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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It has 14 essential apps.
Review Pros
The Gabb Wireless phone has GPS.
It is a great phone for texting friends.
Connectivity and call quality are unremarkable.
Gabb Wireless’ phone offers several safety features to keep kids safe — no internet browsing, no social media, and limited apps to encourage life off the screen.
My kids are happy to have the Z2 as it makes them feel more up-to-date.
It looks and feels like a smartphone.
The Gabb Z2 is an affordable.
It has 8MP Camera for taking selfies, photos, and videos.
When it comes to the phone’s battery maximum stand-by time, you’re offered a maximum of 18.8 days (meaning around 450 hours) of stand-by time before it’s battery drains out.
The battery lasts up to three days between charges.
No parental controls are needed.
So far, everywhere we’ve gone with our Gabb phone has had adequate coverage.
Gabb Wireless has the most affordable plan.
The Gabb Z2 Bundle also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
The Gabb Z2 has a GPS feature.
It looks like a smartphone.
I love the Gabb Wireless phone because there is zero internet access, no social media, and a great way to introduce kids to technology.
Most Gabb customers were extremely satisfied with the included apps and features installed on the phone.
It allows unlimited talk and texting.
With the Gabb Z2 phone, my daughter is able to send and receive pictures as well as group texts.
The phone comes with a voice recorder which is of high quality and picks up even faint sounds.
The camera on the Gabb Z2 phone is really good.
It focuses on safety.
The Gabb Z2 Phone’s 5.5″ color display touchscreen also features a Fingerprint Sign In functionality.
It’s pretty resilient when dropped.
It comes with Bluetooth for music on earbuds and speakers.
Plans are month-to-month, so parents don’t need to sign up for a long term contract.
The file manager is pretty easy to navigate and to add to in general.
We really appreciated that the Gabb Wireless cell phone looks like any other regular smart phone.
Gabb Wireless offers parents a few ways to save on its phones and plans.
Gabb Wireless helps me protect our children from unsuitable content results because there is no internet on the Gabb phone.
It is not expensive.
It comes preloaded with apps like – calculator, calendar, clock – but no option for adding others.
Gabb’s Z2 has colorful, circular Android icons.
It’s internet-free.
This phone is free of social media.
The Gabb phone works similarly to Android phones because it uses the same operating system.
The phone features a very simple and sleek design.
It does support standard voice-calls and text messages.
It is priced under $10 per month.
It just costs $49.
No internet access means it’s good for kids.
Gabb does offer you some essential apps that kids will love.
There’s no need for parental controls because the only thing it’s used for is communication.
The phone does have basic apps and features that our teen enjoys.
The price is fair.
Gabb allows unlimited texts and calling.
We have found the Z2 phone extremely user friendly.
It has all of the features your child needs from a phone including calling, texting, calendar, alarm, calculator, and camera without the internet, games, social media, or the app store.
The Gabb Z2 has a find-my-phone feature.
I love the mission of Gabb. More screen free fun, more family time, more time outdoors, more time spent cultivating talents.
Gabb currently offers two different phone plans.
The phone includes a calendar app, Bluetooth, a fingerprint reader, FM radio, photo gallery, voice recorder, alarm clock, and a calculator.
Parents will like the limits on this phone and the ability to hand their little ones some more freedom.
The phone does exactly what you want it to do for young kids.
Gabb offers 30 day money-back guarantee.
The Gabb Wireless Z2 Phone features a very, very simple and sleek interface.
Gabb phones are built on the back of the nation’s most reliable network and offer great cell phone service coverage.
There’s no app store, no games, no social media apps. That’s exactly what we wanted.
The phone gets about sixteen hours of talk time and two weeks of standby time, which is impressive.

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❌ Cons

There is no streaming music.
If you are looking for an even more basic and affordable phone that lets you keep in touch with your child and track their location using GPS, there are lower-priced options with great reviews.
Since there is no Internet on this phone, there is no way to install monitoring software to monitor your child’s texts.
Gabb Wireless only works on their own devices.
This smartphone does not give you the ability to track your child.
The Z2 cannot monitor calls or texts.
It isn’t waterproof.
There is no way for parents to monitor calls/texts.
It is designed to operate separately.
While a Gabb Wireless phone does have a camera, you can’t use the camera to send photos in your texts.
Gabb wireless cannot be added to your current cell phone plan.
Gabb’s Z2 “lacks server-side parental controls.
Gabb forces users into either their basic plan at $19.99/month or their Pro plan at $24.99/month.
For many parents, being able to track their child’s location is one of the biggest safety benefits of giving their child a phone. The Z1 phone from Gabb Wireless does not have this capability.
There are no dedicated parental controls.
Gabb Wireless phones only offer one mode which gives full access to all 14 apps.
You can’t add more apps.
Google’s Family Link app doesn’t work on the Gabb device.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
You must buy the Gabb Wireless phone. There is only one, no other option. It’s a great smartphone for kids because it looks like a real smartphone, but no extra apps.
Gabb Wireless offers the perfect kid friendly phone. It’s the only phone we will allow our kids to have in our home. I love the mission of Gabb. More screen free fun, more family time, more time outdoors, more time spent cultivating talents – THIS is how I want to raise my kids. Don’t you?
Gabb meets immediate childhood needs and offers tweens a small collection of apps. It’s definitely an affordable first phone.
Gabb Wireless is a great option when searching for a safe phone for kids.
Gabb is a great choice for kids getting a taste for technology and freedom. Middle schoolers and older elementary school kids around 8 to 12 will enjoy having a good-looking phone and a way to talk to their friends. Parents will like the limits on this phone and the ability to hand their little ones some more freedom
The Gabb Wireless Z2 Phone is an affordable internet-free phone that’s perfect for kids or anyone else who doesn’t want to get sucked into the online world.
Gabb Wireless is an excellent option for parents to provide their kids with a smartphone. Easy communication and connection that keeps them safe and minimizes the amount of time they spend on it. The Gabb Phone does everything it advertises and provides parents with peace of mind.
For our family, Gabb Wireless is a good first cell phone. It looks like other smart phones with more capabilities, and it offers basic features that are necessary for younger children. Yet, it takes away one of the greatest sources of addiction as well as mischief—the Internet. There are some drawbacks to this phone, but overall, Gabb Wireless is the best “safe” cell phone we found on the market.
Gabb Wireless is our favorite phone for kids. It is a great device that looks like a smartphone that is specifically designed for tweens and teens.
The Gabb Z2 is an affordable, internet-free phone for kids and other people who don’t want to get sucked into the online world, but it could use more parental monitoring features.
I am extremely happy with the phone and, more importantly, so is my daughter. It allows her to stay connected with her friends and has all of the options we decided were important for her to have on a phone and none of the things we decided she didn’t need. If you have a child who desperately wants a phone but you’re nervous about handing over a smartphone and all that includes, then I highly recommend you take a look at Gabb.
We highly recommend Gabb Wireless and the Gabb Z2 phone as the perfect starter phone for kids. You can rest easy knowing there’s apps already on the phone, but no way to add things you didn’t approve.
Overall, we have been very happy with Gabb Wireless so far and I highly suggest checking them out if you’re on the hunt for a safe phone for kids (or adults)!
Gabb Wireless gives parents and children the option of an affordable and safe smartphone and cell service. It is designed to teach kids healthy screen habits and give them independence while allowing parents peace of mind.

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