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✅ Pros

It is an online process.
Review Pros
It is a simple and easy process.
This is an affordable option for creating prenuptial agreements, particularly when compared to the price an attorney may charge for the service.
The Hello Prenup approach is also inherently collaborative, allowing you to work together with your partner throughout the process.
The platform is the first of its kind and aims to set up every marriage for success by promoting communication and financial transparency.
It is an effortless online prenuptial agreement service that allows its clients to create their agreements online.
The company also makes sure your documents are state-specific and comply with all relevant laws, which prevents your prenup from being dismissed by a judge if you ever have to use it in court.
Hello Prenup can also create agreements with sunset clauses.
The process itself is also straightforward, and you receive state-specific guidance along the way.
It is hassle-free.
HelloPrenup charges its clients $599, which is significantly cheaper in comparison to the usual $5,000 fee charged by lawyers.
Hello Prenup also has lots of reviews from happy couples who were satisfied with the service.
It is cheap.
It is easy to use.
Hello Prenup’s in-app negotiation feature will support you in resolving differences of opinion and brokering a financial compromise that works for both of you.
With Hello Prenup, you and your future spouse can create a prenup in hours instead of months for just $599.
It is quick and easy.
It’s the first online platform that allows couples to quickly and affordably create a legal prenup that’s fair to both parties.
It cuts the lawyers.
It is one of its kind.

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❌ Cons

They do not have high customer acquisition.
It is not available nationwide.
It is hard to trust.
The online fee must be paid prior to downloading the final agreement.
If a couple chooses to hire an attorney to review the papers, they can simply do so by editing the word document.
It is a bit on the expensive side.

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Review Summaries
We think it was smart of the duo to interest Kevin in a joint offer with Nirav. With Nirav’s tech insight and Kevin’s wonderful effect, the Hello Prenup team had significantly amped up their chances of success, and their recent traction proves that.
Although you hope you never need a prenup, it’s wise to have one as an insurance policy. However, the process can take months and cost a lot of money if you go the traditional lawyer route, which may put strain on your relationship. Hello Prenup solves this problem and makes creating a fair prenup quick and affordable. You’ll be able to easily come to an agreement with your partner during the in-app negotiation phase and generate your prenup in hours instead of months.
HelloPrenup is marketed as an effortless online prenuptial agreement service that allows its clients to create their agreements online. The service helps couples do away with uncomfortable meetings with lawyers, high retainer fees and awkward conversations with your better half.
Hello Prenup aims to initiate a revolution in the tech, legal and marriage industry. The website is simple to use and comes with a good UI. With investment from and partnerships with Kevin and Nirav, the girls can take their business to the next level.
Hello Prenup is a simple, affordable solution for couples that want to create a prenuptial agreement before marriage. Generally, it can work for any couple that feels confident in their ability to come to an understanding together.

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