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✅ Pros

Cool cinematic presets run automatically.
Review Pros
It can support most action cameras.
You can single tap the power button and it will turn your phone vertical.
It has insanely fast mounting design.
It contains moment templates.
The stabilization is on par with more expensive brands.
App adds additional functionality.
It allows great movement freedom for rolling and tilting.
The app adds a lot of functionality.
The Hohem app features several options for stylized “moments” to create time lapses and smooth panoramics, for example.
It works independently with the native phone camera.
It has compact and lightweight design.
It has long battery life.
It auto tracks faces and objects effectively.
Reverse charging feature / Can be used as a power bank.
Object and face tracking works great.
It comes with fully integrated app.
The app connects quickly and is feature-rich.
It is fairly straightforward to set up and mount a phone.
The Hohem app includes a face-tracking mode that does fairly well.
It offers quick balancing.
It has excellent build quality and offers good stabilization performance.
It offers 3-axis stabilization.
The Hohem iSteady Q is well designed.
A small tripod is included that easily screws onto the bottom of the gimbal and allows you to take time-lapsed panoramics or to simply use the self-timer to ensure that you are in the shot.
It enables stable and smooth video recording.
It doubles up as an emergency power bank.
It provides controls to GoPro.
Battery life is approximately 3 hours (Gimbal + Camera).
The 360 degree follow me feature is interesting.
It is very affordable.
It has simple layout and operation.
It offers fantastic value for money.
Phone clamp securely grips thicker phones.
It can easily mount cameras.
It allows three-axis and advanced shooting modes.
It has anti-shake technology.
It comes with full-featured mobile app that contains impressive built-in effects.
It has14 hours of battery life.
It is a generous package with tripod and carry pouch included.
AI Vision Sensor and fill light is available.
It supports motion time-lapse.
It is lightweight.
Four different operating modes are available.
It is compatible with most other apps.
It is well built and very compact.
Gimbal + camera can last about 3 hours on a single charge.
It has a side battery indicator.
It offers amazing panning.
Multiple smart app features are available.
It has mounting holes for additional microphone.
It offers solid video stabilization.
Side 1/4 mount is a nice touch.
It comes with AI tracking.
It is a great one-stop solution.
Physical buttons control wide range of functions.
The Gimbal has an indicator of battery on the side.
It comes with a modular and removable remote.
It has a solid and wide tripod mount.
It comes with a protective carry case.
Payload allows for attaching extra accessories.
It works great with or without the Hohem Joy app.
It is solidly built from aluminum.
I like that a hand-strap is included with the gimbal, giving me a little extra assurance that I won’t lose the gimbal (and my phone)!
It is solid and practical.
The object tracking works really well.
It does a lot in a small package, and there’s a lot of value.
It has high payload weight limit.
It supports most action cameras.
No calibration is required.
It has good feature set.

