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✅ Pros

All HexClad pans are PFOA free.
Review Pros
Alternate financing options are available.
It is easy to clean.
It releases food as well as traditional nonstick cookware.
The hexagon stainless layer on the outside of the pan helps keep the pan clean and shiny.
Buyers can claim a lifetime warranty.
The lattice does make the pans more durable.
The HexClad Hybrid Cookware is safe for dishwashers, which sets it apart from its competitors.
HexClad cookware is available in all standard types and sizes.
It is oven-safe.
They are optimized, design-wise, for cooking meat, sautéing veggies, and preparing other solid-state foods.
It is dishwasher-safe.
It is oven-safe and induction-ready.
Bread offers alternate financing options.
All Hexclad cookware is PFOA free.
It has gorgeous design.
It is an ideal choice for avid chefs or home cooks who are particularly rough on their cookware causing it to break down quickly.
Hexclad pans are oven-safe and metal utensil safe.
It is available to purchase in Canada on Costco.
It comes with lifetime warranty.
It is PFOA and C8-free.
They require little to no oil or butter for cooking, making them healthier than other pans.
It is truly metal utensil safe.
Its 7-ply construction ensures even heat distribution throughout the pan and prevents hot spots from forming when using induction cooktops.
It heats quickly and evenly.
It is more durable than regular nonstick.
HexClad’s heat retention is above average and better than brands like Calphalon, Hestan, and All-Clad.
Their pots and pans are oven, dishwasher, and metal utensil safe.
It has clear lid and insulated handles.
It is ideal for people looking for a pan that will release food as well as traditional non stick cookware, but will pan-sear meats, fish and vegetables better.
It is easy to clean.
Buyers can claim lifetime warranty.
It is safe for use with metal utensils.
They are non-toxic and high-heat safe.
HexClad non stick cookware is highly recommended by professionals.
The stay-cool handle is strong, but lightweight.
HexClad’s cookware products were designed with ease of use in mind.
The pan is dishwasher-safe, oven safe to 500F and can work on a variety of cooking surfaces.
HexClad’s 3-ply fully-clad construction offers a sturdy feel and good heft.
HexClad pans feature-stick valleys.
It is induction compatible.
The thing I love most about HexClad is its unique design.
It is compatible with magnetic induction stovetops.
It offers excellent non-stick performance.
You can use abrasive pads to clean (though we’re not sure you should).
They are dishwasher safe.
Hexclad pans feel genuinely solid in the hand, and even after knocking them around over the past month, they are still holding up with few signs of wear.
It is great for those in search of pots and pans sets with lids and woks that use HexClad non stick hybrid technology for more versatility and durability than traditional non stick.
Michelin chefs anticipate that HexClad pans will last for 20 to 30 years.
It has non-toxic cooking surface.
It is scratch-resistant.
It is highly durable and lasts a lifetime.
It is more durable than other nonstick cookware.
You can use this pan on gas, electric, ceramic, and induction ranges.
It is able to withstand metal utensils.
It is truly nonstick.
All HexClad stainless steel cookware is PFOA free.
It is scratch-resistant.
It isn’t just the eye-catching pattern; the inside of the pans have a wholly unique feel compared to anything I’ve reviewed in the past.
Both the ergonomic handles on the pans and the lid handles resisted heat impressively well.
Hexclad pans are easy to clean.
The non-stick element helps make the pans easier to wash.
It heats evenly.
The stainless steel cookware has a thick aluminum core to ensure maximum durability.
These pans are really good at distributing the heat so you will find that you won’t need to cook your food on such a high temperature, as you normally would.
It heats evenly.
It cleans like a dream.
One of the best things about Hexclad pans is how nice they look.
With the HexClad, no helper handle was needed.

