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✅ Pros

Clothing is hand-dyed with attractive and unique color variation, though this variety isn’t for everyone.
Review Pros
The company prioritizes ethical and sustainable production, which they’re transparent about.
It is compressive.
It is SA8000-certified – manufacturing processes have been rated as ethical.
They use recycled polyester and plastic (water bottles and fishing nets) to create durable products.
Their recycled fabrics are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certified.
It is compressive.
These are great leggings and in the darker color they are squat proof.
As part of their commitment to transparency, they share a ton of details about their factory, who owns it, who runs it, and more.
All Girlfriend Collective clothing is made with up to 83% recycled material.
These leggings are sturdy and well made with soft, thick fabric.
I find the LITE leggings to be just as flattering as the compressive leggings.
Fabrics are soft and durable.
Girlfriend Collective is an SA8000 certified brand.
Customers can sell old Girlfriend Collective purchases back to Girlfriend Collective.
They offer options ranging from XXS-6XL.
Girlfriend Collective leggings are made from a flattering and helpful compression material that never pills.
Their clothing is made from recycled water bottles.
They survived a fall from 10,000 ft so that was cool.
The tags are very nice as well, and they are pinned into the seams of the clothing.
The company makes their products in small batches.
Because the fabric is stretchier, the leggings have much more give when it comes to sizing.
It is sustainable.
The leggings feature thick seams along the crotch and sides, areas that often suffer embarrassing rips when squatting.
This racerback sports bra does not give me backaches.
Wide selection of leggings are available.
The material is soft and breathable.
These are made from recycled water bottles.
I’m also so surprised with how reasonably priced they are.
It is really sweat-wicking.
My favorite thing about this Girlfriend Collective set is its simplicity.
After one wash, the leggings were still happily as soft as ever.
These can be machine washed and line dried.
The items came package in a recyclable cardboard package.
They feel great for wearing at home or for yoga or a walk.
It is super stretchy and soft.
They offer high-quality apparel at affordable prices.
They are somehow simultaneously okay in warm and cold weather.
Girlfriend Collective leggings are sold at prices as low as $68, which is a steal in terms of industry standards and quality.
The well-placed seams elongate and slim.
It is easy to wash.
It feels nice to support this company while also feeling confident i’m getting a good product.
In the warmer months, they feel too thick and warm for me to do aerobic exercise in them.
The 11” high rise goes way above the navel on my shorter torso.
All their activewear designs are spectacular and affordable.
Every legging from the Lite collection helps remove 2lbs of waste from the oceans, and Girlfriend Collective donates a percentage of sales to Healthy Seas.
I feel like it can go from gym to street wear very easily.
People with extreme sizes can also shop from them.
The company makes a concerted effort to be inclusive of many different ethnicities and body types.
They also make all of their clothes in an ethical factory that pays fair wages and is SA8000 certified.
They’re high-rise and opaque.
It is a socially responsible and ethical brand.
It is moisture-wicking.
It comes in different colors.
They also use ethical dip dyes to give the leggings their bold colours.
The first time I touched Girlfriend’s classic compressive leggings, I was amazed at the buttery smoothness of the fabric.
Activewear features an extensive collection of tops, bottoms, socks, outwear, and accessories.
Each legging is made from 25 recycled water bottles.
Girlfriend Collective repurpose materials that would otherwise clog landfills and pollute the earth.
Even their packaging is 100% recyclable.
Girlfriend Collective’s sizes go up to a 6XL.
It is eco-friendly.
It is lightweight.

