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✅ Pros

It is highly compact.
Review Pros
It offers scratch resistant screen.
There are also other models for more protection.
The smoother action of the mount system is noticeable when you’re un-mounting the HitCase Pro from a ChestR or ShootR pole.
It is comparable to Lifeproof cases .
It has built-in wide angle lens and mounting system.
The Hitcase Pro 2.0 is made from anodized aluminum.
Extra port covers are included for deep dives.
It offers 3x super wide-angle lens capture massive views.
The ability to download apps to edit and then upload footage while still in the field makes this by far the easiest to share your footage with.
The large high definition screen on the iPhone 5 allowed for image review right in the field, so you can make sure that you nailed the shot.
The Hitcase Pro goes beyond mere protection and adds utility and flexibility.
The real feature of the Hitcase PRO is that it can be used with a bunch of accessories.
The case kit includes a keychain/bottle opener through which you can thread an extra connected set of rubber caps.
It has IP68 Waterproof rating up to 33ft/10m.
One of the great features is that its waterproof case is still touch sensitive, allowing for full use of your phone.
Lenses are easy to place and remove.
3x macro particularly is good for the price.
It offers tough protection that’s still slim and light.
This version of the HitCase pro is made from aluminum rather than plastic.
It is wireless charging compatible.
Companion app adds useful video overlays.
It is waterproof and impact resistant.
On more than one occasion it was exposed to high pressure directly in the waterfall and never experienced a leak.
The Hitcase Pro makes an interesting alternative to dedicated action cameras like the GoPro Hero2.
One year limited product warranty is offered.
The HitCase Pro fits well together.
With Macro, Wide, and SuperWide options these lenses definitely help you take shots you wouldn’t think possible on a smartphone.
It’s waterproof up to 33.
I was really pleased with the quality of the images.
It does work with wireless charging which is pretty nice.
It is waterproof to 30 feet.
The case is waterproof with or without a lens attached.
The lack of vignetting is really quite remarkable.
It has very low chromatic aberration.
The Hitcase Pro+ is similarly priced compared to other rugged systems like the $150 Optrix PhotoProX.
The design is clean, simple and comes in colors that match your phone.
It is a combination of leather and stainless steel.
It has high impact ABS construction.
It allows you to call, text and take photos even underwater.
It’s definitely one of the best looking waterproof cases I’ve ever seen.
Audio jack is supported.
It is available in black or brown options.
The HitCase Pro is waterproof up to 33ft or 10m.
Buttons feel better as compared to Catalyst case.
It’s easier to open and close, and when you do so, you really get a feel for how well-sealed it is.
It has rubberized lens covers.
It has low profile anodized Aluminium frame.
It claims to be waterproof up to 2 meters (6.6 ft) deep.
The new version is easy to install which is unlike previous versions with their hard to use latches.
It is a thin and lightweight case that’s easy to install.
The Hitcase is waterproof up to 30 feet and has ShockSeal technology to protect it from drops.
It is compatible with Hitcase lenses.
It has sturdy shock- and water-resistant design.
Hitcase has been around since 2013 and has grown a devoted community of users.
The touch screen works the same, as if you don’t have a case on it.
It allows you to quickly and securely attach the phone to a great selection of different mounts.
It is mountable to almost any surface.
The Hitcase PRO is easy to install and remove.
The case is truly protective up to 16 feet.
There’s a rail on the lower right side of the case that works with any of the mounts that Hitcase makes.
The company also offers a waterproof Hitcase Pro for $130.
It supports external camera lenses.
You can download a free app from Hitcase that allows for GPS functionality.
The case is made out of aluminum and includes two “covers” that snap onto the front of the phone.
It works with TrueLUX lenses.
It has anodized aluminum construction.
The Hitcase Pro performs as advertised.

