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✅ Pros

You receive 3 Free Downloads before you purchase additional tracks.
Review Pros
Beta testing program ensures that new meditations have been properly attuned to the audience before release.
iAwake offers different lengths of meditations so you’ll always be able to choose the amount of time you want to listen.
The focus on healing meditation and forgiveness is unique and exciting.
There are free downloads available.
There are so many unique tracks with this program.
They have solid customer service.
Each meditation is packed with powerful healing waves.
Instant downloads are available in mp3 and .wav from the website.
Easy-to-use app for iOS and Android are available once you purchase from the website.
You can download them and store them anywhere to listen to them.
It offers meditation designed to help you heal from issues in your life.
The meditations are all different lengths.
They have great variety of programs.
There’s a whole range of different meditation tracks.
These meditations use binaural beats to easily get you into delta, theta, alpha and gamma states.
They’re great for students, and those wanting to learn.
It offers coaching, blog, and social media access to continual community support throughout your meditative experience.

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❌ Cons

Website is a bit choppy and hard to navigate.
It lacks a comprehensive page discussing the science behind iAwake Technologies.
To get the most out of the technology, must be able to commit to several 25-minutes sessions each day, which may be hard for those with busy schedules.
It can be pricey, but packages offer good value.
The terminology used can be a bit confusing for beginners.
It can feel very overwhelming when you go to their website, simply because they have so many products.

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Review Summaries
Whatever you want to use binaural beats meditations for, iAwake Technologies is bound to have you covered with a “something for everybody” approach to meditation. That means if you’re a newbie just discovering binaural beats or a seasoned expert with plenty of experience, iAwake Technologies is a professional, affordable one-stop shop for all things “binaural beats.”
The meditation suites vary in price, with some as low as $23 and others as high as $300. This price differences are related, at least in part, to the number of tracks available within the suite. Special discounts are available for veterans and for full-time students.
I have had a great experience with iAwake meditations and found it to be one of my favorite meditation programs. It is such a unique program that focuses on bringing you into the brainwave states that help to enhance your life and well being. These states can give you access to insights, healing, intuition and light bulb moments that you don’t have always have access to.
If you’re dealing with mood swings, anxiety, depression, addiction, recovery, or find meditation difficult, iAwake Technologies is a good path to go down. The owners specialize in these areas and that’s reflected in the program range.

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