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✅ Pros

Even if you book just one flight, you’ll likely make back the $49 or $199 fee in savings compared to if you booked last minute or directly through the airline.
Review Pros
You can get international flights for less than $300 roundtrip at times.
Tons of cheap flight alerts are sent straight to your inbox.
Airlines sometimes make mistakes with pricing – it happens! Scott looks for these and can sometimes send jaw-dropping fares before the airlines have a chance to take them down.
One of the main benefits of using is that the platform offers access to exclusive flight deals that are not available on other travel booking websites.
They offer recommendations of airports they think you should follow based on your home airport and your top destinations.
The $49 annual fee pays for itself multiple times over even if you only book one domestic deal a year.
You won’t get last minute deals, only those that will allow you time to do some planning.
Scott will only send you deals that have flights departing from the city where you live.
You can save an average of $550 on international flights and $200 on domestic flights.
It’s possible to grab some really great bargains and save 100s of $ on flights with Going.
Using Going to find cheap airfare is about as easy and convenient as it can get.
If you buy the premium version there’s a 30-day money back guarantee so if you don’t like it, you can get your money back.
It is simple and easy to use.
Deals are sent every day.
The Going website is easy to use and navigate, even if you’re not a seasoned traveler.
Affordable tiers also include a free one.
Going has a mistake fare finder tool that helps you find these amazing deals before they disappear.
If you’re open to new adventures and looking for inspiration, it’s quite exciting to see fares to all these exotic destinations fall in your inbox.
Free and paid membership options are available.
It allows for a variety of departure options to streamline your searches.
It is easy to use.
You’ll get only the best deals departing from your area.
Going (formerly known as Scott’s Cheap Flights) is a platform that can help you find great deals on flights from the airports you choose.
Getting cheap-flight alerts delivered to your inbox saves you a ton of time.
While the free membership tier is, of course, awesome, the paid membership levels are also a very good value for the content received.
You really can get some sweet deals on flights.
Going’s website has a resources section with tips and guides on planning vacations, traveling on a budget, and navigating different travel restrictions.
The quality of the Going service is great, and the best part is that it’s all run by humans.
Spend less and travel more – it’s good for your health.
Using can also help travelers save money on airfare, as the platform’s flight deals are often significantly cheaper than those found on other booking sites.
Going sends text and email alerts of all the best deals.
You can also get a month of Premium or Elite membership by introducing a friend to the service.
Frequent travelers might find that the potential savings they could find by using Going outweigh its subscription cost.
The team only picks good deals to send their best friends or family.
Team of flight experts working around the clock, so there’s constantly someone searching for deals.
The team at Going are experts in the airline industry, and they use their insider knowledge to find deals that other websites might miss.
Another key benefit of using is that the platform offers customized alerts for users’ preferred departure locations and destinations.
Going offers a discount of 25% for Premium membership for active military personnel, veterans, students, teachers, and healthcare professionals.
The free membership gives you access to international flight deals in economy class. offers expert flight advice and support to its users.
It has great, hands-on customer service.
Their website is super easy to use.
It allows custom departure city selection.
No cluttered email inbox. Only get deals for the departure airports you’re following.
Going boasts finding airfare deals up to 90% off of regular price, and from what we’ve seen, that’s actually true.’s free membership level offers a range of basic features, including access to limited flight deals, alerts for cheap flights, and email support.
You may end up finding an incredible deal that encourages you to book a spontaneous trip.
You can also try the Premium membership for free for 14 days.
Purchasing one flight will pay for the subscription price.
You can get deals only with good routing (ideally nonstop and no bad layovers).

