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✅ Pros

The built-in fan will help keep you comfortable regardless of how intense your workout is.
Review Pros
The biggest advantages that I found with the Horizon T101 is that it operates quietly.
It has folding design so you can fold up the T101 when you’re done with it.
The 7.8 AT screen is big, bright, and very easy to read.
It has 0-15% incline.
Between the ability to connect to various training apps, and the inclusion of a broad range of on-board training programs, it’s hard to get bored running on any of Horizon’s treadmills.
With built-in bluetooth compatible speakers, you can listen to your music (or movie) through the treadmill as you workout.
While this treadmill does not come preassembled from the factory, it only has four components that need to go together.
You can’t beat that warranty.
If you don’t want a subscription workout plan, just go with the Sprint8 HIIT program built in—it will break you down. In a good way.
It has wider walking area when we consider the price.
It comes with decent warranty.
There is a lifetime warranty for frame/motor.
They offer free shipping on all-home cardio machines.
All Horizon bikes show distance, time, speed, RPM, and pulse along with an estimate of calories burned.
The speed offered is good enough for a beginner or even a runner.
Roomy track size is important for runners, and Horizon does not disappoint in this regard.
Horizon Fitness has various apps designed for any kind of workout such as Daily Burn, Aaptiv, and the Peloton App.
The motor of 3.0 CHP makes the machine ideal for high-intensity training and gives a quiet workout.
Its cooling fan provides extra comfort during workouts.
Everything you will ever need in terms of readings or controls is available on this treadmill.
The frame and motor are covered by a generous lifetime warranty.
It is compact and foldable.
The Horizon T101 features a cooling fan to keep you from overheating while getting those gains.
The T101 from Horizon has a 2.3 continuous horse power motor, which is surprisingly powerful and yet quiet at the same time.
It offers an audio input jack, Bluetooth audio, device holder, USB charging port, and speakers.
At $599, the T101 provides a budget-friendly option for those looking to start working out at home.
You can easily fold up all of their treadmills for storage with the help of their FeatherLight hydraulic system which makes moving the treadmill into its vertical position a breeze.
The responsive motor actually makes true HIIT acceleration possible.
The water bottle holder can be used to hold your water bottle (duh), but it also comes in handy for storing your keys or tv remote.
Horizon Fitness motors tend to be quiet compared to the competition.
The integration with home based subscription programs mean you don’t have to commit to a program you don’t like.
The incline range of 15% helps tone up different muscle groups.
While you’re jamming out to your favorite music, hook your phone up to the USB port and charge it up so it’s ready to go by the time you’re all done.
Horizon’s FeatherLight Folding makes folding the T101 effortless.
The updated Bluetooth speaker system makes it easy to listen to podcasts and stream music as you work out, helping routines fly by.
It is well priced.
It speeds up to 10 MPH and a 300- pound maximum weight limit.
The deck size is longer which makes the machine suitable for those with a long stride or those who are tall.
Horizon bikes offer a strong range of programming.
The company has a specialized training program that users can partake in called the Spirit 8 Workout that’s pre-programmed in select machines
Wth 40 workout programs to choose from, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting bored.
Horizon bikes have steel frames with lifetime warranties.
Horizon bikes operate virtually silently thanks to magnetic resistance.
The integrated Bluetooth speakers and tablet rack make it easy for you to stream media while working your legs.
It offers variable response cushioning.
Live running classes are available.
Convenient financing options are available starting at 0% APR for monthly payment plans.
The treadmill’s Johnson Drive System motor has an excellent balance of power and noise reduction.
You get 1 year here for only $599.
The T101’s nine built-in workout programming options are enough to keep beginners challenged.
Your joints are cushioned as you land and you bounce back as you push off.
It comes with 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.
Not only is the T101 a folding treadmill, it also weighs very little at 165 lbs.
3-Zone cushioning reduces spine and joint impact.
To help make workouts more efficient, the T101’s track can incline up to 10%..
Horizon bikes come with standard pedals. Owners can easily exchange these pedals for SPD pedals or others if desired.
They have a great selection of high-quality treadmills, ellipticals, indoor cycles, and rowers that feature Bluetooth connectivity.
It features 9 programmable settings.
The treadmill deck never wobbles even at 10mph, which happens to be its maximum speed setting.
10% Incline range offers lots of hill variables.
Horizon treadmills are ideal for those with smaller fitness budgets.
The T101 has a respectable warranty for a machine in its price class, offering lifetime coverage on the frame and motor, and 1 year on parts and labor.
Compact footprint doesn’t take up much space when open.
Horizon treadmills offer an affordable price point that most home-gym shoppers will appreciate.
It runs smoothly.
For a treadmill of this size you get a very good weight limit of 300 lbs.
10mph max speed is plenty fast for most runners and walkers.
The solid frame makes the treadmill quite durable and good for running.
The Horizon T101’s zoned cushioning system reduces the impact on your joints and lessens your fatigue.
The T101 can be easily packed away after use, stored or transported.
Horizon offers power inclines on its treadmills between 10% and 15% depending on the model.

