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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It supports over 16 million colors.
Review Pros
It offers great value for money.
It is less costly than competitors.
Gaming experience was phenomenal.
Camera can be mounted on top or bottom of TV.
It works with all video sources.
Good range of colour and brightness options are available.
There’s even a timer if you’d like to apply a schedule to the lights, as well as easy control via Amazon Echo or Google Home.
Goove works with any content on display unlike the Hue Play Box.
There are plenty of options for illumination.
It is easy to use.
There are dozens of animated and music-syncing light scenes.
It offers great value.
It adds a bit of fun to your TV.
It works with Alexa and Google.
The Govee Strip Lights work with both Alexa and Google Assistant.
It works with anything on the screen.
Using the app, you can then adjust things such as brightness, color styles, and even create your own DIY color cycle with custom colors.
The companion app is loaded with features.
It has great price point.
It produces an amazing cascade of lights rich with options.
It comes with solid mounting hardware.
The charging cable measures 71 inches, which is a good length.
It is easy to conform into fun shapes.
It shows impressive music effects.
Decent app experience beats the competition.
It has bright and vibrant lights.
These are decent lights at about 820 lumens.
It is easy to customize with plenty of color and scene options.
It is sturdy, flexible, and water-resistant.
It is fun to use with precise color control.
It is affordable.
It is highly customizable using the Govee Home app.
There is Alexa and Google Assistant support.
Wide range of colors and dynamic modes are available.
It doesn’t require a hub.
It gives seamless appearance.
It’s lightweight, at just 1.65 pounds, and is portable due to its cordless design.
It gows in up to 15 different colors simultaneously.
Added immersion is real.
The Govee Immersion Kit Wi-Fi TV Backlight + Light Bars is well-built and of higher quality.
It has lots of features.
It is an affordable backlighting solution.
The lights are bright enough to add a nice touch to any room or furniture you install them on.
It is controlled with an app.
They offer a large volume of lights for the price.
There is no flickering or banding at common frame rates/shutter speeds.
While made of plastic, the appearance is attractive enough that it could replace your bedside lamps.
It comes at an affordable price point.
It is available in nice color range.
They are incredibly affordable, considering that a similar setup from LIFX will set you back at least $84.99.
Lighting matches sound or on-screen activity.
Setup was quick and easy.
It is bright and vibrant.
It works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
It comes with smart home integration.
Goove has very bright and vibrant colors.
There are also two feet on the base, so you can either stand the lamp at an angle or lie it flat in use.
It offers great and reliable smart home integration with Alexa and Google.
It has very reasonable pricing.
It is easy to install.
They have a good app with lots of features.

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❌ Cons

RGBIC (H6163) kit supports only one strip.
Colour changes can be jarring.
Light bar distance means you’ll need a long media center.
There is no Alexa or smart assistant.
Backlighting is distracting for some content.
It doesn’t turn off automatically.
RGB kit has limited features.
Responsiveness is slow at times.
It is fiddly to install.
There is privacy concern with internet-connected camera and microphone.
Camera placement can be a problem.
We found that the embedded microphone was way too sensitive.
It can easily over expose on default brightness.
Govee Home app ads are annoying.
Color accuracy is often incorrect.
Light interferes with camera when mounted on bottom of TV.
You can’t lengthen the light strip.
It is not compatible with existing Hue lights.
It can’t be cut to fit.
The camera isn’t ideal, for either privacy issues or aesthetics.
They are bluetooth only, making them limited for smarthome use.
It cannot be used on rough surfaces.
When connected via Wi-Fi only, you can only change the color and warmth of the lights – you won’t be able to activate a DIY scene or enable Music mode.
Camera will always be visible.
Installation can be fiddly, requiring patience.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Govee below.

Review Summaries
Considerably cheaper than its rivals, the Govee Immersion Wi-Fi TV Backlight adds a bit of fun to what you’re watching, with the smart LED strip changing colour to match the on-screen action. Its a little fiddly to set up, and the camera control wasn’t quite as good at matching on-screen colours as the HDMI-based Hue Play HDMI Sync. However, the far lower price here makes this a simpler, cheaper upgrade – and it’s great fun.
Ultimately, the Govee Ambient RGBWW Portable Table Lamp is a cute and fun product to use, with a simple and effective design as a smart lamp. With so many features and options, the app offers everything and more than you could hope for, and this means it would keep the kids entertained as a bonus too.
My first impression of the Govee RGBIC Strip Lights wasn’t a great one. The setup process left me frustrated and confused at the lack of features that seem like they should be included by default, but after that, I learned to enjoy these lights. The vast range of features and color options is truly impressive, and I appreciate the physical controller.
On its own, the Govee Lyra is neat but gimmicky. It lacks a Video mode, but otherwise includes all of the same light modes as the Immersion backlight. But none of those are very compelling unless your job is to DJ dance parties for kids. It’s hard to justify a free-standing vertical LED lightstrip that costs $149.99, when the $79.99 Immersion is such a compelling product for so much less.
If you can get past the camera as a key part of the kit, this is an impressively budget-friendly way to get responsive TV lighting for gaming or film-watching.
The Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights do exactly what they’re supposed to, and quickly add a splash of color to wherever they’re installed. They are remarkably cheaper than product offerings from larger companies, and while there may be some tradeoffs to that, it still makes for a great piece of kit that can be installed literally anywhere.
The Govee RGBIC LED Light Strips Bluetooth version is a great beginner light strip for those who don’t want or need full smarthome integration. Paired via Bluetooth, it’s easy to manage and set up timers and scenes, but missing Alexa integration feels like a bit of a miss. Regardless, this product is extremely well priced for the amount of lighting you get, making it a solid purchase across the board.
Capable of being affixed to a wall or simply draped over furniture, the flexible, 10-foot Govee RGBIC LED Neon Rope Light makes for a fun, eye-popping alternative to an LED light strip or string lights.
Lights, camera, action! These affordable, colorful light bars react to onscreen activity or music.
From basic shapes to fun icons, the Govee Neon LED light strip is a fun way to add bright colors to your walls. The flexible silicone coating not only diffuses the light for an even glow but also allows you to bend the fixture into nearly any shape you want — so long as it isn’t too complex.
The Govee Glide is an elegant solution to everyday lighting problems, with tons of attractive effects, powerful maximum brightness, smart home integration, and reliability you can count on. Top marks for this product.
Govee is a reality check on the RGB lighting industry. The Glide Wall Light Kit is yet another product from the company that makes you wonder how brands like LIFX and Philips have gotten away charging so much for so long. At $89.99, the Glide Wall Light Kit is a great value.
A simple and affordable way to bring illumination to your TV, reflecting whatever is on your screen across the surfaces behind it. Installation takes a bit of fiddling around, as you will need to stick a camera to the top of your TV to power the system. It’s effective and cheaper than other solutions – but it’s not as tidy.
The Govee RGB LED Strip Lights (H6110) kit is great, but you won’t have the multi-color effects seen with the other RGBIC kits. The controller handles two LED strips, which is ideal for room lighting like ceilings and baseboards. Just plant the controller in a corner and you can cover two walls. If you don’t need flashy effects, this kit is ideal.
For us, the Govee system delivers best for gamers. If that’s the case, and you use a 65 inch or larger television at your main battle station, then go nuts. But for movies and regular TV viewing, the color accuracy falls a bit short. When the kit gets it right, though, it does look cool. On the other hand, the app is ho-hum (especially considering the ads), the music mode is gimmicky, and the need for a unique positioning of the light bars in relation to the screen means that this kit is only going to suit a limited number of home theater setups.

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