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✅ Pros

Many Valuable Add-Ons
Review Pros
HPD provides a set plan to follow with huge amount of details to grow your website business.
The Monthly Articles you order are automatically uploaded and formatted to your website once completed so that’s even less work for you to worry about.
The services and websites that are provided by Human Proof Designs make it possible for anyone to start an online business.
You can start building links, adding content, and promoting the site, and see results almost immediately.
They do not leave you “hanging out to dry” after your purchase.
For the website owner/ manager these premium themes allow super streamlined functionality.
Anyone who buys a website has access to hours of training videos that cover all the major subjects that will allow you to maximize your chances for success in the niche that you choose.
Human Proof Designs offers you pre selected niches or lets you pick your own.
The aged sites have good traffic, high rankings and popular niches that are already up and running and just waiting for new ownership.
When you buy a ready made website from Human Proof Designs, you are really buying more than just a website.
The package cost also provides hours of video training to show you how to get it up and running, and how to continue working on your site.
Done-For-You Niche Websites
It is for you if you have the money and just want to get a bit of a head start (and not spend time fiddling about what website set up).
When you consider the astronomical price of opening a brick-and-mortar business,even the price of the aged websites sold by Dom and his team should be considered bargains in comparison
Human Proof Designs has a pool of professional native English-speaking writers that can produce premium content.
Done for you websites, choose from Starter or premium packages.
When you buy the niche website from Human Proof Designs, you have a choice of getting just the basic Starter version for $499.
You can preview sites before buying.
For someone that wants the research and setup process of starting a niche-site business done for them, HumanProof Designs is the way to go.
Buying a site from HPD will not be the end of your business, it will be the beginning.
Acquiring HPD’S services will allow you to start your business immediately .
Saves Tons of Time And Money.
Their products are a good investment if you have the budget and it will cut the time you need to spend on your website building process tremendously.
Professional & Unique Websites
Extensive Keyword Research goes into every site.
Keyword packs offer a good glimpse into what people are searching for in your niche.
Excellent aged websites ready to generate money
Human Proof Designs are very honest and upfront about your needing to continue working on your website.
hey provide you with a detailed 6-month plan.
You get quality websites and many to choose from.
They design the site with a Premium WordPress theme.
Unique content and design and never re-produced.
Extremely Positive Feedback from Customers.
Good Head-Start for Beginners
For some people, it is worth the investment in buying a pre-made site.
HPD is a very cool business and offers something that no other company can even compete with in terms of niche-site packages.
Professionally built website with the proper SEO.
High Quality Service
Email Support
They do all the keywords researches.
They get to know you so they can create a website you will love.
HPD use of premium images set their websites apart, presenting a startling professional feel to each site.
Private Facebook Group
Helps You to Outsource the “Dirty Work”.
The content is keyword oriented to extremely high monthly search volumes.
Article Packs are always done by professionals with creative and SEO experience.
Custom niche sites come with a decent amount of starting content and guides on how to add your own later on.
Ever-growing library of video training
They write original and high quality articles.
Since a new site needs to have things done to it, such as link building, social signal creating, content adding, and all of that, you’re essentially saving anywhere from 3 to 4 months worth of costs.
Since they’re already built, you don’t need to wait a month for us to complete the sites. They’re live, and ready to be transferred to your possession.
Premium themes and plugins
They search the best domain names and let you choose the one that suits you best.
Good Outsourcing Opportunity
Profitable niche sites built for you
Their content is already indexed.
Guaranteed 100% Original Content.
The website themes have beautiful, modern styling, high speed load times and simple to user experience.
Really Good Support in case you have any problem with your website
Tech Support
Save Tons of Time
It is for you if you have the money, find the website setup process daunting and want some expert guidance on what niche to go into and the direction to take you site.
All the training is in included with the purchase of your website.
There is a community of people there to help you after you purchase your website
An Entire Human Proof Designs Team Is Committed to Help You Succeed.
They offer a support through email and a private Facebook group.

