If you haven’t already heard of it, Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that uses encryption techniques to regulate how the units of currency are generated, and to verify the transfer of these funds.

Bitcoin operates independently of any standard or central banking service. It has become a very powerful form of currency, although not without some controversy. The actual inventor of this digital payment system and cryptocurrency is unknown, but the currency was first released to the market in 2009 as an open-source platform. Since then, the decentralized peer-to-peer network has grown exponentially in popularity and usage.

The launch of HashFlare

The development of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has led to the launch of websites such as HashFlare – a Cloud Mining service, which sits as a division of HashCoins (founded in 2013).

HashCoins – based in Tallinn, Estonia – gained its solid reputation for manufacturing and selling cryptocurrency mining equipment.

HashFlare logo

HashFlare was launched by HashCoins in April 2015 as a cloud alternative to hardware mining, enabling users to mine bitcoins but without the associated overhead and troubles – such as expensive hardware, connection problems, high electricity costs, high noise levels, proper cooling issues and shipping times.

A solid reputation

In a market filled with dubious and fly-by-night operations, HashFlare has earned a strong reputation thanks to how efficient it enables the mining process to be.

Using top-quality equipment, it ensures the mining process is uncomplicated while providing the possibility of a decent return on investment with affordable contract prices. (View current pricing schedule)

How does it work?

Essentially, HashFlare uses highly specialized pieces of mining equipment that are designed specifically for cryptocurrency mining.

In each data center that HashFlare owns, there are hundreds of high-powered computer miners. These miners are connected to ‘pools’, of which there are many. HashFlare gives you the option to connect to whichever ones you choose – here you are able to find a profitable combination.

Then, any cryptocurrency you have been able to mine is distributed in a payout, which is dependent on your share of hashrate within the whole system. You have control over the amount and timing of this payout via instant withdraw.

Special features

HashFlare features

A nice feature that HashFlare offers users is the ability to use hashrate allocation. This means that a user is able to select up to three pools to connect to, once they have been in 24 hours, and can also decide what percentage of hashrate they want to use in these selected pools.

Another benefit to using HashFlare is that all contracts are life-time thanks to the fact that once hashrate has been purchased, it will not expire.

There is also tech-support available at all times of day and night, seven days a week, and an excellent functional control panel. This includes information on revenue, payout statistics, and any forecasts.

Furthermore, there is a referral program that enables users to receive additional funds when they invite new users. This offers the possibility of earning 10% on any referred user’s purchases. By inviting family and friends to use HashFlare, there are plenty of opportunities to maximize your earnings.

Recently HashFlare has also introduced the opportunity for users to reinvest. With this, any funds that have been mined are automatically used to purchase further hashrate.

They have also stepped up their security processes with two-factor authentication, providing an extra layer of security for your data and funds.

More HashFlare features

Who is HashFlare best for?

HashFlare is ideal for anyone who wants to get involved with cryptocurrency but doesn’t have the highly technical skills needed to manage this independently, or isn’t keen on putting up a huge investment.

HashFlare helps keep the mining process simple and accessible, which means it is open to a wide audience. It is also very affordable, making it low-risk and easy to access for both new and advanced users.

HashFlare is not only simple and reliable, but also offers the opportunity to make a profit too – making it ideal for anyone looking to grow their money and invest their finances in a cash-positive way.

Market comparison

HashFlare is not the only cryptocurrency mining product on the market – others include CEX.io, Eobot, Genesis Mining and Hashing24.

Compared with CEX.io, HashFlare is much simpler making it better for new users to understand the process and what they’re getting involved in. Although fairly similar in what they offer, compared with Eobot, HashFlare has a much more user-friendly interface. Hashing24 and Genesis Mining are both very aligned in what they offer. However, HashFlare’s solid reputation helps it stand out against the crowd.

In summary

Whether you’re new to bitcoin mining or have some experience with it, HashFlare is a great platform to use. It provides excellent value and guarantees you instant connection with 100% uptime.

The mining will start as soon as your first payment has been made, with the possibility of receiving your first pay-out in just 24 hours. There is no time limit or expiration date to your unlimited term contract, and you can use the system for as long as required.

With all that mining taking place, you get real-time detailed statistics to keep you in the loop. There are no hidden costs or unexpected fees, with all transactions visible to you. (The fees are fixed.) You can optimize how much profit you make through choosing which pools you want your hashrate to be mined in.

When it comes to withdrawing your money, it’s secure and simple. Payouts are hassle-free via HashFlare’s instant withdrawal feature.

Thanks to HashFlare, cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly accessible to everyone without the need for expensive equipment or excessive setup time. It’s never been so easy to generate cryptocurrency revenue.

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