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❌ Cons

Going tends to send deals for travel 2-8 months in the future.
I do find myself deleting a lot of the emails without even opening them, simply because I’m not looking to travel in the near future.
The deals provided on Going are often linked to sets of dates, and you never know what the destinations will be.
The biggest drawback for Going is it currently only services the US market.
The free tier has admittedly limited features.
The Limited plan is quite limited.
You’ll only get deals for departure airports in the United States.
At the moment, you can only select departure cities in the United States.
If you miss an email, you miss a deal.
People who don’t travel as often might not benefit as much from the platform.
You have to be quick to book. (However, most airlines have a 24-hour rule, so if you book and then change your mind you’ll be able to get your money back if you cancel within 24 hours.)
Going still has yet to expand its departure destinations beyond the US, which is disappointing.
Worldwide departures are not available.
The Premium plan annual fee of $49 is not small.
You’ll have to use other websites or resources to book hotels, rental cars, or activities.
Mistake fares are sometimes not honored by the airlines – although this rarely happens.
There is no access to a direct flight search engine; you wait for Going to get you the deals.
If you’re not checking your email frequently, you might not see a deal alert in time to take advantage of it.
Paid membership is necessary for the best deals.
Premium and Elite members can expect three to five emails or notifications a day. Many of these flights won’t be on dates that work for you either.
Sadly Going only covers international flights, not domestic, and I’m not always wanting to travel internationally.
Award-flight availability is limited (in beta version for the Elite plan).
A mobile app would make Going’s flight alert system much more convenient.
Though you can tell Going what destinations you’re interested in when you sign up, you can’t follow certain destinations the way you follow departure airports.
Another potential drawback is that the deals are often for specific dates or destinations.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I really like Going. For now, because my children are small (2 and 4 years old) and I’d rather get a root canal than fly with them, I’m sticking with the free version. However, when flights with my progeny are more tolerable flight companions, I will be paying for the upgraded service and getting some sweet flight deals.
Overall, Going is a great tool to check out if you’re planning to travel or are just interested in seeing what kind of cheap flight deals are out there. Sometimes a great deal on a roundtrip ticket can lead you to places you never thought you’d go or it could help you see an amazing destination that’s been on your bucket list. It costs less than $5 a month to get all the premium information. If you’re someone who loves a good deal, especially when it comes to travel, that is money well spent.
Going allowed me to save thousands of dollars which justifies the nominal amount they charge for a premium subscription. Going needs financial support to find great deals on flights. No other service can keep up with the outstanding deals and offers that Going sends daily. Even if you purchase a single ticket, you will realize you could save significant money. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and Going allows you to cancel the subscription anytime.
Whether you’re opting to sign up for free cheap flight alerts, or you’re willing to pay $49 a year for unlimited alerts, it’s undeniably worth it. The time saved by not having to hunt for low priced tickets yourself means more time doing what you love. And cheap international flights mean you can travel more and see that much more of the world!
Overall, if you’re definitely planning to book a flight (or multiple flights), then it’s well worth using Going and paying for a membership. The fees will pay for themselves quickly if you book even just one or two flights. Plus, the company often offers free trials for its Premium Membership, making the advanced Premium service available for no cost for a brief period. Doing a free trial is also low commitment, as you can cancel anytime during the trial time frame.
I think Going is a great resource to help budget travelers find incredible flight deals all over the world. While you can certainly learn the tips and tricks for doing so on your own, Going saves you the time and energy it takes to look for deals so that you can keep living your life, wait for the perfect one to arrive in your inbox, book it, and get going.
Going is absolutely hands down one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my travel life. Services like Going can help you travel more than you ever thought you could. In fact, I love Going so much that I’ve been a Premium member for over three years.
Overall,’s commitment to providing high-quality, curated deals and its emphasis on providing a more comprehensive travel experience help to set it apart from other airfare platforms.
Is Going worth it? Short answer—yes. If you’re a regular traveler, subscribing to one of the paid memberships is worth the money. The deals recommended by Going, formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights, are verified legit before sending them to you. This way, despite how unbelievable they may seem, you don’t have to worry about credibility.
If you’re looking to save a few dollars, Going offers a range of membership options. This a free basic membership as well as more premium options. So, if you’re in search of ways to make your next trip more cost-effective, consider Scott’s Cheap Flights as a top site for finding great deals on flights.
Going is hands-down our favorite way to find cheap airfare, whether domestic or international. It eliminates ALL the hassle from finding and booking flights. The hardest decision is often which deal to choose because there are so many.
Give Going a whirl if you want to save money on flights. I haven’t booked anything as of yet but I’m hoping to travel to Mexico or South America over winter, so I’ll be looking for some awesome fares. If you sign up for the free version and like what you see, then it’s always possible to upgrade to the premium version after.

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