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✅ Pros

With Helzberg you feel as though you are getting an enormous amount of choice.
Review Pros
Pickier customers can create their own designs.
You can arrange for a free FedEx return, or return to store.
The company offers free returns.
Helzberg offers a wide range of collections ranging from the ornate and intricately designed Artiste collection to colored gemstones, pearls and limited edition styles.
Helzberg Diamond credit card is also available.
Helzberg do offer free returns.
Some of their branded diamonds have AGS certification.
Helzberg looks just like any other mall store.
You have 60 days to return and/or exchange your purchase.
It has pieces that fit perfectly in any size budget.
Helzberg Diamonds is a reputable company with multiple stores across America.
The engagement category provides a wide range of possible choices.
Cash is available via major credit cards, PayPal and bank wire transfer and is protected by the most up to date online security companies.
They pride themselves on the quality of their diamonds and enforce strict standards.
Helzberg Diamonds also offer a selection of gifts for the bridesmaid, groomsmen and even the parents.
Helzberg actually paid 60% of what it was worth. Most gold buyers only pay around 50% or less.
Signing up for the program takes no time.
You can choose to design your own jewelry in a few different ways.
When you sign up for the Helzberg email list, you’ll get a coupon code for a savings of $25 off your first purchase of $99.99 or more.
The diamonds were very nice.
The lady on the phone was extremely friendly, nice and polite.
Helzberg packaging is functional and does the job.
Helzberg is safe and reputable.
They completely stand behind every diamond that goes into each piece of jewelry and live up it those same standards since 1915.
Helzberg allows up to 30 days on the return for sizing and fixing.
The custom designs and price ranges to suit any budget.
Helzberg has a huge variety of diamond products.
Helzberg allows lifetime guarantee program, in pay, which promises you free repair, polish and another necessary workshop.
They have multiple options from earrings, studded or otherwise, to bracelets and necklaces and many more.
Helzberg has all the markings of a mall store.
Being one of the oldest jewelry chains in America, Helzberg has continued to grow and expand since 1915 in Kansas.
The two masterpiece diamonds from Helzberg are beautiful choices.
Their selection is very broad, ranging from traditional engagement and wedding options to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and much more.
Clients can purchase a selection of beautiful items as gifts for their parents, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and even groomsmen.
Helzberg has over 30,000 certified diamonds, thousands of settings, 30 different colored gemstones that can be combined for your one perfect ring.
The company’s packaging looks ok.
They compare their rates up against 5 other competitors and it shows that they pay more.
They also offer free shipping.
They have a slew of jewelry designs that range from being very simple to others of incredible detail.
Helzberg Diamonds has a long-standing reputation.
They have 60 day return and exchange policy.
They have jewelry for every special person in your life.
Helzberg is one of the most welcoming diamonds websites I have visited.

❌ Cons

They don’t show you the actual evaluation of the items.
The prices are incredibly high.
The lack of tangible data like videos or performance images makes diamond selection extremely tough.
They use lesser certificates to make the customers think they offer something better when in fact, they are not.
The images are slow to load which can be frustrating whilst moving back and forth between items.
This company sells expensive products while offering pretty standard services.
Helzberg Diamonds is lagging behind in terms of user experience and how diamonds are sold on the Internet.
They will pay out up to $2,500 at a time and you can only send in up to 4 packages a year.
The prices are quite obscene for diamonds that do not hold anything special.
To the best of our knowledge, Helzberg does not use GIA to certify their diamonds.
The salesperson couldn’t speak clearly and the information given when asked about the diamonds were not entirely correct.
Clients cannot send back customized or engraved products.
Some people find it a tad difficult to navigate because it involves a lot of scrolling.
Live chat and a phone number are available only on business hours; an e-mail is also only replied within those hours.
Helzberg don’t get a thumbs-up for price.
You cannot return personalized, custom or engraved jewelry.
They only insure up to $500, keep that in mind if you have expensive items that you want to sell.
Helzberg Diamonds provides an Education section on their website but it isn’t easy to find it and it isn’t very comprehensive.
Helzberg is one of only a few higher-end jewelry stores that doesn’t offer free shipping on every order.
On first impressions, the Helzberg website is a little hard to get a handle on.

Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Helzberg Diamonds below.

Review Summaries
While Helzberg Diamonds has a great variety of settings and designs to choose from, buying a big ticket item like a loose diamond or diamond engagement ring from their website isn’t that easy even for a seasoned shopper like myself.
The first thing to note is the sterile and dull, almost anti-luxurious, an interior of Helzberg jewelry store. Their salesmanship is also subpar. So you can’t really be assured that you’ll be well-entertained and given worth. When buying from Helzberg, the best choice you can go to are their Masterpiece collection. But you must take note that it comes with an incredibly high price tag. Overall, there is nothing really note-worthy when it comes to buying from Helzberg, which is such a shame for a company that has been serving the jewelry industry for years.
With easy to use navigation and simple online shopping, Helzberg diamonds has made the process of jewelry purchasing a smooth one. Their education and guidance center aids online customers, while their in-store professionals endeavor to create a stress-free shopping environment.
They have ok jewelry but I wasn’t impressed with the way they handled issues regarding customer service. I personally associate them with a mall chain brick and mortar rather than a luxury jewelry store or diamond shops.
Overall, it’s tough to find the USP of Helzberg, and to identify what would make them worthwhile. I am not impressed with their customer service and feel it is more in line with a mall-chain, and not quite up to scratch as some of the more established jewelers. Its Masterpiece Collection is worth a look, however you can get a better quality cut elsewhere.
Helzberg Diamonds takes the stress out of shopping for jewelry by giving customers the best possible selection at just the click of a mouse – with hundreds of retail locations for easy returns or questions if you should need it. Their selection, reputation, and pricing make them a top-rated jewelry store. Helzberg earns one of our highest rankings.
Helzberg has a very large audience of happy customers, who most of them are not even mentioned online. Helzberg’s sales volume is one of the highest on the market; we consider all complaints as limited justified. According to the very large variety, the special designs, and the very good value for money, we for sure recommend visiting and buying an engagement ring on Helzberg.
The INFINITY X INFINITY collection is just as beautiful as any other piece from Helzberg Diamonds They pride themselves on the quality of their diamonds and enforce strict standards. They completely stand behind every diamond that goes into each piece of jewelry and live up it those same standards since 1915!
Helzberg is safe and reputable and all you have to do is accept the offer and they will mail you a check. Or decline the offer and they will mail you your items back. You have nothing to lose. If your jewelry is in better condition, it may be wise to check out your local jeweler first and see what they say.
From the sterile interior to the subpar salesmanship, I felt like there was nothing (positively) noteworthy about the buying experience with Helzberg. I would rather save 30-40% while having more options and having a better experience by shopping elsewhere.

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