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✅ Pros

Green Society guarantees that your order will be delivered 1-3 days after shipment.
Review Pros
Free shipping is offered on orders over $149.
Green Society’s support desk is responsive and super helpful.
They have fantastic concentrates selection.
Green Society reviews online are positive and you will find tonnes of happy customers praising the good word about Green Society.
Their website is secure, professionally designed, optimized for speed and categorized intelligently, these are all good signs when it comes to their legitimacy.
Prompt customer service answers questions quickly and professionally.
With Green Society, the majority of your orders will arrive at your doorstep within 2-3 business days.
The online reviews of Green Society are positive.
They offer customers a very wide product selection range.
They have a wide product range.
Their website offers a sizeable selection of high-quality items, that are curated specifically to fit the demands of its customers.
One of the best features of Green Society is their coupon page. On this page, there are daily deals, miscellaneous offers, and coupons.
Green Society has a bevy of coupon and discount codes as well as flash sales and other sweet promotions.’s cannabis products were incredibly fresh and well cured.
They offer quality accessories.
They guarantee their customers personal and online discretion.
Green Society online dispensary offers free shipping via Canada Post Xpresspost on all orders over $149 Canada wide.
They sell gummy bears, baked goods, and even herbal teas infused with cannabis
Loyalty points are also offered.
This dispensary excels when it comes to providing quality products at reasonable prices that people can afford.
They ensure their deliveries are physically safe.
The box easily fit inside our standard sized mailbox and was neat and professionally packaged and vacuum sealed.
Green Society has a fantastic loyalty point system.
They deliver all their items very fast.
Green Society has just about every concentrate imaginable.
In the event of defective and damaged products, Green Society’s friendly customer support team is ready to help.
They offer guaranteed personal and online discretion for customers.
They have lots of unique strains and products.
The Green Society website is extremely easy to navigate and user friendly.
They have a great loyalty program.
Green Society has some of the best quality OZs under $150.
The company has a clear purpose and is proud to help people with Cannabis; they seem to care – something not every service shows.
For a limited time though, they are offering free shipping on all orders over $149.
They promise quick delivery.

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❌ Cons

They don’t have lab analyses.
There is no THC/CBD% values on packaging.
Due to postal strikes, there may be a delay in your order.
Delivery time might not tally with your expected time.
Communication is slightly lagging.
You cannot see or smell the product before purchase, so you do not know what you are going to get.
Green Society has a huge selection of concentrates but not a lot of vape pens.
At the moment there aren’t any Green Society coupon codes.

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Review Summaries
This dispensary excels when it comes to providing quality products at reasonable prices that people can afford. Coupled with an easy to use website and prompt customer service that answers questions quickly and professionally; this dispensary offers a lot when compared to its competition.
There seems to be a split on this one, neither a thumbs up or thumbs down. Those who ordered their products with ease, and have received their shipment rave of the quality. On the other hand, anyone complaining about never having received their items and who weren’t offered any assistance or money back, are avoiding this MOM dispensary and switching over to more ‘so called’ reputable vendors like Our advice, test them out, but only place a small order. This way, in the worst case that something does go missing, you’re not at much of a loss.
The company prides itself on providing quality products from locally-sourced BC growers. Green Society also offers a huge variety for medicinal cannabis users. Whether you want to smoke for fun or medical reasons, you’ll find what you’re looking for. And you won’t have to worry about a breach in privacy; GS values the confidentiality of its clients above all else.
Composed of a team of cannabis experts from Vancouver, Canada; they provide marijuana advocates with affordable, legal, secure, and reliable mail-order marijuana all throughout Canada. All their marijuana flowers and marijuana-infused products are guaranteed of topmost quality.
Green Society is one of the best and most popular online dispensaries in Canada. I was proud and excited when I was given the opportunity to review Green Society. Their service commitment, high quality brand and product places them in my best of the best list.
Green Society is definitely a quality service. Any small issues are fixable, and as long as the company continues to be passionate about helping their customers, they will only get better. It is worth trying, especially if you are new to mail-order service. With their wide catalogue of products, you are likely to find something that will meet your specific needs. No matter what; their custom branded accessories awesome.
Green Society makes it easy to buy high-quality weed. They have cheap ounces on sale on their sales page. Every weekend, customers can save 15% on select extract and strains. One of the best features of Green Society is their coupon page. On this page, there are daily deals, miscellaneous offers, and coupons. There are also new member freebies, such as filter books, Green Society key chain, and branded rolling papers. All these are perks that customers get to enjoy when they become members of this trustworthy dispensary. Green Society also strives to provide premium strains for all its medicinal and recreational cannabis users.

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