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✅ Pros

Review Pros
The play of spicy and sweet is just right.
If you like milk in your tea, it would taste well here.
I loved the flavor so much.
The deep amber hue is hypnotizing.
The price is fair for the quality.
It is very easy to prepare.
Like most white teas, it has an astringent feel which I personally find pleasant.
The spices linger on the tongue long after the tea has been sipped.
The black tea aroma blended with soft vanilla fills the air with a grounding and soothing fragrance.
Paris by Harney & Sons is astringent with a deep and heavy black tea taste.
The tea brews up nice and dark.
The bergamot aroma is very faint in the dry leaves, and only slightly stronger in the brewed tea.
The vanilla notes play with the sugars in the honey to create a pleasantly sweet and grounding taste.
It does have vanilla and caramel flavoring added, but they’re very faint.
Even slightly overbrewed, it’s pleasant.
There is smooth taste in the cup.
Taste is more to the vegetal/brothy side, not grassy at all.
It smells sweet with a hint of vanilla.
It is reasonably full-bodied and strong without being aggressive or bitter.
It has amazingly low price.
It’s a decent tea at a good value.
This tea can be purchased in either loose or sachet.
Sugar is nice in this tea – makes it taste creamier.
It does welcome you with a delicious orange scent and taste.
There is lovely aroma in the leaf.
It warms the palate and body.
I tasted with no sweetener at first and found it quite lovely.
The tannins in black tea have an astringent effect on the intestinal lining which helps control inflammation and, in result, also controls diarrhea.

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❌ Cons

I was disappointed to see that there are artificial flavors in this tea.
It is clearly not cheap but the loose leaf blend may give you more bang for your buck.
It does seem like it is fairly sensitive to overbrewing.
The spent leaves are not very attractive.

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Review Summaries
I think it’s safe to say that Paris is my favorite tea blend by Harney & Sons. I’m sure you probably agree as this particular blend seems to be everyone’s favorite. While Paris is delicious to taste did you know that it could also be good for your digestive health?
Lovely aroma in the leaf, smooth taste in the cup, ease of preparation, and an amazingly low price add up to a tea that is accessible for newbies while also appealing to experienced green tea lovers. It’s a tea that has become a staple on my tea shelf.
As much as I love the taste of this tea, it is now in the same category as bubble teas- something I have when I’m in the mood for a sweet drink. This can be my winter alternative to bubble tea. The attractive tin will also brighten up my office. If you enjoy spicy blends and don’t mind artificial flavors, definitely give this tea a try.
In a nutshell, I like this tea. It’s tasty and would make an excellent gift for people getting married. But don’t let the name stop you from buying it. It’s a tasty tea worth a sip regardless of your marital status.
Though this tea isn’t specifically labeled as an Earl Grey, its flavoring is oil of bergamot, which is the defining characteristic of an Earl Grey tea – so I am classifying it as an Earl Grey. It’s quite mild – the bergamot aroma is very faint in the dry leaves, and only slightly stronger in the brewed tea. The tea brews up nice and dark, reasonably full-bodied and strong without being aggressive or bitter.
It’s a good price, and if it’s not the most exotic or glamorous of black teas, it’s a decent tea at a good value. I’d recommend it for anyone who wanted a good go-to daily tea that doesn’t break the budget, especially if a touch of orange/bergamot is what you like.

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