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✅ Pros

It is extremely powerful and efficient.
Review Pros
It has very precise laser.
Their team members are passionate about creating something new for customers who want more control over how they do things–from design through production.
It had a touchscreen LCD that allowed us to track the project and run programs without the need for physical access to a laptop.
It provides a Facebook community for its users.
It can work with a wide variety of materials, from wood and metal to resin and carbon fiber.
It comes with a touchscreen LCD.
This hobby CNC router is a great choice for a variety of applications, including engraving, milling, and cutting.
It has an emergency stop button.
It works with most engraving software and file formats.
It provides accessories and materials for users, including router bits, goggles, air assists, etc.
It offers fast engraving performance.
Aside from reliable customer service, you’ll also have access to a Facebook group of other FoxAlien CNC Router users.
All you have to do is 30-45 minutes of assembly time followed by hours (likely) spent exploring its capabilities with your newfound skills.
It has large working area and high clearance.
Their customer service team is ready to help you whenever you need assistance.
It can print in two colours and has a printing volume of 120x120x120mm.
It has an offline controller with a clear touchscreen LCD, which allows a lot of versatility when working.
It uses open source software, namely GRLB controller software.
There are tons of resources on YouTube for GRBL control, and it has a rigid structure, so there are no more lost steps.
It can handle both large and small materials.
It sells CNC router machines as well as laser engravers.
It comes with an auto-levelling feature to ensure accurate printing, and it supports both STL and G-code formats.

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❌ Cons

It is very loud.
We had to tweak a lot of the machine’s settings because the factory settings were not up to par.
There is no roller accessory.
There are limited on-board controls.
It can make cuts up to a millimeter in depth, and it doesn’t go any deeper than that.

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Review Summaries
The FoxAlien CNC Router Machine is powerful, sturdy, and easy to use. It’s suitable for nearly all levels of experience, even for those who are still beginners. If you buy this machine, you won’t just be getting the machine itself. You’ll also be getting excellent customer support and an informative community of people that can support you in your endeavors.
A great deal for both home and business, it is capable of engraving materials like wood, metal, and PCB. And with its main parts coming to you preassembled, it may take a max of 30 minutes for you to assemble it.
CNC Router Machine 4040-XE is perfect for whatever your projects may be. Whether you need to make something small or are in the market on an extensive remodelling job, this power tool will come at just right and help get the project done quickly with little effort. It can cut and engrave many different materials, including wood or metal. It’s perfect for home use as well as business!
Not many additive manufacturing brands provide CNC routers or laser engravers at a reasonable price while still maintaining high quality. But that doesn’t go for FoxAlien, they provide machines that are affordable for various people ranging from creative workers to DIYers.
The FoxAlien Reizer Pro is a 40W laser engraver with a 10W laser output that can be used to engrave and cut various materials such as wood, MDF, ceramic, acrylic, and metal. The machine is designed for fast assembly and simple use, making it accessible to hobbyists, amateurs, and beginners.

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