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✅ Pros

The suspension package is well speced.
Review Pros
It provides a fun and efficient climbing experience to take you to the top too.
The new SL AMR 6.7 has a great shape.
Offering the Ghost promise of exceptional value for money and low maintenance and minimal cost, these bikes would suit novices to trails and tours.
One of our favorite aspects of the SL AMR’s build is the suspension package.
It is extremely manoeuvrable.
Perfected off the AMR range, these bikes are rigged up with a four-bar-linkage suspension system for maximum shock and bump absorbency on the trail.
The whole FR AMR series has 27.5” tires of different widths, which have proven as the best choice for enduro rides.
Ghost offers the Hybride SL AMR in sizes S-XL, for riders 5’1” to 6’8”.
Both the design and colour scheme are aesthetically pleasing.
This is a bike that fully excels where it claims to.
The display exhibits the current trip, lifetime mileage, ride time, battery life and time of day.
It’s a good climber.
All three models are built around lightweight and affordable aluminum frames.
The frame design allowed for confident climbs and fast descents.
They also offer a decent selection of entry-level and high-end carbon bikes.
It is impressively versatile.
It is semi-integrated.
It grants plenty of fun while on tour.
This really is an “all terrain” bike, good for technical singletrack to rolling fire roads, to moderate downhill.
It is a great climber on average trails.
It is built for the most demanding trails.
It comes with specific chainstay length.
It comes to life on the most demanding terrain and thrives in the air.
The SL AMR has the angles and suspension components to really get after it on the descents.
It offers easy handling.
Each of the three bikes has the same Enduro geometry which will allow you to smash those timed downhills and recover your strength on the uphills due to a good range of 1×12 gears.
The frameset is full aluminium and is fitted with a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, Descendant alloy crankset and an array of in-house components.
You will be able to tackle demanding terrains reliably.
The controls are intuitive and simple to use.
It offer nippy handling.
It is possible to get it off the ground and into the air.
At the moment, they make almost 40 different models, each with its own distinct features.
It is perhaps the best way to start biking.
When it came to climbing, the SL AMR’s three assist modes were more than enough to power the bike up even the steepest pitches our local mountains have to offer.
Coil shock offers impressive ride performance.
The bikes generally feel very stable and offer a big confidence boost when cornering.
It comes with powerful Sram disc brakes.
The Ghost Hybride SL AMR’s battery can be removed for charging.
Shifting between the three power output settings is relatively easy with the handlebar-mounted control by the left grip.
It also has mounts for racks and mudguards.
The FR AMR is available in 4 sizes up to XL.
It offers good value for money.
The SL AMR 6.7 is a bit hefty but it doesn’t feel that way when you hit the dirt.
It is available in many styles and sizes for your choice.
With the Cane Creek DB inline coil shock, the GHOST’s rear end is super plush.
It is lightweight.
Despite the small size of the digital display, testers liked it more than the LED light system on the Giant Trance E+ 2’s control.
They are designed to provide balanced geometry for not only a comfortable ride, but also for versatility and great touring capacities.
With its design, GHOST have managed to give the HYBRIDE SL AMR models a futuristic and unique look.
Kato is also fitted out with great Shimano parts on its drivetrain.
It won’t break the bank either.
It has excellent drivetrain and brakes.
There is currently no better option than SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain for trail bikes with its wide gear range and smooth shifting.
When it comes to the warranty Ghost provides for their bikes, they fully comply with German and EU laws.
Unboxing and assembling the Kato, I noted neat, clean welds on the aluminum frame and quality components.
Ghost has been around for almost three decades.
The uphill performance of the SL AMR is pretty good.
Maxxis Minion DHF and DHR or Rekon tires provide all Ghost Hybride SL AMR bikes with traction on loose trails.
The suspension performs sensitively and swallows all kinds of impacts with ease.
The rear end of the GHOST HYBRID SL AMR X simply sticks to the ground, but without isolating the rider too much from the trail.
It is highly predictable.
Frames in the Kato FS series are made of lightweight aluminium.
It has generous tyre clearance.
The chunky fork and massive clearance mean you could fit even bigger tyres.
It is perfect for technical descents.
The bike uses the Shimano STEPS E8000 pedal-assist motor, to take on rugged terrain, with three levels of pedal assist.
The electric drive system has three modes of assist: Eco, Trail, and Boost,
When it comes to prices, Ghost mostly makes mid-range bikes intended for cycling enthusiasts and fitness riders.
It lets you choose your drive-train as per your unique preferences.

