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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

Glossika is Gold for Intermediate Learners.
Most of Tthe collaborators are students or early on in their careers and looking for a way to get established as an author or get some extra income.
The training really helps you to think in the language and improve your fluency and it’s an excellent way to supplement your learning and study on your own.
You can quickly use any method based on repeating audio prompts in order to boost and develop your speaking confidence.
Natural Pace and Intonation.
The dictation part helps you discover small spelling idiosyncrasies or changes, and rest assured that after going through 3000 sentences in detail.
In addition to many of the more popular languages, Glossika also offers a lot of languages that don’t have many resources available elsewhere. Some of these include Croatian, Serbian, Taiwanese Hokkien, Kurdish, Cantonese, Gaelic, Irish, European Portuguese, and Southern Vietnamese.
They also encourage anybody who has any ideas for publishing a book to contact us as well.
Created by a true polyglot and a lanugage expert.
If you activate your microphone, Glossika records you speaking the sentences.
The huge amount of languages available.
You do remember what you are learning due to the SRS – this is huge.
Glossika uses native-sounding sentences used in everyday conversations, which is ultimately what you want.
You get lots of audio to listen to in different formats, so you can use the course in many different ways.
Glossika is Perfect for Language Laddering.
Glossika builds your speaking confidence at a rapid pace, gets you used to a native voice, and challenges you throughout.
The audio is clear and you will sound decent enough to be understood after even a little study.
It’s possible to continue where you stopped.
The range of vocabulary increases quite a lot.
It uses complete, natural-sounding sentences that you’re most likely to come across in everyday conversations. Instead of learning decontextualized lists of words, you learn entire sentences, always used in context as collocations.
You can construct your own language “program”.
Easy to use on the go.
Romanization, formal/informal speech and IPA.
Concentrates on learning the right things instead of tons of grammar.
Glossika forces you for writing improvement.

❌ Cons

Daily doses of Glossika can get a little tedious on its own.
Different languages have different metaphors, and sayings that are commonplace in everyday life, too much structure across languages does not reflect the individual expressions of the language.
Some language editions contain minor errors and inaccuracies.
The design leaves a lot to be desired. Instead of access to an app or website, you just download a bunch of files.
Sometimes it can be tedious to be listening to the same sentences so many times.
It jumps you to the next thing all the time – which isn’t conducive to learning.
hey will not teach you endless language rules but rather concentrate on more practical things.
It only works better as a “supplement”
There’s no mobile app
There is no Welsh version yet.
It is not possible to compare your pronunciation to that of the native speaker and see the differences.
The sentences are the same for every language that Glossika is available in.
More Writing Support is required.
Free Download feature is only available in few languages.
Glossika is produced by a small team of translators and editors, so errors are expected.
It’s not necessarily fun and there’s no gamification with badges and points.
The story is boring after a while.
The focus is on improving fluency and internalising grammar patterns, the courses don’t cover a large range of vocabulary.
All the audio on the courses seems to be recorded by one person, it would be nice to have both male and female speakers or more of a variety.
The pauses in between sentences is too short, and the pace of the recordings a little too fast. If you’re listening to the files on your computer you can always slow the pace down, but on an MP3 player or CD this can’t be done.
There’s no opportunity to mix the sections.
The method is all GO, sentence-based and very heavy on the audio.
Despite the high cost, you’ll need to use other resources to supplement your studies.
Lack of visual material
Glossika doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other language learning platforms; those that make you click around excitedly looking for new things to discover.

Final Say

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Glossika builds your speaking confidence at a rapid pace, gets you used to a native voice, and challenges you throughout. The payoff for language learners who don’t have time and access to regular meet-ups is remarkable.
It is a supplementary method for learning a language that you already have a good grasp of. On the Glossika website, they explain that when learning a foreign language it’s best to use full sentences for as it will be easier to learn correct pronunciation, syntax, vocabulary and grammar this way.
The dialogue content is the same in the different languages. It makes it easier to learn several things that are not easy to learn by themselves: pronunciation, syntax, vocabulary, and grammar. There are currently only several language editions available but many more languages are in the pipeline.
In Glossika, the purchasing options are just as flexible as the course itself: because they use the same 3000 sentences for every language, the available source-target language combinations are amazingly varied. There is even an options called triangulation, which allows you to basically pick any pair out of 40+ languages in their catalogue, with more to come. You can also get a fancy paperback with free shipping for an extra $20.
Glossika is a popular language learning tool that helps you to learn lots of new vocabulary and sentences. Instead of learning a thousand rules of grammar, they prefer to teach you how to speak a new language. Glossika has a very healthy approach to language learning and it has received very good feedback in a polyglot (=language learners) community.
You get lots of audio to listen to in different formats, so you can use the course in many different ways.The training really helps you to think in the language and improve your fluency and it’s an excellent way to supplement your learning and study on your own.The training really helps you to think in the language and improve your fluency and it’s an excellent way to supplement your learning and study on your own
I think Glossika is a good idea for those who are already actively using a language in day-to-day interactions, and who have limited time available for study.The simplicity of the user interface and rep system enables you to dip in and out very easily, without having to find where you were within a given module or section of the website.
Glossika is a platform that you should definitely try. Some people learn better by writing and rewriting their sentences. The writing and dictation section will be beneficial to them. Other people learn better by repeating phrases out loud and they don’t necessarily need to use visuals.
Glossika is an excellent course with high-quality audio, tons of useful material and is a treasure trove for those learning languages with few resources. The price is amazing considering the fact that you get every language within Glossika.
It is based on GRS. GSR is where you will develop fluency and speed. You have heard these words before in GMS, had time to hear the translations or look them up by now. Now, your memory is challenged to recall these words in their sentence pairs.
Glossika comes with PDF books, but it’s mostly an audio-based method. You listen to full sentences being read both in English (or your native language) and in the foreign language you’re learning. You repeat after the sentences, trying your best to replicate the native speaker’s pronunciation. Because of this, Glossika is perfect at home, while driving, or even while exercising; as long as you can repeat out loud after the speaker and focus enough on the meaning of the words and sentences, you shouldn’t have any problems. We tested all of this to give you the best Glossika review.
The Glossika Mass Sentences system is intended for those students who are aiming at learning in an intensive way with more free time to dedicate each day (1-2 hours). And to help you do that, they provide you with 3 different types of audio files:
Glossika contains no grammatical explanations about sentence patterns or rules. What you get is the repetition of key sentence components and vocabulary that you are most likely to find in everyday conversations with native speakers of your target language. Glossika is aimed at people who already have a working knowledge of the language they are learning. However, It is a fabulous resource for brushing up your skills.
Glossika Chinese isn’t necessarily the best tool, but it does work. If you go through the course, your spoken Chinese will definitely improve. What it lacks in flashiness it makes up for in substance. By training your muscle memory with these sentences, you’ll find that you can quickly combine and remove different peices to be able to express yourself much more clearly and naturally.
There are lots of different subjects covered over the various audio sections and there are around 3000 sentences included for each language. Your progress is tracked by the number of ´reps´ (repetitions) you have done. While it is fantastic that there are so many languages available on Glossika, the fact that the core material is all the same and simply reworked into the different languages completely disregards the cultural context of learning a language.