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✅ Pros

It is easy to store in the corner of a room or in a cupboard.
Review Pros
Because of the light stick, it’s easy to handle.
It is lightweight.
It is easy to empty.
Cordless operation makes it extremely convenien.
It has reasonable run time.
It has 40 minute run time.
It has large grass bin.
It comes with a triple-layered dust bag.
It is easy to store.
Several tools are included in the package.
The bin was extremely easy to empty.
The Gtech AirRam is lightweight.
It has good build quality.
The vacuum also comes with a crevice tool and brushed nozzle, which were all easy to fit.
The Gtech AirRam MK2 has a decent battery life with 40 minutes of power per full charge.
It is relatively lightweight and compact.
It is light and comfortable to use.
Considering how well the Gtech AirRam MK2 runs through pet hair like a champion, it’s safe to say that $319 is right where it should be.
We found the bags surprisingly easy to fit too.
It does a pretty good job of getting into the edges of your floor.
Lots of attachments are included.
The AirRam is very easy to empty.
It is brilliant at picking up dust on floorboards and laminate.
It is superior to smaller handheld models.
It has a headlight for illuminating dirt.
The low-profile handle leans all the way back allowing you to reach under furniture.
Intelligent blade adjusts speed automatically when extra power is needed.
We especially loved the fact this means the pro 2 has no messy filters to wash or change either.
It is exceptionally easy to store.
It has battery life up to 40 minutes.
It has headlights.
It is incredibly easy to maneuver.
It is durable.
The vacuum also comes with a comb, which helps you to easily clear out any hair, which may get wrapped around the floor head as you pick up dirt.
It is easy to empty and clean.
It has 30 mins run-time.
It is brilliant for pet hair.
It comes with 2-year guarantee.
It is easy to use.
The vacuum also comes equipped with a fragranced filter, that can be topped up with scented refills, which are also supplied in the box.
It is good across carpet and hard floors.
It is easy to assemble.
Its handle reclines so that you can clean under chairs and beds.
At just 3.8kg, the AirRam K9 is a lightweight compared to other upright-replacements, which are often 5kg or more.
It is simple to pick up and use.
It comes with lots of useful attachments.
It is highly maneuverable.
It is incredibly lightweight (1KG).
The AirRam is very simple to use.
It’s tall and slim, so can be squeezed into a pokey understairs cupboard far more easily than a traditional vacuum.
It requires low maintenance.
Its big appeal is in how easy it is to use,
It has innovative and appealing design.
The aluminium extension tube has a joint in the middle for more cleaning options.
Power triggers can be locked in.
It is lightweight and easy to move around.
The battery has a four-bar green LED display to show how much energy is left.
It is powerful for a cordless vacuum.
Rotating brush makes quick work of pet hair.
It is great for stairs and upholstery.
It’s very light at 3.2kg.
It is effortless to use.
The data feature provides some semi-interesting usage information.
It is relatively powerful.

