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✅ Pros

If you haven’t played an MMO before, you’re going to be lost.
Review Pros
It is gigantic and fascinating game world.
It has spectacular story.
GW2 has that sense of urgency.
It offers a deep understanding of and reverence for what made that early MMO special.
It has added crafting.
PvP auto-balances everyone’s levels and stats to be maximum, creating a truly fair PvP environment.
If you dislike both the prevailing F2P model or paying a monthly fee, Guild Wars 2 is a no-brainer.
Mounts are a welcome introduction.
The high-end gameplay typically revolves around acquiring new and different skins to customize your character’s look, rather than to simply provide bigger stat bonuses.
If someone else in the world is already attacking an enemy, you can attack too and still claim loot and experience.
It is mount mastery.
The game is also the first to introduce the 5 guild system – you join 5 guilds instead of one.
It has elite specializations.
Guild Wars 2 establishes a friendly, inviting atmosphere by setting everyone on the same path to vanquish a seemingly invincible evil, and effectively removes many of the genre’s tedious restrictions on cooperation.
Guild Wars 2 made its base game completely free of charge.
It is story driven gameplay.
Players who stay up to date on the latest content are rewarded for completing content quickly.
Grinds are restricted
Guild Wars 2 has the nicest bunch of players in any MMORPG.
Major attacks from enemies can be avoided, and skills don’t restrict movement.
Death and failure are not particularly difficult to overcome, and become challenges rather than punishments.
GW2 monetization is very consumer friendly.
Public events are added.
GW2 has a massive edge on both ToR and ESO in combat.
The game world does stand out remarkably well because of the scripted dynamic events that happens throughout the various maps in Tyria.
There are no compulsory gear treadmills and gear grinds, you only craft or get what you want.
Mounts change the entire game in a positive way.
That spirit of perpetual cooperation in a living, breathing world is truly what sets Guild Wars 2 apart.
The team at ArenaNet are constantly working on new content.
It contains a well-written and moving story.
Guild Wars 2 offers several different types of gameplay.
More class customization is offered.
Raids have also been introduced to Guild Wars 2.
The art, not just in the game zones but also on the map and in cut-scenes and loading screens. It’s vivid, lush, and lovely, with a sense of human hands behind it.
There are minimal restrictions for F2P users.
Guild Wars 2 rethinks old standards in new ways so that you can go have an adventure of your own, rather than be guided through one someone else created for you.
It is immersive World.
Guild Wars 2 feels encouraging and fair.
Guild Wars 2 has always bred a very helpful community.
It is easy to jump into for both new players and those who have come back to the game after a long absence.
It has the esign that explicitly encourages cooperation and community among all of the players loose in the world.
It has five large and beautiful maps.
It’s about exploring maps and getting experience for everything you do.
Guild Wars 2 finds its biggest departure from other MMOs in its responsive combat.
Everyone can easily take part in the cyclical, world-spanning party.
The 3D-as-2D approach is most obvious during cutscenes in which one or two 3D characters are superimposed upon a moving 2D background.
The cohesion comes from painterly techniques employed in textures, special effects, and even the interface.
The music in this MMO is delicious.
It has great PvE story.
There is tons of new content.
Mounts provide new dimension in exploring game world.
You don’t have to group up and make sure everyone’s on the same step.
For the money this is the best deal you’re likely to find on an MMORPG right now.
You can jump right in and start enjoying the parts of the game immediately.
New areas are breathtakingly massive.
It has varied PvP options.
It has huge gorgeous world.
You fill up daily achievement bars as you explore.
ArenaNet continues to push what they’re able to do in the game, adding beautiful new armor that transforms, gorgeous changes to the water and reflections, and much more.
It has great visuals, interface, and musical score.
Top-tier stat gear is relatively easy to get.
Guild Wars 2 is the latest makeshift leader of the desired MMO revolution.
The loot you earn is scaled to match your level.