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❌ Cons

Due to the choice of relying on 3rd party apps for streaming services, the consoles on Horizon treadmills are not the same slick touchscreen units seen on many other machines throughout the industry.
Horizon’s customer service agents are friendly and knowledgeable, but reaching one can take quite a while.
Some reports of instability are also of concern.
What I don’t like about the T101 is that it is a bit larger than competitor treadmills.
It does not have the sturdiest build.
55″ long running surface is not enough.
It is not suited for heavy training.
The T101’s cushioning is OK, but nothing to boast about.
It has limited tech when compared with other treadmills.
The screen of 7” is not a touchscreen and is quite small.
It can incline to only 10%.
When using non-proprietary apps, you’ll still need a separate tablet. There’s an easy intuitive place to put your tablet, but you can’t cast your subscription program to the screen.
Horizon’s cheapest treadmills have shorter warranties partly because their belt rollers are small.
Passport Players are not included with these bikes.
Although the 20-inch x 55-inch tread belt is a great improvement on the Evolve SG’s tiny 17-inch x 45-inch running area, it’s still not long enough for tall exercisers.
Horizon Fitness doesn’t have a good track record for customer service.
There are limited customer reviews beyond the website.
Their workout programs are not very common.
The T101’s 2.5 CHP motor places it in the walking treadmill category; the motor is not powerful enough for serious running or regular intense workouts.
It can take a while getting one thanks to its popularity.
These machines have thin decks, so they aren’t the best at absorbing sound.
Speakers are not very powerful.
There have been a few complaints of broken parts when shipped.
The T101’s 2.5 HP motor is suitable for walking and jogging, but won’t cut it for hardcore runners.
Parts and labor are only covered for up to a year.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
For buyers with small to medium budgets, Horizon treadmills offer good value for money. The compact T101 in particular is one of our best buys for under $1000, as although it saves on horsepower and track space, it benefits from other features not normally found in its price range.
Overall, I think the T101 is a smart buy. If you’re looking for a solid treadmill and are working with a tight budget, it’s going to be hard to find a more dependable machine.
In hot demand, the Horizon T101 is an excellent home use treadmill. In fact, in my opinion this is the best treadmill money can buy if you don’t have a lot of it. The T101 feels a whole lot like the treadmills in fitness centers and its performance speaks of the same. I see no reason why you won’t feel satisfied with this particular unit.
Horizon Fitness make a good range of treadmills that provide excellent value, the T101 fits this mould. At $599 it does so much better than other treadmills with it’s warranty. I have seen budget machines that have 90 days of labor for the same price. This an entry level machine so think about how you want to use it.
The Horizon Treadmill is the right balance between a strong build, attractive features, and a good price. Though the treadmill is not ideal for running, it is a good choice for those users who wish to walk or lightly jog, and if the user requires a higher user-weight capacity treadmill.
Our Horizon treadmill review recommends this exercise equipment. For affordable prices, you can get high-tech treadmills, ellipticals, indoor cycles, and rowers that all vary due to the intensity of the workout.
Although the Horizon T101 rates above average for a machine in its price class, don’t be misled. It’s great for what it is: a budget walking treadmill. If you’re on the hunt for a cheap treadmill that’s a bit more advanced, check out the Horizon Adventure 3 or Elite T5.
The Horizon T101 treadmill is certainly a model designed for the buyer looking for an incredible machine on a budget. It has all of the important features that you want in a treadmill, including foldable design for easy storage, large cushioned deck and all of the great extra features.
The Horizon T101 is a quality entry-level treadmill. It is our pick for Best Treadmill for Walkers. With a cushioned deck and folding design, you can get the most out of this treadmill and then fold it up when you’re done. A compact footprint keeps it tidy even when open and you can get a low-impact workout while working hills on the 10% incline. This is a great option for small homes, apartments, college students or those recovering from an injury.
The continued backing from a solid, longstanding company has helped the T101-05 to shine brighter than the other lower end treadmills in this price range. With features that give this treadmill an advantage, we have highly recommend this treadmill.
If you are interested in a running machine capable of many options for interactive home gym classes, the Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT Treadmill is most likely the best one for under $1000.
Horizon exercise bikes tend to be smooth-running and moderately priced with good warranties. As customer service is improving significantly, we’re becoming more enthusiastic about this brand.
The T101 from Horizon has a solid mix of tech and running features. Whether you’re looking for integrated bluetooth speakers, or a reliable motor to keep you moving, the T101 has something for everyone.
Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or you’re training for a run, the 7.8 AT is easy on the joints and packs plenty of features to keep your exercise fun and fresh.
The Horizon T101 is a solid, budget-friendly option for those who want to walk or jog on their treadmill; light to moderate workouts are the name of the game here. It’s a value buy with a few extras such as Bluetooth capability, a USB charging port, and built-in speakers.

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