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❌ Cons

It lacks attachments.
It is not for heavy-duty jobs.
There are no attachments.
It doesn’t include attachments.
It has only a 20-minute battery life.
Battery is currently not interchangeable with other Gtech products.
Pet hair can become clogged.
There’s no attachment to get into nooks and crannies, no way of vacuuming upholstery or curtains, and you definitely can’t use it in the car to give it a quick spring clean.
Run time is insufficient for deep cleaning.
It doesn’t come with any hand tools.
It is not as powerful as the top handheld vacs.
Some users found the MK2 too light and ‘flimsy’.
The pro 2 isn’t the lightest cordless model around.
On a hard surface, the AirRam K9 tended to push the powder around as much as it sucked it up.
It is expensive.
It lacks power.
Corded vacuums are cheaper and more powerful.
It is not quite as powerful as a corded vacuum.
It is expensive.
The base part of the vacuum is around 100mm high, so it won’t fit under anything lower than that.
It has awkward shape to use in small cars.
We did find the design a little odd and unneeded.
This vacuum doesn’t come with any attachments so you won’t be able to use it to clean tight corners or any crevices.
It is ineffective on edges.
Activity tracking feature isn’t very useful.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
With a $349 sticker price, the Gtech AirRam is not a cheap vacuum, but neither does it perform consistently at a level I would expect from a vacuum in that price point. If you’re interested in making an investment in a luxury cordless vacuum, you’re better off looking at the Dyson DC59 Animal. Though the DC59 wasn’t flawless, it did perform far better than AirRam, not to mention the fact that the DC59 is incredibly customizable.
Like the original AirRam, the K9 is a rather specialised device. It works just like a regular upright, but it’s much lighter and it’s great at cleaning carpets. It’s also easy to empty as well. Many people will consider it a huge upgrade over their ageing, socket-bound upright, but it doesn’t provide the same flexibility you’ll find on a handheld cordless.
If a small handheld vacuum is absolutely what you want, then the Gtech Multi MK2 K9 is the one you should go for. It’s better in every respect than the sub-one kilogram models and less expensive than the models with floor tools. But it’s not our pick for car cleaning. You would be much better served by a domestic wet/dry vacuum such as the Draper and Karcher models we mentioned. Their powerful suction and robust design allow you to give your car interior a deep clean without worrying about run time or damaging the vacuum.
After the initial shock of the design set up and its unusual futuristic appearance, we were won over by the cordless vacuum’s performance – cleaning both carpets and hardwood flooring to a very high standard.
It is efficient, lightweight, and cleans up pet hair in only one sweep! You would have to consider the Pro K9 a splurge-buy as its RRP is £249.99, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use stick vacuum cleaner.
The GTech ProLite is an incredibly lightweight handheld vacuum at only 1 kg. It can be used quickly and efficiently for small tasks around your home by any family member.
We think the pro 2 could easily replace a standard corded machine in all but the biggest houses. Even then, its decent battery life, super suction and versatility make it a useful addition for a quick whip around the kitchen after dinner or for keeping a car pristine. Buying replacement bags is a minor annoyance but is worth it to keep dust away and avoid the hassle of cleaning filters. At this price, we reckon it’s a fantastic buy.
Its job is to clean most of your floors most of the time, and it succeeds in that respect. It’s a handy, convenient addition to augment your existing vacuum cleaner, not a replacement for it.
Despite a lack of attachments, the Gtech AirRam MK2 is a beast when it comes to sucking pet hair out of carpets or on hard flooring. Its AirLOC system does so well at trapping dirt and whatnot. It’s also designed to be quite easy to maneuver, thanks to its twisting handle. And a 40 minute run time is a sight to see.
Fitting into a drawer, the Gtech HyLite is a remarkably small, space-saving vacuum cleaner. Its clever design and telescopic handle rapidly turns this into a regular cordless cleaner. Where Gtech has scaled down the size of the vacuum, it has also scaled down the power, and our tests frequently showed that the vacuum left behind dust, requiring multiple sweeps to clean up. In addition, there are no attachments to add flexibility. If you need a secondary cleaner for quick jobs – say, after cooking – then the HyLite’s a good choice. For a deep clean, however, sufficient power is lacking here.
For sheer storage convenience and effective vacuuming duties, the cordless Gtech Mk2 K9 is an excellent alternative to a stick or cylinder vac. It’s arguably the most effortless model of all to use and is a great option for quick splurges around the home and for those who don’t want to feel like they’ve just run a marathon.
The Gtech AirRAM cordless vacuum cleaner makes vacuuming easy and convenient, even if you don’t bother with connecting the battery to your computer to track your calories burned.
A smart, stylish and easy-to-use mower, which is lightweight and effective. The battery is charged in just an hour and provides 40 minutes of use. But be prepared to part with your pennies, as it’s one of the most expensive cordless mowers out there.
If you’re looking for a handheld vacuum for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and other awkward areas, then the Gtech Multi Mk2 is a great choice. It’s also an excellent complement to the Gtech AirRam Mk2, which is only suitable for floor cleaning.
The Gtech AirRam MK2 comes from a British company and this model is cordless and lightweight. Its battery gives you 40 minutes of cleaning time after a full four-hour charge, and its dust cup is easy to empty.

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