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✅ Pros

It is lower priced.
Review Pros
Both the design of the GhostBed and the materials used will help with temperature regulation and cooling.
By placing the responsive latex over the memory foam, the GhostBed allow me to adjust positions without feeling stuck.
If you enjoy above average firmness and good support, it is for you.
You could have your new bed delivered to your door in as little as three days.
There is free shipping to contiguous U.S.
For a competitive price, you get a mattress that should last for quite a while.
The memory materials are positioned away from the surface and infused with gel so that heat is not trapped next to the body.
The GhostBed Luxe mattress is designed to keep you cool and comfy while you sleep.
There are holes in the top latex layer which promote airflow.
It is liked by hot sleepers.
It is virtually silent.
Quick shipping is offered.
GhostBed also offers an adjustable base that is compatible with this mattress.
It works well placed on nearly any flat surfaces.
The GhostBed Classic runs a few hundred bucks cheaper than many of its competitors.
The GhostBed is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.
If you like mattress to stay cool and provide good airflow, it is for you.
Good warranty is offered.
If you like a blend of a floating vs sinking feeling, it is for you.
GhostBed offers the responsiveness and cooling benefits of latex, but also the contouring benefits of memory foam.
It is great for back & stomach sleepers due to its firmness.
It offer back pain relief.
Medium-Firm feel is compatible with a variety of sleep positions.
It is better for stomach and back sleepers.
It is best for fans of beds that have more of a neutral feel overall.
There is little to no off-gassing.
The GhostBed Flex is the best choice for hot sleepers.
It is best for anyone who wants a bed with a longer-than-average warranty.
They have a helpful customer service.
Our tester felt very stable both sitting and laying on the edge of the GhostBed mattress.
The denser foams used in the construction of the GhostBed should help the mattress defend against the formation of imprints.
If you are primarily a back sleeper, it is for you.
It has above average cooling and response time compared to similar mattresses.
If you enjoy motion reduction and edge support, it is for you.
It sleeps relatively cool.
It comes from a strong parent company, Nature’s Sleep.
If you move around and reposition frequently, it is for you.
There is almost no off-gassing.
It has 20- or 25-year warranty.
The company’s 750-pound weight limit is also significantly higher than some other all-foam bed-in-a-box options.
It has above average cooling and responsiveness benefits compared to similar mattresses.
It has good motion isolation and conforming.
The quick-responding surface and the bounce from the base make repositioning a cinch.
If you are looking for a high-end product at a reasonable price, it is for you.
It is made of CertiPUR-US approved materials.
The GhostBed and GhostBed Luxe have good edge support.
It is easy to move and wash.
It has gel infused foam combination.
This is a firmer than average mattress, so it should give nice support whether you are on your back or stomach.
They offer a great warranty.
It is suitable for all sleeper types (back, stomach, side, and combo).
It has low noise potential for all beds.
It offers good motion absorption.
It’s one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.
A 20-year warranty feels like two mattress lifetimes compared to others.
The GhostBed’s edge support is much better than other all-foam mattresses I have reviewed.
You will get responsiveness & cooling benefits of latex with the contouring of memory foam.
We saw no red flags with regard to how long we think this mattress will last.
It comes with 101 day trial + convenient return policy.
Its breathable cover and aerated latex keep the top temperature regulated.
With its focus on quality and durability, GhostBed offers a 20-year limited warranty, which is higher than most other mattresses in its category.
The GhostBed has a medium firmness to it which should appeal to a wide array of sleeping preferences.
Given the quality of construction in the mattress it is set at a surprisingly low price when compared to similar products in the market.
It is for you, if you like for mattress to stay cool and provide good airflow.
It has an easy installation.

