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✅ Pros

They offer regular discounts of up to 50%.
Review Pros
There is a four-tier membership plan to choose from.
We like how Good Sam’s website is laid out.
They’re consistently rated highly by consumers, and they rank number one for RV insurance across the country.
Good Sam offers unlimited distance towing to the nearest service center (US & Canada).
You get points for purchases at companies they own such as Camping World and other family brands.
Good Sam offers trip interruption service.
They offer affordable plans.
It covers a wide range of vehicles.
Most minor claims are paid within 48 hours—according to its website.
The longer you go without filing an RV insurance claim, the lower your deductible will be.
They have the large and diverse network.
When it comes to standard coverage, Good Sam RV Insurance offers more than any other RV insurance provider.
Good Sam offers excellent rates for new members.
Good Sam offers a 65% discount on their Good Sam Guide series.
Good Sam Roadside Assistance pays 100% of the towing fees up to the nearest service center.
Good Sam’s roadside assistance program promises to keep you and your family protected at a fraction of the cost that other Roadside Assistance providers do.
They have awesome customer support.
The biggest benefit of the Good Sam roadside assistance is that you can really customize how much you pay.
Membership includes spouse and all dependents automatically.
When it comes to discounts, Good Sam Insurance Agency has plenty.
All of these plans can be purchased at a discount when purchasing the yearly subscription plan.
It has affordable plans.
Trained RV mechanics are available.
It is affordable for every traveler across the country.
You can choose to cancel your Good Sam Roadside Assistance membership at any time, no questions asked.
Good Sam even offers a credit card that earns you relevant reward points.
The base membership gets you discounts at outdoor retailers, fuel savings, and discounts on campgrounds.
There are three high-end roadside assistance options for customers with recreational vehicle needs.
They have an interactive app for access to additional services and support.
One thing I liked about Good Sam was that their rates are clearly available online.
It offers an en excellent coverage for RV owners and their families.
They often have sales where you can purchase this coverage for as low as half of its original value.
GS has been a stalwart in the industry since 1984, having served over two million customers throughout North America.
Good Sam’s base policy includes benefits that cost extra from other insurers.
Members receive unlimited mileage when in need of a tow, as well as lock-out servicing, emergency fluid delivery, battery jumpstarts and lost-key services.
Expert technical assistance is provided for RVs.
You can suspend parts of your coverage while your RV is in storage, which potentially could reduce your premium by half.
Members like you will get up to 30% off at Camping World, 10% off at brand name campgrounds, between $.05 and $.08 off per gallon of fuel, dump servicing discounts and coupons for LP gas, RV shows and RV trip planner services.
There are discounts on gas and other products.
They have affordable service plans.
Overall, the general reviews of Good Sam are rated really highly.
Good Sam insurance will allow you to suspend the coverages you don’t need while you aren’t using it.
They have skilled service staff and additional technician support.
The membership is not expensive by any means.
There are 3 Roadside Assistance auto plans and 3 for RVs.
A Good Sam membership will get you discounts at RV parks and campsites, as well as discounts on fuel, camping goods, and more.
Operational and technical assistance is provided.
They offer great towing cover.
They have a wide branch network across North America.
The Platinum+ service also covers motorcycles and sport trailers like boats, ATVs, snowmobile trailers, and more.
They have a range of roadside assistance programs as well as service plans for certain types of RVs.
ood Sam offers many discounts for first-time users.
They get good reviews for their customer service.
A Good Sam Club membership gives access to a network of participating campgrounds that knock 10% off their camping prices.
There are plan options to suit all needs.
Coverage is provided for your entire family for free.
Good Sam is one of the best companies when it comes to turnaround time.
It offers unlimited distance towing.
They have relatively quick turn-around time.
The Good Sam Extended Service Plan is backed by an A-rated underwriter.
They offer a storage option that allows you to take a break from paying on your coverage when you don’t need it.
They have four different roadside assistance plans.
GS boasts a network of some 40,000 independent technicians, as well as a staff of RV specialists to answer questions 24/7.
One of the benefits of Good Sam Club is saving money when shopping at stores they own – like Camping World and Gander Outdoors.

