Gaia Herbs Daily Wellbeing for Men

Gaia Herbs Daily Wellbeing for Men

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Product Description

A once-daily multi-herbal uniquely for men. Daily Wellbeing for Men provides a convenient unique blend of potent herbal extracts and plant-sourced vitamins and minerals to help men maintain the foundations of optimal vitality. Four unique herbal combinations—inflammatory response immune health stress management and general men’s health—deliver support in the key areas of wellness. Daily WellBeing for Men helps you start each day with an important step on your wellness journey throughout the rest of your life. Source

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About Gaia Herbs

Gaia Organics celebrates Gaia Herbs’ fundamental commitment to the principles of purity integrity and potency. Containing USDA Certified organic herbs extracted with certified organic grain alcohol processed with certified organic methods and laboratory tested for potency—they represent the closest meeting of an herb that Nature can provide.

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