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✅ Pros

It comes with a TSA-compliant, removable, water-resistant pouch.
Review Pros
You can benefit from dropped zip track for easier compartment access.
The various water proofing is great.
With the Layover, I’m sure you will appreciate the fact that it is not bulky and weighs less than a pair of running shoes.
It has well-thought out pocketing designs and options.
There are also multiple pockets that are designed to keep water in – protecting the rest of this kit and your wider suitcase.
With some pockets for your legs and a kangaroo pocket for your hands, that’s already a lot to like.
The Layover can fold into and act as a pillow if need be.
The Layover is made out of 20D Nylon, which is what allows it to be folded in the small little sack that it folds into.
You’ll also find multiple quick-access exterior pockets for on-the-go essentials.
The pack has vertically adjustable shoulder straps to suit different users, with load lifter straps boosting carry comfort even more.
It has premium, durable quality shell and interior.
The build quality is great.
It offers plenty of organization.
It is waterproof and best for the outdoor adventures.
The Day Bag can be stored inside the front exterior pocket of the Carry-On Backpack, ready for transferring essentials to the day bag and storing the rest of your gear in the larger pack at your accommodation.
There are enough big and small pockets to organize however best suits you.
It hangs up nicely.
If you’re tired of waking up to your blanket getting stepped on, there are some nice little clips that can keep it in place.
They are big enough to pack all you should need, including a full sized deodorant if you want.
The Gravel Bag System features a 42L Carry-On Backpack, 2L Sling Bag and 11L Day Bag.
Solid meshed pockets offer great viewing and drying performance.
The pack features a removable plastic back plate with a metal rod to redistribute load weight from your shoulders to your hips.

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❌ Cons

Longer hook length would afford greater options to hang.
I will say if you’re a neat freak or a bit OCD about your cleaning, this might get on your nerves.
It is only available in one colorway.
There are concerns about long term durability.
It is not ideal for bulky items.
A flatpack handle on the spine would make carrying it easier.

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Review Summaries
The Gravel Explorer PLUS Toiletry Bag has a clever interior layout tucked inside a sleek, water-resistant body—but we’re having issues with one of the zippers.
If you’re looking for a solid all-rounder system that adapts to smaller and larger loads alike, carries comfortably, and keeps your gear easily accessible throughout your travels, the Gravel Bag System may be just what you’re after.
Gravel, the small travel accessory start up, has themselves a winner in this product. It’s very well made, with great water resistant materials inside and out (including the zippers), and has some great organization features like the hidden pocket and what was a first for me, the internal toothbrush-specific waterproof pocket. Clever.
Toiletries aren’t always handled well and end up exploding in your bag, leaking into the material or loosely moving around in a jumble. The Gravel Explorer Plus passes with flying colours as it excels as a toiletry bag for the great outdoors.
If you travel enough to put the Layover to use, then this would be a wise investment. Now if you freeze your butt off and are looking to be the only comfortable person on the plane then this would also be a great buy. The guys at Gravel obviously love what they do and I think they have put together a great product that is useful and definitely unique.If you are in the market for another great product, I think backing the Layover is a great idea.

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