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❌ Cons

At 680mm, the handlebars were on the narrow side for me.
It is too basic.
It’s not inexpensive.
The bike does not automatically drop to eco mode when the battery is low.
This bike is not designed for relaxed cruises on forest service roads.
The motor system on the SL AMR is the worst we’ve used with inconsistent power output and numerous torque sensor failures and error codes during testing.
The SR SUNTOUR AION suspension fork cannot keep up with the competition, demonstrating harsh responsiveness and insensitivity.
It is sized on the small side.
It is unsuitable for many purposes.
There is minimal traction/grip from the semi-slick rear tyre.
It has limited standover.
A high cadence is needed to get adequate power on climbs.
Short cranks are not ideal for relaxed riding.
The loud clatter of the cables on the GHOST SL AMR X and the Giant Trance almost drove us crazy on demanding descents.
They’ve used the Shimano Steps E8000 motor system which has a small handlebar mounted remote unit that shifts up and down through the output settings.
The short cranks are not ideal for relaxed riding.
It took about five and a half hours to fully recharge the battery.
It has overly stiff fork.
Although the SRAM EX1 drivetrain has a very large gear range, the gear jumps are very large due to the low number of gears (8 gears).
Dropper seat post lacks drop.
At 28 pounds for a medium frame, the Kato FS 7 isn’t light.
It does take some doing to ride playfully on the SL AMR.
Ride is not very exciting.
It is not too good on tough terrain.
Tyres are slippery when wet.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The GHOST HYBRID SL AMR XS 7.7+ LC is one of the most radical eMTBs on the market. The engineers were uncompromising in designing a bike that would offer maximum performance on the trail, whether you’re going uphill or down. For riders who know how to get the most out of it, it promises to be outstanding eMTB for the roughest terrain. However, if you prefer taking things slower, this bike can feel a bit overwhelming.
The main plus point the Ghost Kato range has going for it is that it offers more than what you would expect to pay for. It will still keep most riders happy.
If you’re looking for an agile, spritely trail bike, you won’t find it here. The GHOST SL AMR X 5.9 AL craves gravity. With its powerful rear end and large wheels, it’s ideal for demanding descents. Unfortunately, however, the fork holds it back.
Overall, the Ghost Hybride SL AMR S1.7+ is a well spec’d eMTB at a competitive price. It’s a very capable downhiller, and thanks to a steep seat tube angle, it’s an efficient climber despite being relatively slack up front. It performs well on a variety of terrain and surfaces, and would be a great option for newer riders or anyone looking for stable handling on rowdy descents.
Highly individual, the Road Rage surprised us and delivered a package that felt as fast and capable as most road bikes, but still offers the ability to tackle trails should you feel more adventurous. Ghost may just have served up the ideal do-it-all machine. Fast, capable and future proof.
Are you a beginner in the field of biking? If you are, we ask that you buy and use this bike. It is simple and subsequently easy to manage. Also, it helps to sharpen your skills considerably.
Fitting a coil shock on a mid-travel bike is a gamble because it adds weight and set up problems but it seems Ghost has managed to pull it off. The SL AMR 6.7 is a bit hefty but it doesn’t feel that way when you hit the dirt.
Cyclists looking for a value in an all-around, full suspension mountain bike that can ride anything and will last for years should buy it.
The Shimano STEPS E8000 motor provides overall consistent power and comes with a 2-year warranty. The progressive geometry, wheel and shock set up, making all models of this bike comfortable. The bike does not have walk assist and as it is an e-bike technical issues can occur. The Ghost SL ARM is an affordable mountain e-bike option.
The Ghost Hybride SL AMR S1.7+ is a unique electric mountain bike that has potential but doesn’t really come together as a complete package out on the trail. The modern geometry and beefy yet cushy suspension package gave us high hopes, and we’ve had good experiences with the Shimano Steps drive system in the past. We were generally unimpressed this time around, and the drive system performed inconsistently and with less power than the competition.
If you are looking for a decent Enduro bike to start racing or just start riding more seriously, you should shortlist at least one of the models from the FR AMR series.
We’ve found that cyclists enjoy the Kato FS series due to it being a bike you can have fun with even on steeper trails and rocky tracks, whilst still maintaining stability and speed.
This is a bike that fully excels where it claims to. It comes to life on the most demanding terrain and thrives in the air. Throw whatever you can at it, and it will perform. Amazingly, it provides a fun and efficient climbing experience to take you to the top too. If you have always wanted a downhill bike you can pedal into the backcountry, here’s one, and it won’t break the bank either.
A well thought out, high spec all mountain machine which is able to handle all you can throw at it with ease. A great all rounder; perfect for long cross country rides, thrashing around at the trail centre, or even picking your way through technical, rocky descents.
Ghost makes durable and reliable bikes using quality branded materials. Their bikes are characterized by a fantastic value to money ratio, which is what most riders like about them.

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