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✅ Pros

The Morning Sidekick Journal has practical advice and tips you can read and follow each day for 66-days.
Review Pros
It only takes five minutes away each day.
It’s really good for keeping you on track.
The general allows you to get a clear idea of why you are doing this.
I liked the tidbits scattered throughout the book and it actually did delve a lot into the benefits and science of meditation.
There is a ton of information in this book.
There are no two bits of content in the journal that are the same.
It is structured in such a way as to keep me focused on important actions I need to do every day to be active and successful.
The book is well done and they put a lot of time and effort into its creation.
Because I was filling out these pages and listing a time I planned to meditate, I felt like I was being held accountable for what I was doing. This did help me stay on track.
There is a 2-page spread for each day.
Each day suggests a new tip or idea.
It’s all unique, interesting and useful.
Morning sidekick journal helps you identify the behavior changes.
It’s been tailored to the specific days, and it’s been refined by a team of experts.
With my daily challenges, I get hands-on daily strategies to help me achieve my goals and tasks.
Writing down my ideas and thoughts plays a vital role in developing better mental strength and gives me more ideas to work with over the long run.
I found these short readings quite helpful and interesting.
With the journal, I’ve noticed I’m more accountable and I’ve changed my attitude towards consistency and accountability in my daily activities.
The book also includes recap periods to help you stay accountable.
It contains a lot of high quality information.
Each day also includes different tips, pieces of motivation and stories about successful people to keep you inspired and succeeding.
It tracks the progress and benefits of the activities and thereby helping me to grow in all aspects.
It features 66 days worth of journal pages.
The journal recommends tasks that are easy to accomplish.
It encourages you to understand why you want to change and guides you through that change one step at a time.

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❌ Cons

The prompts in each section are the same and sometimes I didn’t want to fill out the same page every day so I would leave parts blank.
The toughest thing about the Morning Sidekick Journal was starting.
The price is a little high.
It costs $33.90 in Habit Nest’s store, which is a little pricey.
The writing every day can get a bit tedious.
It would have been nice to have a little more variety in the prompts.
I guess the only thing I didn’t like too much was that it didn’t talk much about what you should do in the morning.
The exercises are sometimes the same as the previous day.

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Review Summaries
I think this is probably the best journal Habitnest make. That’s only because I love waking up early and getting things done, and I think that habit can lead into so many others.
Overall I love this journal. It’s simple to use, straight to the point and keeps me on track to producing my best in what I do. The Morning Sidekick Journal is a powerful tool to enhance your productivity by helping to list and focus on important tasks.
I highly recommend it. I think it will help you start the new year off right and give you valuable insight into your current habits that you can use and review often. I know it can help you change bad habits and create new ones.
Despite my falling off the wagon during the holidays, I do think this is an investment worth your time and money. The book is well done and they put a lot of time and effort into its creation. I do recommend if you purchase it that you don’t aim to start before the holidays or a big event coming up.
If you’re looking for a personal trainer in book form, the Morning Sidekick Journal might be exactly what you need. It costs $33.90 in Habit Nest’s store, which is a little pricey but entirely worth an overhaul of your mornings.
With the seasons changing you may not be able to get outside and be active as you would like to be as it may be too cold, rainy, or maybe you’re just not motivated. With the help of Habit Nest they have journals that can help you be accountable one is the Morning Sidekick Journal is a guided morning planner that helps you have the best morning of your life.

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