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✅ Pros

Gravity Forms is very easy to use.
It is easy to use.
It is available from $39/ year.
Edit form css is offered.
It allows unlimited number of forms and submissions.
Your WordPress form will look great on all devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet.
If you need a quick and easy way to start taking payments you can build simple order forms and accept payments with Gravity Forms.
Gravity Forms brings you a whole variety of form fields which you can choose from.
It comes with add-ons to integrate with payment platforms, CRMs, email newsletters, and more.
You can make intelligent forms that respond according to what data is filled by the user in the form.
Gravity Forms is designed to look beautiful with custom styling in most modern themes.
Gravity Forms also allows you to perform advanced calculations on the basis of submitted field values.
This plugin offers a very simple and easy to use form editor.
It has built-in conditional logic.
It comes with premium support options like FAQs, knowledge base, forums, and email support.
With Gravity Forms, you can create almost any type of form.
Gravity Forms supports a wide range of add-ons and external integrations.
You can schedule form availability and restrict number of entries.
It offers a plethora of add-ons to gain even more functionality.
Gravity Forms is indeed a powerful plugin that allows you to create advanced forms.
It offers thirty-three form fields.
With the help of additional add-ons, Gravity Forms can be used to create surveys, quiz, user submitted content, and even web directory.
Email notifications keep you in the know whenever a form is submitted.
There are over 10 plugins that can be included in a developers license at no extra cost and many more available for free in the official WordPress plugin directory.
The available add-ons will give you a lot of extra option.
You can easily get user generated content by allowing visitors to submit content.
Every field can be added with just a click and you can drag and drop to re-arrange.
It comes with an invisible anti-spam honeypot to reduce form spam.
Gravity Forms has more options for customizing forms and fields, which gives you greater control over how and what is displayed.
With Gravity Forms, you can create very elaborative multi-page forms.
Creating order forms is easy.
Fast support and detailed knowledge base is included.
It is very easy to add/remove and arrange fields using the drag and drop builder of Gravity Forms.
Gravity Forms allows for frontend user content submissions, which would publish to your WordPress blog.
You can split your forms into sections or even pages if you need to collect lots of information.
Multi-page forms are included.
The Advanced Add-Ons integrate with several payment processors.
It has ability to schedule forms for a certain time period.
Gravity Forms has a broader range of add-ons.
Conditional logic is is a pretty powerful feature, it allows you to show and hide form fields/questions based on how users respond to previous questions.
There are plenty of settings to control every aspect of the forms.
Gravity Forms has over 100 extensions and add-ons, giving you tons of third party options.
Gravity forms has good documentation.
It comes with a wide variety of form fields that help you build any type of WordPress forms with ease.
The plentiful documentation includes a getting started guide, information on add-ons, popular features, and developer docs.
It lets users save form entries and finish filling them out later.
Gravity Forms is a powerful contact form plugin for WordPress.
You get access to more than 30 form fields.
Gravity Forms come with 33 different form fields grouped into four categories: standard, advanced, post, and pricing.
There’s a 7-day free demo which you can avail to give it a spin before purchasing.
It has the ability to route entries to specific email addresses based on form contents.
It lets you make forms inside of your WordPress Admin pages.
Customizable email autoresponders and notifications are offered.
With Gravity Forms, you can do cool stuff like limiting the number of entries and scheduling forms.
Similar to conditional form fields you can create rules for email recipients depending upon what data is filled by the user in the form.
You can get a full refund within the first 30 days of your purchase.
You can create unlimited forms inside your WordPress site with over 30 field types.
Gravity Forms has a very large developer community.
The pricing is great for all the features you get.
With Gravity Forms, integration is a breeze.
It has an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder.
It is user-friendly and easy to setup.
It is easy to use.
You can also reach them on Facebook and Twitter, for quick support questions, they usually respond within a few hours.