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❌ Cons

If you like to sink deeply into your mattress, it is nnot for you.
If you have a history of ‘sleeping hot’, it is not for you.
If you are just looking for a temporary mattress and don’t plan on long term investment, it is not for you.
It might be too firm for side sleepers.
It may not please side sleepers.
While there is memory foam in the second layer, you don’t really get that slow sinking-in feeling that comes with pure memory foam mattresses.
It is not for folks who want a classic memory foam feel.
30-night break-in is required before return.
This mattress is firmer than average and may not be the best fit if you sleep on your side.
It you prefer a slow, melting into the bed feeling, it is not for you
Sleep trial requires 30-night break-in.
GhostBed Luxe and Flex are heavy and difficult to move.
It is not for consumers with a budget of $750 or less.
It is not for you, if you like foam mattresses.
They have a confusing return policy.
It is not great for side sleepers.
You can still expect some sinkage when sitting on the edge of the bed.
You will probably not experience the deep hug feel associated with traditional memory materials.
It takes too long to expand/firm up after installation.
It has limited firmness range.
If you are looking for the softest available mattress on the marker, it is not for you.
It has one firmness option for both models.
It is not completely “green” but does use 100% CertiPUR-US certified materials.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Nectar’s memory foam mattress is most similar in construction and thickness to GhostBed’s Classic model. Both offer three layers of foam with a cooling memory foam layer on top. GhostBed’s Classic model includes a thin layer of aerated latex on top of the cooling gel. Each has a similar cover made of cooling Tencel material. Both beds also clock in at medium-firm, although the Nectar mattress is around $75 cheaper than the GhostBed Classic. Nectar also edges out GhostBed with its 365-day trial period and lifetime warranty.
Pricing for the queen size GhostBed is $995, a price that’s right in line, or even a little less, compared to other all-foam mattresses sold exclusively online. Compared to similar mattresses found in a traditional store, we think the GhostBed is an incredible value, and even compared to the online competition, we think it stands apart in terms of value for the money.
This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in a high-quality mattress. Ghostbed Flex shows outstanding performance in each category. It is comfortable to sleep in any position. It is produced in the USA and with high quality, eco-friendly materials. It will be delivered to your doorstep for free in a very short time. There was no fault we could find in this mattress. 18 years of experience and quality shows itself in the product and feedback of the customers. This gets the highest of our praises.
The Ghostbed mattress is a great choice for back and stomach sleepers due to its firm support. Side Sleepers might find it a bit too firm and might be happier with the Leesa or Casper. The mattress is very competitively priced and with a 20 year warranty and 101 day sleep trial can’t go wrong. We recommend that you give this mattress a try for a month or two and just return it for free if it doesn’t feel right.
It’s comfortable, supportive and accommodates a wide variety of people and sleeping positions. Its price, though, is a different story. The 3D Matrix is an expensive mattress, we’re not denying that. However, as we’ve laid out, it’s expensive because it incorporates a differentiated material. At the end of the day, the decision comes down to whether you’re willing to pay up for the feel, functionality and temperature benefits that the gel polymer provides.
GhostBed’s line of three mattresses provides a medium to medium firm sleep with cooling technologies at a reasonable price. All sleeping positions are well accommodated.
In addition to being a great value and keeping sleepers cool, this mattress has strong ratings in the essential categories of comfort, durability, and support. The GhostBed mattresses also rates well with other attributes including good edge support, little off-gassing, the right amount of sinkage, and limited motion transfer. It is also excellent for sleepers who prefer a firmer mattress, especially larger individuals and individuals who sleep on their stomach or back.
The GhostBed mattress has proved to be quite impressive. By offering a level of firmness that softens up during sleep, the GhostBed is able to meet the needs of a large number of sleepers. Not too mention the above average levels of support and cooling. This mattress design also adds to the mix. Sitting at 11″ in height, the GhostBed has an additional 0.5″ of comfort foam. 0.5″ may not sound like much, but trust me, it makes a noted difference. All things considered, the GhostBed delivers great value with a latex + memory foam mattress that’s priced well below what you would expect.
I believe it is a good choice for hot sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. However, if you are a side sleeper, you may want to look at a softer mattress. The GhostBed comes with a Free Shipping and Returns, a 101-Night Sleep Trial, as well as a 20 Year Warranty. Financing is also available.
The GhostBed is a good choice for a direct-to-consumer mattress because of its affordability and how it seeks to appeal to a wide swath of sleepers with different needs. If you’re willing to spend hundreds more, there are plenty of mattresses that will perform better. But you will pay less and still get plenty of quality with the GhostBed. The slightly firmer than medium firm latex foam mattress does quickly respond when you shift positions. It will keep you plenty cool because two layers are infused with cooling gels and the latex layer is perforated to allow air in and out. Despite the arrival of hybrid mattresses using both coils and foam, memory foam mattresses have fans. If you’re still a lover of the foam, the GhostBed has the price point and the goods to make you feel right at home.
Overall, this design is aimed to stand the test of time and offer you quality comfort and support for decades, and there is nothing scary about that.
It has a balance of softness and firmness that is ideal for sleepers of average weight. The GhostBed Luxe is suitable for lighter people because it conforms more closely to alleviate aches and pains; this can be particularly beneficial for side sleepers seeking better spinal alignment. Lastly, the GhostBed Flex offers good body conforming and – like most hybrids – sleeps noticeably cooler than all-foam mattresses.
The GhostBed mattress is a latex mattress with gel memory foam that is known for its superior cooling and responsiveness. What makes the GhostBed even better is its affordable price point. If you’re looking for a high-quality bed to keep you cool without breaking the bank, this could be a great option for you.
GhostBed is a bed-in-a-box company that offers hybrid latex foam and memory foam mattresses. GhostBed mattresses are available exclusively online. The company is known for being eco-friendly and designs its mattresses using CertiPur-US approved materials and a production process that does not include any harmful chemicals.

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