❌ Cons

You don’t have the traditional quests.
Graphics are starting to show their age.
Guild Wars 2 sticks to a single row of ten abilities rather than a screen full of buttons.
After Heart of Thorns they seem to have gone back to the older style.
None of the storylines in Guild Wars 2 are very good.
GW2 instances don’t get along with Comcast.
The entirety of the base game is free with restrictions.
There are no hoops to jump through to participate in an event.
Uninspired quests are present.
With so many jumping puzzles and high vista views, an unfortunate series of splats is almost a certainty for any player. Even with ways to mitigate the damage over time, it’s tiresome.
Your experience rewards aren’t notable in lower-level regions.
There is low map population at times.
The expansions still have to be purchased.
The game can feel tedious at times, especially during its early moments.
Everything feels rushed.
Occasionally the feeling of progress is lacking.
Some will like not having a gear grind, while others may want it if they feel like they’re not accomplishing anything.
The gameplay doesn’t really match up.
Story is meh to those not heavily invested.
Not every task is all that engaging.
Getting to a point where you fully comprehend that combat system can be a challenge.
The maps are only accessible by those who own the current expansion and have completed the portion of the story that corresponds with the map.
There are no new meta events at HoTs level.
It is extreme lore fan oriented.
You have only 10 main skill slots.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Guild Wars 2 ages like fine wine. ArenaNet’s MMORPG will turn 6 at the end of the month, marking another milestone for the game beloved by many. For those who have not tried the Guild Wars 2, it’s a great game that for its time, broke barriers and set standards for what MMORPGs should offer players.
Path of Fire is definitely a step foward in the game’s development. It does, however, only completely please one part of the player base, who felt they missed content in Heart of Thorns. Yet, it does also offer something not much MMOs out there have.
Even after 5 years Guild Wars 2 remains one of the most beautiful and fun MMOs to play on the market. The development team is still very much dedicated to the game and so are the fans. With the second expansion Path of Fire about to release there has never been a better time to start playing.
Guild Wars 2 represents ArenaNet’s attempt to turn MMO convention on its ears and create an engaging game for players of all skill levels and play styles. It does away with typical things like the holy trinity and eschews traditional group mechanics for open-world content, which anyone can join in on without hampering other players’ efforts.
Guild Wars 2 is not structured as a deeply competitive game, and players who strive only for the best gear, the fastest leveling, and the sharpest end-game technique will likely miss most of what it has to offer. Rather than seeing the absence of an end-game focused quest and gear ladder as a lack. It is a journey that gives you great pleasure to explore.
Path of Fire manages to do just enough to keep fans interested in visiting the world of Tyria by adding much needed features like mounts. The new class specializations also provide new and interesting ways to play your typical MMO class archetypes. Still, Path of Fire probably won’t convince anyone who wasn’t already enthralled with ArenaNet’s MMORPG.
Guild Wars 2 transports players to the mythical fantasy world of Tyria, a land beset by Elder Dragons who have wreaked havoc on a once peaceful land. Take your pick from eight unique professions, each with their own distinct playstyle. Choose to play as one of five races and create your own story as you embark on adventures and quests in an expansive, mesmerizing, and dynamic world that changes based on your actions and decisions.
There’s so much that could be said about Guild Wars 2–the branching story paths, the keg brawl minigame, crafting at the mystic forge–and that says a lot about the breadth and depth of this online world. Tyria isn’t just a place you should visit; it’s the place you should call your new online home.
GW2 has a massive edge on both ToR and ESO in combat. Its monetization is very consumer friendly. It has that sense of urgency. But GW2 instances don’t get along with Comcast.
No, Path of Fire is not the next step in the evolution of MMOs, but it is by far the best MMO we have played in a long time. Although the expansion does not introduce new varieties, classes or other groundbreaking features, it really feels like a total package. The extensive, compelling campaign, the beastly fat mounts, the refreshing new specializations and of course the incredibly beautiful game world make Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire the best MMO of the moment.
ArenaNet is not only matching the quality of update. It is surpassing the quantity by leaps and bounds. Between the unmatched speed and the dedication to these updates, Guild Wars 2 has improved greatly from its already impressive launch.
In Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet builds events into every single zone, teasing you to explore by instilling a sense that despite Tyria’s colossal size, another surprise isn’t far away.
It’s about exploring maps and getting experience for everything you do. You don’t have the traditional quests. The game’s writing tends to wobble from one storyline to the next. Not all are created equally. The game can feel tedious at times, especially during its early moments. If you dislike both the prevailing F2P model or paying a monthly fee, Guild Wars 2 is a no-brainer.
Path of Fire adds a plethora of content to an already solid game. A must-have for players still enjoying their time in Kryta, and the inclusion of an automatic max level character makes it enticing for new players as well.
The story is mostly well-written and emotional, the environments are far more beautiful and varied than you’d imagine, and the new mounts change up how you play the entire game. The positives do just barely outweigh the negatives, though, making Path of Fire easily the best part of the entire Guild Wars series that ArenaNet has created.