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❌ Cons

Vertical tilt is limited.
Initial setup can be confusing.
Manual and instructions could be better.
You need GoPro to connect cameras.
You can not fold down its Gimbal like other similar products.
It is expensive.
App could be better.
AI sensor is sold separately.
The mobile app has some bugs.
Magnetic AI Vision Sensor can get knocked off.
Registration and activation process can be improved.
Phone software is just Ok (basic camera functions are choppy).
The arms can’t be locked into place.
The Camera has a large screen that is obstruction from the back.
Cameras with larger screens are obstructed from the back.
Build quality could be better.
Subject tracking and zoom functions on the phone camera app are not great.
Joystick comes off easily.
Remote start/stop recording & mode changing is limited to GoPros.
Zooming is choppy.
Modes like remote starts, stop, recording, and more are doable with GoPro.
I’m not sure it’s possible to create a truly universal mounting system that works for all phones, but I know it didn’t work well for mine.
They are still stuck with a microUSB port.
It might be complicated for newbies.
Motion time-lapse can sometimes fail.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, the Hohem iSteady V2 Gimbal is ideal for vloggers, filmmakers, and those who just like to move around during meetings. The setup process is quick and easy, even if you’re new to using a gimbal. The app features great tutorials to aid in the process. While I wish the joystick was a bit more sturdy, the design itself is durable and compact for regular use. The AI tracking is impressive along with the standard stabilization.
The Hohem iSteady MT2 is a great gimbal, especially for smartphone and action camera users. It inspires you to perform a range of cinematic camera moves with ease and it will also function as a camera operator that can follow your every move. The app also unleashes extra tricks such as the ability to turn one person into clones via a seamlessly stitched panorama. I think I’ve found my ‘go-to gimbal’ for future creative shoots!
This gimbal is a good choice for those not wanting to spend a great deal of money but needing a more in-depth application of their action camera or point-and-shoot camera selfie footage. For owners of both camera systems, it is a great gimbal.
It is a solid piece of gear and I highly recommend it and see if it works for you. If you are going to record travel content or wish to record something cinematic then it is totally worth getting one. It’s not perfect but it is probably one of the best gimbals you can get for GoPro 10/9/8 on the market right now.
The Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus doesn’t look impressive, but looks can be deceiving. It performs just as well, if not better than more expensive competitors.
The Hohem iSteady Pro 4 is a breath of fresh air: everything worked out of the box and was very intuitive to use and set up. The new quick-release mount is both its best and worst feature though. If you don’t mind wiggling the camera around a bit to change your modes and settings, or you do so before mounting it completely, this is a con worth putting up with, considering the many other advantages and overall performance of the Pro 4.
Hohem iSteady Pro 4 Gimbal is everything you need to have for mounting action cameras. It comes with quick setups processes to mount and unmount cameras, automatic algorithm-based stabilization, and different operating modes. Hence, if you want a value for money product with advanced features, you can try iSteady Pro 4 Gimbal.
The Hohem iSteady Q is one of the most versatile smartphone gimbals around. It has so many applications that you might never need another stand, gimbal, or selfie stick. The brushless motors are nice and quiet, and the motion stabilization is very effective. We also liked the modular remote, which makes everything very easy to use. All in all, this is a fantastic value.
As mobile gimbals go, the Hohem iSteady X is mid-range, it has some great features, but there are quirks like the limited vertical tilt and slightly jerky movement at times.
The author is a video creator who has tried gimbals from different brands, including DJI. However, this gimbal impressed the author with its innovative features, such as the AI Vision Sensor and fill light, and the shortcut trigger that lets you switch to ultra-wide angle shot mode in a snap.
The Hohem iSteady X performs great and has a compact design that makes it easy for travel. However, setup requires creating an account and activating the gimbal, which is a (one-time) hassle.
Whether that’s good or bad, it’s up to you to decide, but while using the gimbal, it did properly stabilize my smartphone and I did like some of the preset modes from the app. Furthermore, I appreciate the microphone mounting holes and the fact that it’s incredibly easy to pair the iSteady Mobile Plus to a phone.
The Hohem iSteady X is a very capable gimbal stabilizer and for its price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better. I particularly like the way Hohem has taken inspiration from the biggest gimbal releases and packaged everything into a much more affordable offering.
It’s easy to use and carry with you wherever you go. Moreover, it packs a punch given the affordable price point. When you buy the Hohem iSteady V2, you get the latest technology to enhance your video production. This puts it a notch above similar products, making it a worthy little gadget for videographers of all skill levels.
The Hohem iSteady Q gimbal is well built and well-executed, but I’m not sure who it’s for. If you need a gimbal, you probably need a 3-axis one. If you need a selfie stick, you probably don’t need one with a motor in it. Same with the tripod. In an attempt to make a high-value low-cost product, Hohem has created the iSteady Q. While it’s well done, I ultimately think most users would be more satisfied with one of Hohem’s higher line products like the 3-axis iSteady X gimbal at a slightly higher cost.

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