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✅ Pros

The weighted filling is non-toxic.
Review Pros
If the customer found himself not satisfied with the Hush Blankets may return the Hush Blankets within 100 days to get whole refunds.
It felt a lot more snug than a regular comforter.
Weighted blankets are tailored to different body weights.
I truly love that this weighted blanket comes with a cover.
Hush offers free shipping to the U.S. and Canada.
Hush offers free shipping and a 100-night sleep trial.
Breathable fill is evenly distributed throughout the blanket.
The Iced cover keeps you cooler than the average weighted blanket.
The blanket felt like being wrapped in a cocoon, as if the blanket was giving a big hug.
Outer shell is made with “minky” material for maximum softness and comfort for all skin types.
The inner blanket is covered in a layer of cotton, which provides some nice breathability.
It was really warm and cozy.
The most special feature with this product is that it will actually wick off the sweat.
They are designed to be adaptable to all seasons.
The product is made from the blend of cotton and bamboo to offer some additional softness and temperature-regulated and stretchy feel with the product.
The Hush Classic comes in six different weights, starting at 12 pounds and reaching up to 35 pounds.
It comes with 100-night sleep trial.
The Hush blanket is covered in a very soft duvet cover made from microfiber.
There is a range of sizes and weights available.
If you try Hush Blankets and it’s not giving you the best night’s sleep ever, you can return it for a refund.
These are great for those with anxiety.
Hush blankets use glass bead fill, which tends to regulate temperatures better than plastic pellet fill.
It has non-toxic glass “sand” fill.
Hush has a great 100 night guarantee.
Hush offers a 100-day trial period for weighted blankets.
The product is the best to touch pressure stimulation and it keeps cool during bedtime.
The non-toxic sand glass also works with some magic to make the product consistent with the weight factor.
You can use the inner blanket separately from the outer cover if you want.
The Hush is weighted with non-toxic, hypoallergenic plastic pellets, and is offered in 15, 20, and 25 lb models.
The blankets range from 10-25 lbs so there is just the perfect weight for everyone.
The outer duvet cover is machine-washable and specifically designed to be comforting to the touch.
I love that they also have a guide on their website that helps you choose the perfect weight of blanket for you.
There is a variety of weight and size options.
Pure cotton shell is sewn into compartments.
It felt really comforting and hug-like to me.
They offer free shipping to destinations within U.S..
The material is more breathable and less prone to odors than most plastic pellet fill while also hugging the body more closely.
Removable, machine-washable duvet cover is made from soft minky microfiber.
Shipping is free within the United States and Canada.
Their customer service is amazing.
The inner cotton shell has pockets to contain beads for the even distribution of weight.
Inner layer is made with microfiber and non-toxic glass sand for effective weight distribution.

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❌ Cons

Inner blanket is hand-wash only.
Some people may find the duvet cover hot while sleeping.
Canadian and International website differ for purchases and shipping.
I would love to see some more colour options.
Minky duvet may sleep hot for some.
The interior blanket is hand-wash only.
There are limited design and color options for each style.
The inner cotton shell cannot be machine washed. It must be spot cleaned or hand washed.
Website appears “busy” with information all jumbled together.
It is slightly expensive.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The thoughtful design of the Hush blanket makes it a great choice for those who are looking for a comfortable weighted blanket that can help with anxiety, stress, and difficulty falling asleep.
The Hush is the perfect weighted blanket for the indecisive sleeper! Hush offers a generous trial period of 100 nights so that you can thoroughly test this blanket out before you commit.
Hush Blankets deliver a humble, yet comprehensive, line of blankets that are made for children and adults alike. Their selection of weight and sizes offer a range of fitted options for teen to king-sized beds. It’s important to remember that depending on your individual weight; the number of people using the blanket at once; and the size of your bed, that you should be well informed before making a purchase decision.
The Hush Weighted Blanket uses deep pressure touch simulation to hug the sleeper’s body, which relaxes them and improves sleep onset. You can choose from 4 weighs, ranging between 10 and 25 lbs. The blanket is encased in a silky-soft, removable minky cover that can be washed and dried in a machine.
The Hush weighted blanket is a Canadian-made product that uses Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS) to help calm and comfort. It is particularly effective for sleep anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, anxiety, stress and general trouble falling asleep. The blanket is up to five times heavier than a traditional comforter and it’s this weight that creates the DPTS.
With its variety of size and weight selections, the Hush Classic is a good option for sleepers who desire blankets that are lighter or heavier than those offered by brands with more limited choices. It may also be ideal for shoppers who have an aesthetic preference for blankets that fully drape over the bed.
In general, Hush Blankets weights up to 5 times more than a normal duvet. In order to attain faster sleep you can get moulded with these Hush Blankets. These blankets are proven to reduce stress and anxiety and drag you to a complete relaxation state at the time of sleeping.
All in all, Ryan loves it. And for the few times I’ve climbed under it too, I can’t help but agree! The only aspect to consider though is that it’s currently winter and we keep the house quite cold at night. We both wonder if during the warmer months it may be too warm but I imagine that’s the case with any weighted blanket. I would also love to see some more colour options.
If you want a great night’s sleep that feels cuddly, comforting and wonderful I highly recommend Hush Blankets. They work. They are amazing. They help us both sleep like babies at our own perfect temperature.

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