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✅ Pros

There is a free trial.
Review Pros
It can give you also more specific information about which pictures were your most popular for a specific period.
You can measure your performance and optimize your strategy.
Their free account does just about everything a consumer could want regarding their personal Instagram account.
It show good indicators to review on a monthly basis just so you can track your brand account a bit.
It comes with bulk comment viewing with Comment Tracker.
With advance scheduling, Iconosquare users are able to manage their Instagram posts.
It has the ability to add people you follow into groups and view lost followers.
Iconosquare gives you the option of using the program on desktop and through the app.
After you schedule your posts on your desktop, Iconosquare sends you a notification from the app to your mobile device to remind you to post.
It assesses your most recent 30 days of posts, as well as your profile overall.
Iconosquare allows you to exports various charts and data available in your account.
It shows me my actual best time to post.
You can see how successful your posts are at engaging your followers and attracting new followers.
It also shows you the big list of top tags on Instagram you potentially could be using to loop in new fans/followers.
Iconosquare’s free Instagram audit for business accounts can give you an overview of where your brand is excelling and where it could improve.
You can use their service to search for hashtags as well as users so that your posts can reach more people.
The great thing about the analytics is that it shows you all the popular hashtags on Instsgram.
You are also presented with a line graph that displays how your following has grown over time.
You can directly compare the stats of profiles of you and your competitors.
Users can also find out which of their followers are the most influential and then group them accordingly.
It measures follower growth, location, daily follower gain/loss, unfollows, and much more.
You can also view your most liked/commented posts of all time here.
Users can also search and follow certain groups and hashtags through customized Instagram feeds.
Iconosquare informs you of what your followers enjoy the best on your account.
In Iconosquare, you can also find information about your own Instagram habits.
It shows engagement, content, and follower stats over the last month.
Comment tracker displays a list of your most recent comments.
Users can also use Iconosquare to track up to 30 comments and either delete inappropriate comments, mark them as read, or individually reply to each one of them.
If you’re stuck with marketing tactics, Iconosquare can help you run Instagram contests.
Iconosquare will offer you a free trial of their pro dashboard.
It will tell you what the best time to make your content go live is, and what hashtags will help you achieve more impressions.
Iconosquare also helps reach more people around the world with more than 20 different languages available.
Iconosquare provides more than enough analytical data and reports to users.
It has a lot of useful features including hashtag tracking, audience analysis, page creation, scheduling, and tracking, competitor benchmarking and influencer research.
It helps to learn about followers’ behavior on social media.
Iconosquare offers weekly and daily reports.
You can easily scan how many likes and comments you had for the previous month.
It offers suggestions on when to post.
Iconosquare shares when your followers are online.
It can also help you know which hashtags or geotags to include on posts to attract the right followers to your account.
You can also see which media has the greatest comments.
It provides everything that one would expect from the analytics end of Instagram.
A wealth of statistics makes it easier to form a plan to grow your following.
It has an easy-to-use and clean dashboard.
You can see how your posts are performing by tracking comments and likes.
It offers optimization suggestions.
You can have your posts and stories prepared well in advance.
They also offer social media management and scheduling tools.
They have worked with large and reputable companies like Coca Cola, Nike, Ford, AT&T, Southwest Airlines, Gap, American Express, Ebay, Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, and more.

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❌ Cons

The“Filter Usage” graphic, which tells you which filters you use more than others, has minimal value on the brand side.
You have to pay additional fees for upgraded version.
It is nable to link multiple accounts.
There are no options to sort your followers.
Iconosquare’s UI has a steep learning curve.
Iconosquare will only support your Facebook and Instagram accounts.
Platform of Instagram does not integrate well with the tools of Iconosquare, which can lead to problems with usability.
There is no “News” feed as in the Instagram app.
I did search for the Android version, unfortunately I couldn’t find it.
There are no filters for conversations: They could have provided a few filters for comments in ‘Conversations’ tab.
Viewer has a very dark interface that could benefit from an option to view on a white background.
There is no separate mobile app.
There is a free trial, but after that you have to upgrade.
There is no printable analytics or reports.
It lacks certain functions like automatic posting.
The chart that shows the number of posts you’ve made by year, month or week isn’t all that helpful.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Instagram users looking for an efficient analytics software may find that Iconosquare is the tool that they are looking for. The software expands follower range and measures fan following through Instagram. Around the word, top companies, business agencies, and individuals have been using Iconosquare. It ensures that users are getting the best results for their business on Instagram.
Iconosquare gives you insights into your Instagram account and allows you to manage your Instagram activity. If you really want to use Instagram as a marketing strategy for your blog or business, then Iconosquare can give you deep analytics into your account or accounts.
I feel that Iconosquare can definitely be used by anyone but it definitely helps take out of the fear for those that are new to Instagram and need it for business. Is it a must for business? No. But if you want to spend less time analysing your account, you won’t regret the purchase.
Checking in on Iconosquare has quickly become a daily part of my routine and it really fills in a lot of the gaps that Instagram has for those who want to actively pursue a larger following on the network. When you consider that it’s a free service, the amount of information they provide you with incredible.
Iconosquare is an Instagram analytics software that offers management, analysis, and engagement of user accounts. Its features include advanced and automatic scheduling of posts, customization of feeds to allow the following of certain hashtags and groups, as well as tracking of comments, likes, and followers.
We recommend Iconosquare to all Instagram users as a great Instagram managing tool. It’s free and provides plenty of quality statistics about your personal and/or professional account. There is no reason not to recommend this free service to Instagram users. However, they do not provide any type of social media tools for any other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and any others. If you are looking for a social media tool to help manage all of your social media profiles, we suggest looking at our top recommended companies.
Iconosquare can provide you with a lot of information, but unfortunately this app isn’t free. There is a free trial, but after that you have to upgrade. I think it’s only worth it to pay for it if you are using it for your business and want to take your social media to the next level.
It lets you keep an eye on your competitors, monitor hashtags, tells you about the best time to post content, etc. All these factors combine to make sure you have all the necessary intellect to progress your brand further on Instagram. There is hardly any drawback of using this tool. If you want to get a monitoring and management tool for Instagram profiles, then you should consider Iconosquare once.
Iconosquare’s free Instagram audit for business accounts can give you an overview of where your brand is excelling and where it could improve. It assesses your most recent 30 days of posts, as well as your profile overall. On the downside, Iconosquare will only support your Facebook and Instagram accounts.
While there are different ways to analyze and review your Instagram account, Iconosquare is a platform that provides you with the information to monitor and adjust techniques for your photography Instagram account.
So, overall, as you can see, you can learn quite a bit from the nice, free Iconosquare tool. Not the end-all-be-all when it comes to measuring Instagram success. But, for free, it’s not a bad place to start in terms of tracking progress and using data to make better decisions on Instagram down the road.

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