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✅ Pros

The colors are so bright and vibrant.
Review Pros
The purchasing process is pretty simple.
Instructions are clear on how and what to measure in order to give them the required information.
The fit was perfect.
It was shipped by DHL.
The fabric is much thicker than normal, which makes it not so transparent as well as the clothes you wear under the suit.
The lenses are flexible which helps to mold to your face.
Their shipping was super fast.
The price was very affordable for what you receive.
The pigmentation of the colors is more intense.
I was extremely impressed with the quality and attention to detail that went into this.
Despite my putting on an entire clothing size in the past twelve months, the costume still fits and there is no sign of tearing, stretch damage or fading.
The site also offers costume shoes and wigs as well.
The costumes can be ordered in a generic size or custom-made to suit.
The color and shading of the costume really helps to accentuate features, such as the shading around the chest.
You can tweak most costumes as well.
They’re not exactly pricey.
The print on the costume is gorgeous.
The costumes are made quickly.
It’s incredibly form fitting but also very breathable.
It stretches enough to tailor your body.
Its prices are very accessible.

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❌ Cons

The mask wasn’t all that flattering and I ended up making my own bandanna for it.
The shoes are the worst part about the costume.
The shipping is a little pricier, as the costumes do come from China.
The elasticity is a little less compared to normal fabric.
The measurements are a bit off.
The gold also looked more orange.
The mask is really hard to fit over your head, as it is designed to have a tight fit.
It had a pretty intense warehouse smell to it.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I 100% recommend for anybody who is looking into purchasing a good quality cosplay. My experience with them was great, and I’m sure yours will be too. Their prices are affordable, their shipping was fast, and the end result…was an Avenger-worthy suit.
Overall, I like the store and am planning to order more pieces in the future… Especially when I really just don’t want to play with spandex.
Overall, pretty happy with the way the costume turned out. I will most likely order from this store again in the future.
All in all, my experience with Heroestime was a positive one and I will be purchasing from them again in the future.
In general, it is a very good option to opt for the new fabric, so your suits will last longer and will not be mistreated after uses, and above all you will look even better.

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