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❌ Cons

HexClad fry pans may perform better than traditional non stick skillets, but they won’t replace a stainless pan when it comes to searing your favorite foods.
It is heavier than other 10-inch pans.
It’s worth noting that the stainless steel on the pans does seem to tarnish slightly with use.
It is expensive for nonstick cookware.
It is pricey.
It has relatively high price.
Like regular stainless steel cookware, the steel portion of HexClad gets stained and requires significant scrubbing.
These pans are quite heavy.
HexClad uses PTFE.
It can discolor from normal cooking (and it can be hard to remove the discoloration).
It’s not the best choice for searing.
Depending on how you see it, maybe the price is high.
It doesn’t sear as well as stainless steel.
Compared to other premium cookware brands, these are up on the higher end of the market.
Some HexClad customers have noticed a burned colour appearing on the surface after a few uses.
It gets very hot, very quick, which can be a challenge to get used to.
Food sticks without oil and at higher heat.
Not truly nonstick; hybrid design isn’t nonstick and isn’t clad stainless.
No international shipping options are available on website.
The food sticks.
The low sides make these frying pans a poor choice for cooking sauces and liquids.
Free shipping excludes Hawaii and Alaska.
Some users may find it a bit heavy.
Free shipping does not apply to Hawaii and Alaska.
Their website is so sparse. There’s very little information, zero reviews, no details on the company itself, and the contact page is only a web form.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If nonstick is your preferred material for daily cooking or if you’re particularly rough on it, causing it to break down quickly, a HexClad will save you from having to replace your pan as often.
Their website is so sparse. There’s very little information, zero reviews, no details on the company itself, and the contact page is only a web form. While I highly recommend the pan, I would wait until the HexClad is sold by other retailers, or even Amazon, prior to purchasing.
HexClad cookware might be pricey, but it’s most definitely worth the money and will pay for itself ten times over. Not only does the HexClad Hybrid pan do the work of three other pans, but it’s also built to last. It may very well be the last pan you ever buy!
Hexclad Cookware comes at a reasonable price, has fine built quality, is made for both home and professional Chefs, and gives tough competition to their competitors in the market. Hexclad products are mess-free and completely dishwasher safe, and Chefs like Gordon Ramsay uses Hexclad in their home. Also, the Hexclad Cookware brand got praised by different media houses, making it more credible and worthy.
We would recommend HexClad to almost anyone who cooks, as it’s easy to cook with and easy to clean. Even though it’s not cheap, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty and can make cooking more enjoyable.
HexClad cookware is unique in that it gives you the best of both worlds. It cleans like a nonstick but is incredibly durable, easy to care for, and cooks more like a cast iron or premiere stainless steel pan.
Based on our Hexclad Cookware Review, we would say that their products are definitely worth the buy. Compared to their competitors, they’re decently priced for professional grade, fine cookware. They’re mess-free and easy to cook with, and they’re conveniently, dishwasher safe. The praise they receive from media outlets adds a couple points as well.
After spending some time in the kitchen with Hexclad’s Hybrid pans and Japanese knives, I definitely think they are worth the money. I can understand that many times, companies that spend a lot on marketing tend to neglect their product, but this could not be further from the truth with Hexclad.
If cooking is a hobby of yours, you don’t need a HexClad, but it will get any job done with relative ease compared to whatever else you’re cooking in. If you’re working with nonstick cookware already, upgrading to HexClad is worth it without a shadow of a doubt. And let me add that if you are using something like Teflon and not regularly disposing of it at the first sign of flaking, then you’re flagrantly gambling with carcinogens.
These pans have been recommended by Michelin star chefs who even use them in their own kitchens, such as Gordan Ramsaey. These pans are great quality and have a unique design that sets them apart from everyone else.
We recommend using these pans for your cooking needs since they are free of any potentially harmful chemicals and made with high-quality materials.
Like a lot of hybrid products, Hexclad cookware is cool, but it’s kind of a solution looking for a problem: nonstick cookware has its place, and is great for eggs and delicate foods. When used this way and taken care of properly, a nonstick pan can last for several years.
HexClad has patented technology that allows for a dual surface of stainless steel and non stick, which requires less oil, grease, or butter. It’s coating is PFOA-free, non toxic and oven-safe up to 500 degrees. It also features stay-cool handles. Materials used in HexClad are high quality and include a tri-ply construction of stainless steel and aluminum. This makes it scratch resistant. Dishwasher safe and backed by a lifetime warranty.
HexClad has a growing number of fans, and it’s not hard to see why. It boasts an innovative pairing of the best qualities of stainless steel and high-quality non-stick. It has excellent heat conduction and retention, durability, and versatility. Yet, even with accolades and its increasing popularity, HexClad might not be right for everyone.

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