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❌ Cons

It works for private vehicles only.
Its website isn’t user friendly and errors out when customizing a quote.
If you want an online quote, you’re forced to accept solicitations from Good Sam’s “trusted partners.”
They can be more expensive upfront.
Distant locations might come with a delayed arrival.
Good Sam Standard ($65) only covers non-motorized RV’s so you will need the next level of coverage if your RV is motorized.
GS ensures that all vehicles, be they leased, owned or borrowed, are covered; this could be excessive, however, since most new vehicles come with warranties and coverage as a part of the final asking price.
It requires membership(not a complaint though).
GS offers a lot of discounts that could more than make up for the initial membership cost, but these may not prove useful if the member does not frequent such establishments as Flying J, AAMCO or GS Campgrounds.
Fine print details may lead to confusion.
It will only tow to the nearest repair facility.
Good Sam is notorious for loading up member’s physical mailboxes and email inboxes with tons of junk mail – at least during our membership experience.
All of the most useful benefits are not included in a typical Good Sam membership.
It doesn’t cover acts of God.
Many people said their customer service department was unresponsive, “poor at best,” and “lower than sub-par.”
Their packages are more limited.
Roadside assistance isn’t offered in the core policy, nor is it available as an add-on. You need to buy an entirely separate Good SamRoadside Assistance plan to receive coverage.
They have limited packages.
How they set up their membership plan and the fine print details are very confusing to many RV owners, especially those purchasing RV roadside assistance for the first time.
Their terms need reading.
The service can be costly if bought as a one-off package.
They charge expensive one-time payment.
They provide service only for private and non-commercial vehicles.
The most obvious downfall is the price of membership, which ranges from $84.95 to $144.95/year.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Good Sam Club is one of the most popular and widely used RV memberships in the US. Although the membership is not expensive by any means, we personally don’t have use for it with the way we travel. If discounts at Camping World, on fuel, and participating campgrounds sound good to you, then the $29/year might definitely be worth it!
Overall, Good Sam’s roadside assistance coverage offers very good value for money, with plenty of comprehensive features to help you if you encounter problems while traveling. While Good Sam caters to RV drivers, their plans are also very effective for those who drive other types of vehicles too.
Good Sam provides a roadside rescue service capable of meeting all the various travel challenges motorists could face. The company is definitely worth considering if you ever think you’ll be in need of a tow.
Good Sam specializes in RV coverage, and its policies support RV enthusiasts from weekenders to full-timers. Money-saving features, like its storage option and full replacement coverage, come standard in every policy.
Their pricing and benefits are hard for other companies to compete with, so it’s obvious why many people choose Good Sam for Roadside Assistance. Unlimited towing mileage, full family coverage, and multiple plans to choose from make Good Sam a great choice. They’ve earned an “A+” from the Better Business Bureau as well as our highest rating among Roadside Assistance providers.
GS is best for the traveler with an older rig who is venturing very far from home and who may want the reassurances of a team, ready at the drop of a hat, to provide emergency medical referral service or to point the stranded in the direction of the nearest accommodations while they await repairs on their trailer, truck or car.
There’s no doubt that road assistance is an important part of safe driving. And in our view, the Good Sam Roadside Assistance service is probably one of the best ones available on the markets currently. It provides you with continental-wide coverage and we absolutely love the effectiveness of their customer support and dispatch teams.
It would seem as though there’s really no contest here. Good Sam, despite not being around for as long as some other companies, still offers roadside assistance coverage that no one can beat. They have detailed coverage in each of their packages and they specialize in RVs, so you’ll get the right kind of maintenance and service whenever you need it, wherever you are. There will always be limitations and fine print, but Good Sam is generally more affordable and more comprehensive than the others.
To sum it up, Good Sam offers a LOT of benefits and features that appeal greatly to RVers. Depending on your situation and lifestyle, many of these could save you a ton of cash and/or grief.
Good Sam is first and foremost a company dedicated to the RV community. AAA grew up serving the automobile world and evolved into serving RV’ers. While I like some of the specific AAA coverage, like towing to your preferred location, Good Sam ultimately has more to offer.
Good Sam Roadside Assistance provides benefits as a relatively affordable option which offers unlimited towing services. The company has a reputable history as a provider and is available nationwide for quick and easy solutions. That said, there are a number of concerns regarding the company’s customer service response and its generally expensive basic package.
Both Coach-Net and Good Sam are great RV roadside assistance programs. They offer great services that you can depend on every time, and their customers are generally pleased with their services, customer support, and help. With that being said, we personally prefer Good Sam because of its more affordable prices.
Whether you’re part of the camping world or live in your RV full time, Good Sam Insurance Agency offers plenty of quality coverage and service options when it comes to protecting your RV. While their customer support could use improvements, they insure more types of RVs than any other RV insurance provider.
In a nutshell- Good Sam Roadside Assistance service covers all the essentials and goes some extra miles as well. In fact, families that have multiple members and vehicles can find this service just the right one for covering their roadside safety up.

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