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✅ Pros

Hire My Mom have different subscription programs, that you can choose as per your comfort for joining their squad to get the daily legitimate work from home job posts.
Review Pros
It offers legitimate opportunities for stay at home moms.
Small businesses and entrepreneurs can hire through the site.
It offers quality jobs.
There is a good quality of professional candidates throughout the site.
You can choose to cancel your membership subscription anytime you want.
A variety of jobs and career fields are available.
There is a job for everyone on this platform.
HireMyMom aims to connect businesses that need help.
You can even sign up for a free trial for 3 days.
Work from home moms have 3 membership options to choose from.
It gives legit job opportunity to moms.
The jobs are screened before posting so you can trust they are legitimate.
It has affordable price.
If you want to brush up on your skills, Hire My Mom has paid training mastermind courses and resources for you to become more skilled for different types of jobs.
HireMyMom make it simple to find your right candidates for hiring.
The best part is you do not have to pay any percentage or commission of earnings.
The business has a clear mission, vision, and values with which everyone can subscribe and align themselves with.
HireMyMom do not take any commissions from both employer and employee.
The signup fee helps reduce the number of job seekers, so you don’t have to compete with thousands of candidates.
It can be a good place to find a reliable virtual assistant.
Support is available to help you whenever you face a problem.
Businesses love it when they have access to interested and serious candidates without having to sort through thousands of applications.
It has evolved into one of the most well-respected legitimate job board websites.
Whether you are looking for the best job for a mom to make money online or need to find freelance work, virtual assistant jobs, remote jobs, or full-time jobs you can find it all right here on this website.
They also do not allow home-based or multi-level marketing jobs on their site.
Unlike other alternatives, Hire My Mom won’t ask you to pay any commission.
HireMyMom doesn’t take a cut of the contract price like other outsourcing sites, so moms can keep whatever they earn.

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❌ Cons

A few site glitches (probably because of technology/plugin updates every so often – it happens to us too).
The downside of HireMyMom is that unlike Upwork, they don’t offer any escrow protection or dispute resolution for employers (or moms) if things go wrong.
What you are facing after you land your job or project? You are on your own negotiation on your pay, job scope and condition. HireMyMom no longer is taking care of this. So anything goes wrong, is between you and the employers.
Companies have to link to their company’s Linked-In Page. (which increases transparency and builds trust with working mothers).
There is no support after hiring.
The downside of the basic plan is that you won’t be featured on the home page.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
HireMyMom is a well trusted site and support both employer and job seeker on board. To be fair, the there after process should be handle with care on the both party.
In my opinion, it is not a scam. They stated clearly on what kind of skull set you need to have. The membership price is crystal clear. So should you sign up HMM? Yes, I do recommend it give it a try if you are looking for a legit job.
Within the first week, I had multiple interviews. By the end of the month, I was hired as a social media marketer with a small corporation that sold items nationally. The job paid me $25 an hr with a minimum of 40 hours a month. I set my own hours and worked around my children’s schedule. It was the perfect solution!
The platform is worth it for both stay-at-home moms who need remote jobs and small businesses who need to hire the right candidates. If you run a small business, I recommend that you check the business packages suitable for you. And if you don’t want to pass through any of the stress, the Concierge packages are best for you.
After conducting some research on this platform, I can conclude that Hire My Mom is a market leader in finding legitimate work-at-home jobs for working moms who are looking to increase their income or pursue a passion. You can join them easily by filling up your details and apply for any or all relevant jobs. They have subscription plans available to join their squad. You can start with a 3 day free trial subscription program to test the system.
The company offers an interesting alternative to the huge freelance outsourcing sites like Upwork. I think a lot of companies will take comfort in knowing they are helping a busy mom, in North America, make ends meet. And if the quality of work and customer service is good, the one-time job could translate into an ongoing relationship.
I highly recommend Hire My Mom in the search for your next venture. I am two times happy and very thankful for an organization that values a work/family balance. I honestly do not know how I would have been able to pull off the last 3 years without their amazing remote job hosting platform.

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