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✅ Pros

They have a great customer service.
Review Pros
GearBest offers interesting items in reasonable prices.
It has user-friendly layout.
Browsing the website is extremely simple, and the way it works is similar to Aliexpress.
For items that are faulty or dead on arrival, users also have the option to return after three days of it arriving, with certain items including longer warranty periods.
GearBest provides you such a powerful management tools that you can do GearBest affiliate marketing job from anywhere in the world, you just need an internet connectivity.
The shopping site is protected by Norton and users don’t have to worry about information leaking while using it.
It accepts safe payment methods such as Paypal or credit cards.
One great attraction of Gearbest is its customer-friendly warranties and return and exchange policies.
You can place an order via the PayPal payment processing module.
The company has warehouses around the world, including also Europe.
The site is safe and reliable to buy from.
Your payment will be processed securely.
Gearbest always comes up with exciting and exclusive deals for their customers.
GearBest has many excellent reviews.
You can find item specs, videos, and marketing images that GearBest will use as a sales pitch for the item.
The Unregistered Air Mail option is free of any charge.
It has large selection of items.
Items frequently come with repair warranties and solid technical support in case you have any issues.
There is also a 45-day unconditional refund guarantee for unopened and unused items.
Their shipping chart also provides percentages for successful deliveries within a certain timeframe.
Since this uses an older LED technology, the PRW330 requires a powerful fan to cool down the lamp.
There is a sheer number of things that they have available for sale.
This site has been existing for many years.
It is the best site for geek.
There is buyer Protection through PayPal.
Buyers have the option to choose from express and standard shipping.
You get paid at the end of the each month means no need to worry about your monthly expenses.
GearBest makes use of a digital wallet, which allows customers to add funds.
They are always prompt in replying and in most cases solve an issue within 24 hours.
Everything comes with a 45-day money back guarantee so that you have peace of mind with every purchase.
It has warehouses in USA.
GearBest offers the usual payment options.
With their policies mostly in the favour of Customer makes them Customer friendly with their customer protection policies.
You can track all orders.
If the item needs to be returned, you won’t have to worry about paying for shipping it back.
GearBest provides great technology deals with discounts and sales site wide.
They also offer wholesale Inquiry form.
It has unbelievably low price.
It integrates a computer.
If you ever require assistance, GearBest‘s Customer Service are ready to handle your query.
GearBest respects user data and hence they have a secure payment gateway integrated to their portal.
GearBest ranks among the top 40 shopping sites in the world.
The functionality of the website are great.
What impresses most is the refreshing style of its homepage.
Gearbest has its own warranty support.
It offers free shipping.
Gearbest also allows almost four times more days to return the goods than legally required.
Gearbest often offers specific deals and sales on items, and may also have regularly available coupons to use with your purchase to reduce overall charges.
GearBest is known for its high-quality products and services.
Many of the items are available in several different warehouses throughout the world.
They offer low-cost shipping fees.
A lot of buyers have left positive reviews about the quality of the products that they have received.
It is backed by the powerful e-commerce company based in Shenzhen.
It has plethora of connectors.
TrustPilot gives GearBest a total rating of 7.4 out of 10, with over 77 percent of GearBest reviewers giving a full five stars.
Joining the Associate Program of GearBest is completely free of cost.
GearBest is always ready to provide excellent support to their affiliate marketers on updating ads & promotions to grow the earning from the purchase.
It has an excellent value.
Combined with a 45-day money back guarantee, gadget lovers are well treated here.
The lens is covered by a protective cap, and there is a filter that keeps the dust and lint from clogging the innards of the machine.
Live Chat with customer service is available. does offer a number of consumer protection schemes including a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee for faulty products.
It is hyper-focused on gadgets and technology.
Along with great products, they also have superb shipping options for their customers worldwide except South Sudan & Palestine.
Gearbest is very often cheaper than the competition.
Buying from GearBest qualifies shoppers for 90 days of free identify theft coverage up to $100,000.
GearBest is certified as a secure shopping site by McAfee.