❌ Cons

The Hitcase was limited to the video capabilities of the iPhone 5, which does not offer high speed filming.
On the HitCase Pro, the most awkward thing is the tiny mount which is removable if you really wanted to.
It is only waterproof up to three meters.
Using touch interface is slightly more difficult with case.
Accompanying app did not perform under our testing.
The charging port on the Pro and Shield Link won’t work with most third party cables.
The weight of the device made it slightly awkward to use as a helmet cam.
Video quality and options are limited as compared with dedicated action cameras.
It decreases touch-screen sensitivity.
We were disappointed with the Hitcase’s performance in our High Contrast test, but to be fair, this had more to do with the limitations of the iPhone 5 than the Hitcase itself.
Case can be difficult to open.
It is more difficult to remove phone from case when not in use.
Mute dial could be bigger.
You need to have the provided connector for the auxiliary port in order to connect your speakers or headphones.
It is not as comfortable to hold as the Catalyst.
TrueLUX lenses can fall off.
It is not currently available for platforms other than iPhone.
It is expensive.
Mute switch dial is very stiff.
It has gap at the bottom by the speaker and Lightning port.
It has middling lens quality.
Offering essentially just one lens, the Hitcase Pro+ is a bit limited.
It can feel bulky and heavy.
Plastic screen cover scratches easily.
You’ll notice a drop in call quality ever once in a while.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
The new HitCase Pro is a tank of a case and is one of the thickest and widest cases we’ve come across. Despite the bulk, it isn’t an awkward case to use because it’s just a big, regular looking iPhone case. The HitCase Pro is waterproof up to 33ft or 10m. The HitCase Pro scores a little lower than the current king of sound for waterproof cases.
Overall if you were looking for a case that is as compact as it is protective, all the while having premium additional features such as lenses and mounts, you cannot go wrong with HITCASE. You can find out more information by heading over to their site today.
You guys know I always keep it real and despite a few flaws I have found it to be an excellent alternative to a live action camera, which is what I wanted. The only thing missing is a selfie stick, which you have to buy separately. I also recommend purchasing a floatation add-on so that your phone will rise to the surface if you drop it. The case may protect your phone from water, but not from the occasional bout of clumsiness! ?
The Hitcase Pro will protect your iPhone 4 or 4S, letting you safely and easily capture and share your outdoor adventures, but don’t expect the same video quality or options you get with standalone action cameras.
The Hitcase is a great standalone product if you have an iPhone 5 and don’t want to invest in a whole new camera system, and it’s also great addition to other cameras as well. Now that other cameras such as the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition offer smart phone connectivity, the Hitcase can be used in conjunction with them to allow you to have a waterproof case to view your GoPro’s shot from. Plus it has a fisheye lens and can be used as your B camera.
The Hitcase Pro held up well to my weekends of outdoor training. I took a a ton of photos with it (a few underwater), fell on it, dropped it in mud, spent the night with it in the open air in below-freezing temperatures and fell in to a waist-deep swamp with it in my pocket. While it may not sound appealing to wear your smartphone on your head or strapped elsewhere on your body while snowboarding or mountain biking, there are certainly a few benefits to it when compared with using a GoPro or other wearable action camera.
For the price, the Hitcase wide-angle and macro meet the bar in taking photos a few notches above a casual snapshot, but not quite at the level of built-in lenses available in entry-level standalone digital cameras that cost in the low hundreds.
I was very impressed with both the Hitcase PRO and the lenses. I’m used to seeing distortion around the edges of some of these wide and super-wide angle lenses, so that doesn’t bother me. It’s the lack of vignetting that I find to be a standout feature of the TrueLUX lenses. If you do any outside active sports and need a case that’s going to stand up to drops and the occasional dunking, spend the premium price and get the Hitcase PRO for iPhone X — it’s definitely worth it.
While the new iPhones are waterproof, it’s still best to have an extra layer of protection, especially if you’re spending a whole day outdoors. The Hitcase Pro and TrueLUX lenses are the perfect companions for those who like to maximize their iPhones while ensuring their safety. After all, you don’t want to ruin that expensive gadget, do you?
The Hitcase and TrueLUX lenses protect your phone and enhance your camera with rugged yet functional accessories. Be happy you bought the Hitcase before your sad over losing your vacation photos in the hotel hot tub.
While not quite as protective as the Catalyst, HitCase’s rugged Splash case will not only keep your iPhone safe, but make it more fun to use with the option to add one of the company’s magnetically-attaching lenses.
The Hitcase Pro goes beyond mere protection and adds utility and flexibility greatly increasing the value of the iPhone’s own camera. I’ve found myself leaving the GoPro at home more and more these days and just shooting everything on my iPhone. If you need solid protection for your phone and like to shoot outdoor active photography this might be the perfect phone case for you!
Offering essentially just one lens, the Hitcase Pro+ is a bit limited. I’d like it to at least include a telephoto, such as Manfroto’s 1.5x telephoto. But given the action-oriented target customer, the Hitcase Pro+ provides a safe house for your phone while giving you the opportunity to capture photos you wouldn’t dare take using most other lens kits.
The Ferra iPhone Case from Hitcase is a nice mix of luxury and technology that can improve your photos.
If the iPhone is enough camera for you to leave the point-and-shoot or DSLR at home, the Hitcase Pro 2.0 with your iPhone could do the same to the GoPro or any other action camera. Even if you don’t feel your iPhone photography needs the additional lenses, the Hitcase Pro 2.0 is worth having. It’s the best waterproof case I’ve tested.

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