❌ Cons

There is a $7 shipping and restocking fee for returns.
Only solid colors are offered; no patterns available.
They are very opaque.
These are called “high-rise,” but I would have liked the rise to be even higher (they sit just above my belly button, so I have to pull them up sometimes).
The compressive fabric feels a little too tight on me, so I would suggest sizing up if you’re unsure.
One may not get a variety of patterns and designs and prints.
The pocket is very small and located in the back, making it hard for me to use.
They also charge a $7 shipping or delivery and restocking fee if you want to return an item.
Readers have told me that some of the lighter compressive colors do show sweat.
Girlfriend Collective apparel isn’t cheap.
Ethical practices result in “slow fashion,” resulting in limited product stock.
Shipping is limited to US and Australia from their website, although available through other outfitters.
They have only solid colors, no patterns.
There is only one small pocket at the waistband.
There is a $7 restocking fee for mail-in Girlfriend Collective returns unless you’re a Jade or Sage rewards member.
Only two bra styles are available.
I appreciate the minimal bra design, however, some sort of fastener or adjustable strap is necessary.
It runs small.
I’m not a fan of the straight waistband seams since they make my hips look a bit boxy.
It’s a thick material that I did have a little difficulty getting into.
The medium sized bra was way to big and looked pretty ridiculous.
There are no cup pads.
There was a tiny bit of pilling on the butt after one wash.
They are not breathable.
Although you will find many bra articles on their website, bras’ style and design are boring and limited.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Made from recycled fishing nets, Girlfriend Collective says these US$68 leggings are lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking, quick drying, four-way stretchy and made for heated workouts.
If you are a connoisseur of comfy, you should 1,000% try these leggings. Conversely, if you don’t love/appreciate true, unrelenting, absolute comfort and performance, then these leggings aren’t for you.
Overall, Girlfriend Collective is a good choice of activewear for women. If one is looking for a responsible and ethical brand that is also affordable, Girlfriend Collective is the go then. Their clothes are designed to provide you ultimate coverage and support. Also, they are incredibly soft, comfortable, and stylish fit for every body type. In this Girlfriend Collective review, we will give the brand 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason why it doesn’t get the five stars is their limited color and pattern choices.
I absolutely love the feel and texture of the leggings, and find myself drawn to them much more so than the compressive ones due to the stretchiness and “naked” feel. They’re my favorite leggings to sit around and do nothing in (of which I do a lot). I might even buy another pair in black so I can wear them with every outfit.
The leggings and bras are made from #1 recyclable plastic and turned into fabric at their facility in Taiwan. The other cool thing about Girlfriend Collective is that their clothing comes in sizes XXS-XXXL. This is a great range of clothing compared to most companies. Everyone wants and has the right to be able to wear cute activewear!
These are my favorite leggings right now. They’re comfortable, well-made leggings that will last; expect them to be thick and tight, and consider sizing up.
This Girlfriend Collective review concludes that the apparel is definitely worth the buy. Whether it be the ethical and sustainable practices that pull you in, the fairly priced athleticwear or the comfortable designs—the reviews left by thousands of Girlfriend Collective customers speak for themselves.
I love how compressive these leggings are. It feels like I’m getting a tight hug from Mother Nature! Also, the Girlfriend Collective brand has built such a strong community that I feel like part of a movement in their activewear.
Girlfriend Collective has always been willing to take a risk, buck the trend, and do things their own way. That continues to be evident in their transparency and commitment to sustainability. No brand will ever be perfect, but Girlfriend Collective has taken many steps to be a fantastic player in the market and do the best they can to serve their niche.
All in all, I’ve spent a fair bit of time in leggings — and Girlfriend Collective’s are made in a kinder, smarter way as well as delivering the most flattering fit at an unusually budget-friendly price. Win-win-win. If you’re looking for a new pair, I highly recommend grabbing some for yourself before the bright, summertime limited colors are gone.
Girlfriend Collective is an excellent choice of activewear for women looking for responsibly and ethically made clothing. We love that their clothing is designed for ultimate coverage and support while being incredibly soft and comfortable. Girlfriend Collective specializes in workout clothes that fit just about every body type, but what we love about this company is their philanthropy. Girlfriend Collective checks every box when it comes to eco-friendly clothing and responsible manufacturing. The only reason why this company doesn’t get the full five stars is because of their limited color and pattern choices.
The durable material is ideal for those who tend to wear their leggings out as much While the price of these leggings are closer to the premium prices on the high street, it seems customers are also paying for peace of mind. Girlfriend Collective take all the difficulty out of sustainable shopping by doing much of the necessary research for you.
I highly recommend Girlfriend Collective. The leggings are high-quality, probably the most eco-friendly of all activewear brands, and perfect for all activities.

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