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❌ Cons

For users who want nothing more than a simple contact form, this plugin is more than likely overkill.
The cost of the premium version of the plugin starts at $49.
There is no SSL security.
The priority support is only available if you go with the most expensive plan.
Purchasing the personal package is a bit pointless, because you won’t have access to any of the add-ons, which are the main benefit.
They don’t offer a free version.
The add-ons are only available with the Business or Developer license so if you are running only one website it might be a little expensive.
This might seem a bit pricey if you just want to create a simple contact form.
There’s no free version of it.
As far as designing of forms is concerned, this is little tricky because you have to manually add the CSS styles for each form field.
There’s no live chat or phone support.
Gravity Forms doesn’t currently have reporting capabilities or other add-ons for use as an advanced survey.
There are no templates.
There is no free trial.
Gravity Forms is best suited for advanced users who need a complete WordPress form plugin.
All Gravity Forms licenses are valid for one year only.
It is only available via fixed annual fee.
The user interface in Gravity Forms is not user-friendly.
The pricing bundles are not flexible.
To grasp the full power of Gravity Forms you will need to get the full Business or Developer license.
Basic plan excludes a lot of the add-ons which make it a powerful form builder.
Gravity forms does not have a free version, so it can be a bit expensive than other WordPress contact form plugins.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Gravity Forms belongs into the category of more advanced WordPress plugins. This plugin allows you to go beyond the basics and create quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, order forms, and much more. You can even allow visitors to upload various files and even submit guest posts on your site.
Gravity Forms is suitable for price sensitive individuals looking for a form builder specifically for WordPress. It is available from $39/ year. You can easily get user generated content by allowing visitors to submit content. Basic plan excludes a lot of the add-ons which make it a powerful form builder.
Gravity Forms is a paid contact form plugin that has all the advanced functionality one can ask for. With the help of additional add-ons, Gravity Forms can be used to create surveys, quiz, user submitted content, and even web directory. Gravity forms does not have a free version, so it can be a bit expensive than other WordPress contact form plugins.
You can add new forms, edit forms, and browse through form entries. And sharing the forms with the world is as easy as adding a WordPress shortcode with your form’s name to a new page or post. It’s everything in one place to make and publish the forms you need.
Gravity Forms is one of the most popular and best WordPress form builders. With Gravity Forms you can easily create surveys, quizzes, user-submitted content — features that go far beyond what similar WP form plugins can do. And you have a lot of helpful resources at your service, including FAQs, an extensive knowledge base, user forums and email support.
Gravity Forms is a premium plugin and its pricing varies from $39 to $199 depending upon whether you purchase a single site license or Multi-site license. This might seem a bit pricey if you just want to create a simple contact form and you can use free plugins like Contact Form 7 for such purposes but if you want to create an advanced form then it is worth the price.
Gravity Forms combines a clean interface with user-friendly tools that are still somewhat advanced for improving customer support websites. The forms, entries, and conditional logic is all unlimited through Gravity Forms, and it also supports things like file uploads and multi-page forms.
Gravity Forms is an impressive plugin; there really is no limit to the types of forms you can create. The detailed settings and options give you full control over how your forms function, and, if you choose the higher-priced plans, the add-ons provide plenty of scope for integration with third-party products and services.
Without a doubt, Gravity Forms is the most feature-rich WordPress contact form plugin in the market. From responsive forms to spam filter and advanced calculations to payment gateways, Gravity Forms comes with everything you’ll need to build an online form with ease.
Gravity Forms has been around longer, and the user interface looks dated. However, it has considerably more third-party integrations available than WPForms, and it’s more suited for developers who want more advanced customization options.
Gravity Forms licenses start from $39 and there is even a free demo if you want to try it out first. But to grasp the full power of Gravity Forms you’ll probably want to get the full Business or Developer license which includes the premium add-ons which allow you to start building more advanced forms for your business.
If you need a form builder for your WorPress site, Gravity Forms will integrate perfectly into your backend. They have excellent form templates good documentation to help you customize your forms. There are a lot of features available and unlimited forms and entries starting with the Personal license.
If you’re looking to build a site with all the features above, then Gravity Forms is definitely worth your money. The best part is, you can always try all its features through the free seven days demo before actually investing your money.
There are free plugins for creating online forms, but if you want to expand the functionalities of your forms, add all kind of useful options and make it easier for your users to interact with you, you should definitely consider Gravity forms.This extension is used by more than 1 million people and it really will deliver the promised.

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