❌ Cons

If I had one major complaint about shopping at GearBest, its that it’s really difficult to browse for stuff.
Unfortunately you have to set up an account before buying and there is no other option.
You won’t be able to add extra storage as there is no microSD card slot.
At times, they may not be able to respond or provide an answer in a specific timeframe.
Lond delivery times would also affect returns for repair.
Login is required to place orders (unless using PayPal).
Delivery has always been an issue for the website.
The flat-rate shipping time to the United States is anywhere between 10 days and 30 days.
The shipping times are much longer than what the typical consumer might expect.
Payment options are limited to PayPal.
The biggest con is the shipping speed since everything is coming from China.
Many customers have complained about the non-existent customer support of
Long delivery time is a disadvantage.
Although GearBest offers a 45-day guarantee, products are often not received in time to use the service.
Because shipping fees are at the customer’s own expense, many GearBest complaints state that the expense of returning at item wasn’t worth it.
It is noisy.
Depending on the item you’ve purchased, it may be subject to customs duties, often times in South Africa, once it has arrived.
Buyers have been claiming that waiting time may be equal to 60 or even 90 days.
It has very old version of Android.
Although GearBest has a US-based warehouse, customers in the US seem to be unable to send their returns to this warehouse.
There is high customs risk.
Most likely your account won’t work without setting up a PayPal account and supplying it with cash in advance.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
It isn’t easy for consumers to get over the anxiety purchasing from companies that aren’t held to local laws, or even shipping confirmations. Thankfully, GearBest offers users peace of mind, both in terms of item warranties, as well as shipping verifications with tracking and email updates.
GearBest is a direct from manufacturer e-commerce website where you can buy cheap electronics gear from China/Asia. The site has become increasingly popular and GearBest has begun to expand into other categories. The site is safe and reliable to buy from but due to the overseas shipping it sometimes take up to a month or two before you receive your goods.
With a truly large selection of items on offer at great prices and the availability of free shipping, GearBest proves itself worthy of a look by anyone considering a purchase from online Chinese shops. GearBest is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable platform to order cool stuff from China
If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer, jump right in and you’ll be in the money fast. But, even if you’re new to affiliate marketing, you can begin small and ramp up your commissions at your own pace. Definitely check out the GearBest affiliate program today! is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms for Chinese Gearbest products and many individual store sellers. Overall the experience and user reviews are positive.
Grab it while you can – this is the cheapest HD-capable projector currently on the market. While it’s noisy, the PRW330 features an integrated computer and has far more connectors than we’d expect.
Buying wholesale electronics and accessories from overseas websites is always going to be a bit of a gamble. If you’re considering buying from GearBest, keep in mind that, although there are plenty of positive GearBest reviews, there are also plenty of critical GearBest reviews which may make it worthwhile to consider a GearBest alternative.
Overall, GearBest, the best-known brand of Globalegrow that started in China is a legit and real website. carries all types of popular gadgets and electronics to mens and womens apparel. You will find many complaints though on GearBest, for one the shipping times could be problematic and take much longer then expected, so you may want to pay a little extra for expedited shipping. Another problem seen with GearBest is the quality of some products.
We enter a totally unknown portal and we know practically right away how to behave there. Browsing the website is extremely simple, and the way it works is similar to Aliexpress, that is we simply purchase items directly from the manufacturers. What else could one want? Maybe better payment options.
Our opinion on is positive, especially due to the fact that there are numerous positive reviews relating to the website that can be found on Trustpilot and Sitejabber.GearBest offers interesting items in reasonable prices, so it is worth making purchases via the website in question.
It is backed by the powerful e-commerce company based in Shenzhen.The shopping site is protected by Norton and users don’t have to worry about information leaking while using it. One great attraction of Gearbest is its customer-friendly warranties and return and exchange policies.
In many scenarios we will favor the use of Aliexpress to buy our products from China. On the other hand, for all that concerns the Chinese tech products we will definitely use Gearbest. Especially because of their presale system on some products like the OnePlus 6 available exclusively in advance on Gearbest. For all other types of products and especially regarding fashion or small gadget, Aliexpress remains our favorite site.
There’s nothing I can really complain about with GearBest, except some minor user-interface issues with the product filters and categories. The processing time and shipping times aren’t the best, but they do set those expectations up front. In other words, GearBest met my expectations for how an online company should do business.
GearBest is one of the most popular online e-commerce channels globally. They provide services worldwide except some countries with amazingly fast delivery options. They believe in delivering the best to their users as fast as possible. That’s why they offer a different kind of shipping methods (from free to paid) to their customers.

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