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✅ Pros

I loved the quality and style of all my pieces and could see how they fit well together.
Review Pros
They cost less.
The ninja crops are soft like Wunder Unders.
It is four-way stretch, breathable and sweat wicking.
The inside is tagless; all the information is stamped on the inside waistband, so there’s no scratching or rubbing to worry about.
It is a perfect 7/8 legging on me.
They’re usually comprised of a Nylon/ Spandex fabric, just like Lululemon and they are just as comfortable.
The crops also have a diamond/oval gusset and a decently large waistband pocket.
The waistband is compressive enough without squeezing the life out of me.
Glyder leggings are very affordable.
They come in a variety of fun colors.
I got a combination of 8 outfits for the price of one.
Their FORMA101 fabric is super soft with a brushed feel.
The long and crop leggings have a hidden waistband pocket.
These Glyder leggings fit like a glove and do not scrunch up anywhere.
It gives a leggy and flattering look.
The beauty in these capris lies in the small details: the high waist, the pink zipper in the back and front and the mesh panel on the side of the legs.
They have good prices and frequently have sales.
They stay on during long runs.
I find the fabric quality to be comparable to Lululemon’s.
The fabrics are super soft and lightweight.
Glyder Vital Tight is made with cottony feel FORMA101 fabric.
There was no sales tax and I didn’t have to pay shipping.
Considering the quality, their prices are very reasonable and refreshing.
I love how they look.
The fabric is very soft and comfortable with a cottony feel and a lot of stretch.
Customer service always responds within hours and I even received a $10 for my next order.
The inseam is long and great for tall gals.
They stood up well for my run.
My favorite thing about this fabric is that I can wear a few times without washing because of the antimicrobial feature.
Another thing that draws me to the Glyder Apparel brand is its customer-generated non-salesy Instagram feed.
The high waist style offers great support.
The fabric is of great quality and has a more soft & cottony feel.
You can expect a moisture-wicking, soft and thick material that feels sturdy.
These have four pockets—perfect for storing keys, gels and pretty much any other knick-knack you can think of.
Glyder runs true to size.
The Glyder Mystery Box is a great deal if you want to stock up on quality activewear.

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❌ Cons

Glyder needs to improve how they handle returns.
There are also no exchanges with mystery boxes. All boxes are final sale.
My only issue with these capris is that they’re rather plain.
The Sculpt leggings were too small in an extra small.
My iPhone 6 did not fit in the pocket.
I didn’t like that you couldn’t choose your items.
The waistband has a thin encased elastic, which is less than perfect as I prefer the flat waistband.
The leggings are not opaque and you will experience see-through issues.

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Review Summaries
You’ll love these Sultry leggings so much you’ll want to take great care of them, trust me! Avoid excess heat from washing in warm water, tumble-drying high, or ironing. You can tumble-dry your activewear in a low setting, however, feel free to put that clothing rack or line to good use if you have one.
Although I thought each piece performed well and looked good, for this brand, each one was a little plain. I spent so much time salivating over the company’s space dye material and off-the-shoulder T-shirts that I couldn’t help but want some more creatively designed pieces. I guess I’ll just have to buy a few myself.
Overall, I’m really pleased with all 3 of these Glyder pieces. The fit, fabric, and quality are all on point, and they’re quite versatile, too. Considering the quality, their prices are very reasonable and refreshing.
The Glyder team curated a mystery box that definitely made me swoon. The box included 2 leggings, 2 tops and 1 sports bra. That’s enough activewear to outfit me for the next 4-6 months. I loved the quality and style of all my pieces and could see how they fit well together.
Glyder Vital Tight is a classic stripe legging that would never go out of style. It fits and performs well. It covers all the needs for yoga as well as gym workouts. The encased elastic on the waistband is less than ideal as it shows the muffin top.
The ninja crops are soft like Wunder Unders—a little more synthetic feeling than the cotton feeling of Lulu. They stood up well for my run. They had a single pocket for my iPod. My iPhone 6 did not fit in the pocket. They were pretty snug, because I had a line on my legs from the bottom of the crops and also from the seam, just above were the cutouts start. Nothing unreasonable.
I love the quality of their fabric and they have classic and slimming designs. I wear my Glyders all the time. I haven’t experienced pilling with my pair yet, but I’m also very careful about how I care for my leggings. It’s time to accept the fact that I would be missing out on lots of cute clothing if I let the pilling really get to me. Overall, Glyder is a definite win for me!
I think that if you are disenchanted with Lululemon, perturbed by their more expensive prices as of late with no accompanying increase in quality or features or just want to try something new that is of similarly good quality, you should give these a try.

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