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✅ Pros

It offers free shipping.
Review Pros
Anonymous shipping to all parts of the world.
One super cool thing about ILGM is they have a germination guarantee that your seeds will germinate or they will reship your order.
Their affordable seeds, as well as free shipping, is a great way to cut costs in your weed garden. As electricity bills and the other expenses of growing weed is included, cutting any costs possible is always a plus. They are distributing their seeds worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can order from!
If beginners need money-saving tricks, this one is definitely worth considering.
You can also pay through Bitcoins.
They have a wide range of products and offer a lot of discounts and freebies, such as the Marijuana Grow Bible. Even if you aren’t necessarily interested in buying seeds from them, you can still get an in-depth guide to growing weed, from someone with 20+ years of experience, for free!
It provides a secure payment facility
Secure payments are the best thing to consider.
With discreet packaging and guaranteed delivery, you can be sure of having the seeds at your door within 5 – 25 working days. Do not worry about having your items stopped in the customs, the packaging is stealthy and you will not experience any customs delays from Amsterdam to the USA. offer affordable cannabis seeds which come with the highest possible quality.
They offer freebies. There are a lot of free stuff the guys are giving away.
Stress-free online shopping is always a great thing, and you get that with ILGM due to their simple, well-protected payment system.
Why not save money? Forget having to pay shipping cost – when shopping with ILGM company, you receive free shipping!
It offers great freebies.
With a secure payment method via credit card (it’s never mentioned what the product you’re buying actually is on your bank statement), cash, bank transfer or Bitcoin you can stay completely anonymous with your transaction. Whatever payment method you pick, you can stay calm and know that nobody can trace it back to you.
The most common special offer you will find for free seeds at ILGM is Buy 10 Get 10 Free but sometimes you might find a Buy 5 Get 5 Free.
You don’t just receive the best quality seeds, you also get free gifts, such as the Marijuana Grow Bible, that you can download directly from their website.
ILGM shipping is very fast.
ILoveGrowingMarijuana offers free shipping worldwide including the USA, Canada, and Australia.

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❌ Cons

Since they are flooded with customers and people raving for their seeds, their customer support can be a bit slow sometimes.
ILGM has been known to sell very inexpensive marijuana seeds. This is because their seeds are unbranded, and this is not what a lot of growers want to hear.
Because of the cheap seeds, all the seeds are unbranded which means that they have grown the seeds themselves and aren’t from a specific brand.
They sell unbranded seeds.
Their payments options are slim.
Seeds are not made, nor delivered by any brand. In other words, the seeds come from ILGM from Amsterdam, but they don’t have anything to relate to popular brands. This may be an issue for some of you!
If you plan to grow auto flowering seeds or regular seeds then your selection of strains will be limited.
They don’t ship to Israel, Philipines ansd some other countries.
The last thing you want to do is purchase an item online, and end up never receiving it. Well, this is exactly what some customers have claimed with ILGM.
Non-delivery of items was noted
Poor customer service.
When it comes to taking care of customer’s issues, this company has received some pretty bad reviews, indicating a need to spruce up this department.
Their customer support is slow.

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Review Summaries
ILGM has developed the reputation for selling the most superior cannabis seeds you can find. With all the expertise Bergman encompasses, his team pays particular attention to hand picking the right seeds, to produce excellent weed that you will love.
Even if you aren’t necessarily interested in buying seeds from overseas, you can still get a lot of knowledge from the Marijuana Grow Bible, and that is why we strongly recommend that you visit their site. They provide a ton of information, as well as selling high-quality seeds for an affordable price. What more could you ask for?
These guys are absolute professionals who have been among us for a long period of time and they are the best! First of all, you can get affordable seeds within the reasonable time frame and you will get a gift as well. There are free items and discounts all the time. They also give away a free eBook, which is rare in this line of business. The bottom line is that yes, ILGM is highly recommended to use at any given moment and you will get the best service with the best overall quality in general.
Fast delivery, Free shipping, Bonus seeds, 7 strains to shoose from and a lot of payment methods make ILGM a great service.
One should have a due diligence when it comes to assessing the extent of trust that you will be giving to this company. Indeed, it may offer great price and even better freebies which is a good aspect for most buyers. However, if you are after for quality cannabis seeds, one should be more scrutinizing of their seeds.

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