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❌ Cons

Getting your website must take slightly longer in some cases but you will find comfort in knowing you are receiving well-written content and an aesthetically designed website
Pack of 20 articles cost $349.
It is only suited for those individuals that have the budget.
Articles are also a bit expensive if you’re on a tight budget but they are still considered cheaper than their competitors.
If you are expecting for an overnight success, that most likely won’t happen.
$998 just too high of a price.
Not all websites are good affiliate websites.
It is not good for someone who is just curious about affiliate marketing.
It could be months before you start to see the trickle of first income.
These sites are definitely not going to earn money on their own. So you do need to invest the time to learn and put these instructions into action to see a result.
Can be a little expensive depending on what kind of site want.
They recommend putting yourself on a schedule of a couple of hours per day.
Their sites don’t come with Guarantees,
Hosting Not Provided
More time is required to generate income from affiliate websites.
It is not for you if don’t know how affiliate marketing works.
Not afforadable for someone on a tight budget.
You need to have a really good understanding of affiliate marketing to make use of any built for you services.
It takes 3-6 months to earn commissions.
Human Proof Designs is that they are a new company, and are still working out some kinks.
If you are on a very tight budget and not willing to invest money any money on your online business, then HPD may not be for you.
Costly Investment
Someone impatient for success. These sites will reach success faster, but it still takes some time.
The cost for additional HPD services could be initially high – but offset by efficiency and productivity.
You could easily end up losing your money if you don;t know how to run a website.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Human Proof Designs is a totally legitimate company, providing high quality, ready made websites at a premium price,but offering premium training resources and customer support that gives better value for the money spent on the websites.
Human Proof Designs is a company aims at helping people to make the process of building aprofitable niche website easier. So, they offer various affiliate marketing services like website building, article writing, keyword research and many more.
Buying a site from HPD will not be the end of your business, it will be the beginning. You absolutely must have enough time and energy to put into the site for it to be successful. If you do not have at least 1-3 hours per day 5 days a week, and can’t commit to at least 3-6 months of work without profit then this might not be a good buy for you.
If you’re new to affiliate marketing and you can afford the prices, then Human Proof Designs offers an excellent shop for your website needs. They’re a serious outfit, and they cater to serious people.
Human Proof Designs is a company created by Dom Wells that is committed to help you to boost your online business. During the past few years HPD has been growing rapidly because of their high quality products and a good reputation within the Internet marketing industry.
Along with tons of ready made quality niche websites like you see to your right, Human Proof Designs also offers ebook writing services where they can produce an ebook to your liking within 14 days. You can choose a topic or they will pick a topic related to your niche.
You might think this is a ‘passive’ income generator. It is not, at least not to begin with. Once your site is well established with solid traffic and profitable product links it will tick over almost by itself. That is the beauty of affiliate marketing.
If you are looking to purchase ready-made niche websites than I do recommend trying out Human Proof Designs. With a proven track record and hundreds of returning customers you know they’re a legit business. Their websites look great, have great content and most importantly they are fairly priced.
Websites done for you, aged websites, SEO, Content writing and nich based websites are some of the services provided by HPD. They are expensive a bit but it’s worth.
Human Proof Designs has been needed in the making money online industry for a very long time. They do not just sell you a website and leave you with it, they help you build your business. ANYONE can purchase and benefit from one of their websites, whether you are a complete newbie or an experienced marketer who just wants another website without having to make it.
Human Proof Designs was founded by Dominic Wells, a Wealthy Affiliate member. This is a company that sells ready-made niche websites. Those sites are designed to make money from the start through affiliate marketing: visitors are redirected to a merchant site and when they buy a product, the affiliate earns a commission.
They transfer the site, domain name, all passwords and login details to you. You are the full owner of the website. You also get tech, email and Faceboo kgroup support. It is good for someone having good budget.
Human Proof Designs offers amazing quality in terms of website designs with easy to follow templates, quality content that is search engine optimized and good maintenance support for anyone associated with them. They have a diverse portfolio and multiple products available that can meet many clients’ needs and give them a head-start.
If you have the budget to pay for Dom’s pre-made site, then buying HPD done for your site is a smart choice. Having said that this is only applicable to people who “actually” have the funds to support it.

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