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✅ Pros

It gives clear and transparent sound.
Review Pros
It has expansive soundstage.
It has solid build with nice accessories.
It has U shaped sound signature with laidback vocals.
It has excellent form factor and build quality.
The nozzles are tapered with a nice angle that positions the housing neutrally in the ear to minimise hotspots.
It has a neat little multi-color indicator LED.
It is reasonably priced.
I did find the BD005 Pro to have a good wide soundstage and solid imaging.
The cable is soft and flexible with minimal microphonic noise transmission.
A newly designed phase waveguide aids treble response and minimises distortion.
It has tighter bass with nice resolution and separation.
I think the combination of the stiffer Be-dynamic driver and a BA push out better clarity and resolution than others in this price range and beyond.
It supports all high-resolution music file formats.
For $50, I do think this is one of the more resolving units out there.
The housings have a nice heft and density alongside impressive tolerances and finish with a palpable seem but rounded edges and corners.

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❌ Cons

What we do miss relative to the Starfield are the tweezers and replacement mesh nozzle covers.
It is not a dramatic audible improvement over the basic Apple 3.5mm dongle.
It is power hungry.
Relatively low power output is designed for 32Ohm headphones and IEMs.
It has only 3.5mm single-ended output.
It is slightly sibilant in some genres.

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Review Summaries
Moondrop’s latest earphone appends complaints with their former design whilst retaining benchmark level tonal refinement at a substantial price cut.
From the build to the sound output everything is fantastically done. It’s sad to see that KB-Ear has stopped the production and the sales of Believe. I hope the team is going to plan something in the future to give life again to the Believe to continue its legacy in some other way! But only time will tell and as for now don’t stop believing in the Believe cause it’s the HOLY GRAIL.
The Atom 2 is inexpensive, built well, attractive, and decent sounding. Furthermore, it’s tiny, plays most anything, and is dead simple to use. All around, a win in my book.
Build quality is superb, comfort is excellent and, If I didn’t expect much from those ears at first, I became immediately hooked the moment I put them in my ears. The BD005 Pro sounds and feels like a mid-tier IEM – clean mids, sharp highs, good bass – for a quarter of the price.

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