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✅ Pros

What’s great about this is each box is tailored around a “modern gentleman” who is a man that serves as an inspiration to other men in how they should look.
Review Pros
Each month brings a very specific style to your doorstep, centered around a notable man of style.
Fun themes each month add some excitement to your monthly delivery.
Features quality items with real leather and brand names, all of which are carefully curated to relate to one another, and exemplify a true gentleman.
You can choose past months boxes.
As you start adding accessories into the mix, you’ll begin to develop a knack for pairing them.
There are no fees charged for cancelling your subscription.
They have a few very useful and premium quality items.
It includes items I would never buy myself but ended up loving.
Accessories not only adds flair to an outfit—it serves a purpose.
Subscribers enjoyed the option to have either the regular or premium plan, depending on their price range and interests.
You can get the monthly box for only $29.00 or the yearly plan for $299.00.
If you’re getting married soon, you know you want to treat your groomsmen to the absolute best gifts. Gentleman’s Box has a gift option that will keep them looking sharp all year round.
There is excellent look and design on the featured items.
Each Gentleman’s Box comes with a copy of GQ magazine, and subscribers liked the extra added value.
There’s no annual tie-in contract, and you can purchase previous collections.
It is much cheaper than if you bought each item individually.
You can choose between the monthly and annual subscription.
The Pamphlet includes great fashion tips and ideals on being a gentleman along with fun stories of the Gentleman of the month.
You also get a 1-year subscription to GQ magazine.
A strong and consistent theme is applied across all boxes.
With each box, you’ll come across products you would have never purchased on your own.
The items in the boxes are never repeated.
Each box contains literature on how to use the products and other sage advice that men will appreciate and be able to use.
Everything that’s featured in Gentleman’s Box is truly of fantastic quality.
Each box includes a copy of The Gentleman’s Post, a well-designed booklet describing the products in the box and offering styling suggestions for each one.
The value is way more than the cost.
Customers appreciated the literature included in each box explaining ways to wear each accessory.
I appreciate that their curations are always cohesive and that they never fail to come up with interesting themes.
It’s quite the boon that each month’s box comes with a series of tips and instructions for how to use every item in it to its best effect.
Every booklet also includes a Gentleman’s Exclusive Deal of the Month.
Gentleman’s Box offers products from a wider and more international range of companies than their competitors.
Every monthly shipment comes in a custom-made box.
Apart from the excellent subscriptions, Gentleman’s Box also offers a variety of accessories, socks, box bundles, mystery boxes, grooming products, and specialty items in its online store.
We love the design of the box.
You have the option of going really big with Gentleman’s Box by subscribing to their $100, quarterly luxury box.
The value here is just amazing.
Each box is uniquely themed, honoring a noteworthy gentleman from the past or present.
All of the items were actually organized in a very neat way so nothing was damaged. The box was easy to open as well.
The box is neat and sturdy.
Each box comes with a yearly subscription to GQ to keep you up-to-date on the latest in men’s style and fashion.

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❌ Cons

You can only cancel by phone.
There are a lot of purchasing options that might feel overwhelming.
Though they put a lot of effort into curating specific monthly themes, sometimes it might not be a perfect fit for you.
It may include items you will never use.
If you’re buying Gentleman’s Box as a gift for a friend, there is no option to give just a one-month try at it.
You can’t sign up for only one month.
Cancellation is a hassle.
If you don’t dig a monthly theme, the items may not be relevant to your needs .
Long delivery times, especially if you’re not in the United States.
Some customers say that Gentleman’s Box offers less items than its competitors — usually more like four items, rather than five or six.
It was extremely hard to cancel existing subscriptions, and confusing to get in touch with customer service.
Since they’ve made every previous classic box available for purchase as well, it can be hard to commit to just one buying choice.
Each box is basically the same for each subscriber, which was disappointing for customers who wanted customization or flexibility.
The leather portfolio could use a little more focus on the details.
Some customers criticized the quality of the products offered in their Gentleman’s Box review.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Gentleman’s Box subscription boxes are designed to help you feel and look even better and complement your personal style. The average value of each box is $100, so you get to save around $75 every month.
The value here is just amazing. This monthly box costs $29.00 but the value of the July 2019 is exactly $100. These items aren’t one-and-done either, they will be used over and over. We truly recommend trying out this subscription box!
Gentleman’s Box delivered big value going for quality over quantity, and while some items could’ve used more attention to detail, the packages consistently offer solid value.
It really does stand out as one of the best subscription boxes for men looking to improve their style and grooming.
Gentleman’s Box is a grand slam in the world of men’s subscription boxes. From their thoughtfully curated products to the unique Gentleman’s Post booklet, it’s the perfect service for men who want to level up their style and tap into the gentleman within.
Overall the Gentleman’s box felt a bit gimmicky to me. As someone who rarely wears accessories or dresses up, the box felt useless to someone like me. But if you are passionate about fashion and love high-quality accessories, $25 a month for this box is a steal. For the modern gentleman, this box is a must-have.
Gentleman’s Box surprised me. Their unique and useful selection of themed items came through in value and style. I felt that for their price, both the Classic and Premium Box over delivered, and I was happily surprised by some of the products. The boxes are a great way to expand your style horizons and add new accessories, patterns and products to your wardrobe — that you might not have tried otherwise.
Introducing the first subscription service created exclusively for today’s gentleman. Gentleman’s box will hand pick a uniquely themed box each month, from grooming to style, products are sure to impress.
Gentleman’s Box is a monthly style subscription for the modern man, including everything from clothing and accessories to grooming products.

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