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✅ Pros

Innovative extraction processes are used.
Review Pros
The products are tested free from pesticides.
It contains vitamin E.
They offer whole plant CBD with full range of cannabinoids and terpenes.
It is easier to digest.
It can lower the risk of Heart Disease, help balance hormones, reduce PMS & menopause symptoms as well.
It is full spectrum which comes with all the of the Cannabinoids present in the plant.
Very affordable prices are offered.
Pet products are also present.
You can choose the carrier oil.
Hemplucid typically replies to emails within 24 hours.
CO2 extraction is used.
It is clear and virtually odorless.
Third-party testing is done.
They have topical varities.
Third party lab tests are performed for every batch of oil, and up-to-date third-party ab results are on the website.
The products come with nutritional information.
Whole plant CBD products are offered.
They believe that you should see no substitutes in your CBD products.
The Hemplucid CBD gummies are de-waxed for higher bioavailability.
They have a good customer support service.
High concentrations are offered.
Hemplucid claims to use nano-particle technologies and multi-step bonding practices.
They offer both CBD Isolate & full spectrum.
You can vape it.
The products contain no artificial flavors or colors.
They claim to produce oils that are rich in terpenes thanks to supercritical CO2 extraction methods.
They offer whole plant CBD for pets.
Whole plant extract is used.
They have an excellent customer service.
The texture is good and they are fun to eat.
The offer iIncredible Potency for cost.
They offer 14-day and 30-day return policy.
They offer free shipping.
They are offering some excellent products developed with heart and healing in mind.
They frown on herbicides and psticides.
The products promote balanced living.
No synthetic ingredients are included.
Domestic orders over $1000 ard shipped for free.
Their products are simply formulated.
They have a great selection of various types of products.
MCT carrier oil is offered.
The products taste good.
They offer whole-plant CBD products.
They have plenty of up-to-date news and articles about CBD.
Hemplucid’s Hemp Seed Oil is made from Hemplucid’s Whole-Plant CBD which is combined with hemp seed oil to give the hemp odor and nutty taste.
No THC in products meaning non-psychoactive benefits.
They have very informative blog.

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❌ Cons

There is no info on the origin of source materials.
The cost is higher than other CBD Tinctures.
Earthy flavor is not liked by some people.
Products are not approved by the FDA.
Only basic lab test results are offered.
The products are not shipped worldwide.
The prodcuts are not FDA approved as a medicine.
Prices are high.
Free shipping restricted to few products and limited to continental USA.
The flavor is stronger than other oils, so you may consider mixing it in a CBD yogurt, CBD Smoothie or soup.
Price is a little higher per mg of CBD than their competitors.
The products are more expensive than Bluebird Botanicals.
There are no posted test results to back up their ample claims of purity.
This product is not designed for use in a vaporizer.
Sometimes their reply can get stuck in spam.
There are some negative reviews about their products.
Some info is hard to locate.
Few reviews are present about their products.
A lack of basic, relevant product safety information leaves us puzzled.

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Review Summaries
Hemplucid is a clear choice, literally. It is virtually odorless, colorless and optimized for maximum absorption and metabolization. This is a strong CBD oil designed for oral use and contains MCT coconut oil. Its extended delivery system is ideal for pain management.
Hemplucid products are THC free meaning they will not get you high. Their products are safe, legal, and ship right to your door. They recently introduced a new product called Kalki which is designed for athletes as well as Roxy Pets which is Hemplucid’s CBD line for pets.
From the flavor to the high-quality CBD used, they’re just about perfect. The only knock we give them is price, which is a little higher per mg of CBD than their competitors, although the free shipping helps keep the overall price down some.
Hemplucid offers a superior quality CBD oil that’s both safe and effective. They clearly display the test results for all their products on the website. Their products are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial contaminants.
The cost is higher than other CBD Tinctures. This is a Whole-Plant CBD product. It is full spectrum which comes with all the of the Cannabinoids present in the plant. You are getting numerous benefits compare to other CBD Tinctures.
This company’s overall mission is to maximize the beneficial properties of the whole hemp plant and to produce as well as provide the purest and most effective extracts on the market that help people “Experience Life Again” – which is the their motto.
Hemplucid is one of the leading CBD oil products manufacturers. With an innovative whole-plant formulation and a wide selection of CBD products, this company is surely one worth following if you’re interested in the health benefits of cannabinoids.
For a newer company, Hemplucid has a lot to offer. They sell whole plant CBD grown organically in Colorado, and make a big deal about transparency – down to their clear bottles.
Although they have plenty of up-to-date news and articles about CBD, there are no posted test results to back up their ample claims of purity, quality, and even THC content. While Hemplucid appear to have good intentions, a lack of basic, relevant product safety information leaves us puzzled – especially in light of how much other great information they provide about CBD.
Hemplucid CBD is a big name in the industry. They sell their products with consumer in mind. They use nano technology to make sure the products are digestible for everyone. They are here to make your life best with their best products.

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