that helps me clear my mental fog and get things done.
If what you’re after is a ‘healthy beverage’ that may not have the kick of coffee and holds minimal medicinal benefits, this might be a good choice for you.

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