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It is much lighter than most competitors.
Review Pros
A high lofts and more forgiving lie angle combined with a sole which resists impact on mats or turf, make these clubs so easy to get the ball up in the air.
Price is pretty close to what you’ll pay for any kids set in a big box store.
It is ideal for those aged 4 to 6.
The set comes with a high quality junior putter has been designed with a balanced heel and toe design helps to promote a stable putting stroke and a visual sight-line ensures the junior golfers can line up their putts with ease.
Golphin also offers the ability to buy the clubs individually for between $20 and $40, depending on the club.
The package also comes complete with stand bag which provides a great golfing experience by providing dual comfort straps.
3 spacious pockets provide ample storage for all your golfing accessories and clothing.
The oversize club heads makes golf easier, with a 35% larger sweet spot to encourage a more confident ball strike.
Golphin clubs are available in four different sizes, covering kids from 39″ all the way to 57″.
These are big, lightweight clubs that are designed to get the ball in the air easily.
Bag is available in two colors.
The Golphin 526 is designed not just to allow younger people to play the game, but to make it enjoyable.

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Review Summaries
The Golphin 526 is designed not just to allow younger people to play the game, but to make it enjoyable. It is best suited for those taking their first steps onto the fairway, as the heads are intentionally larger than normal, so are more forgiving than regular-sized ones.
If you’re planning to get your child into golf, getting kids clubs is an absolute necessity, and Golphin clubs are the best I’ve seen. Whether you pick up a “swedger” or pick up a full set, you’ll be impressed with the quality and how they make the game easy to love.
The Golphin For Kids clubs have been built using aero-space alloy which is 22% lighter than other junior golf clubs. This design helps the young golfer to keep balance and encourage the kids to instinctively hinge and rotate their wrists and arms on the back swing. Traditional junior and kids’ clubs are too heavy, causing the kids to sway, lose control, resulting in the club swinging the kid, rather than the kid swinging the club.

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