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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

It has large vent holes for crate ventilation.
Review Pros
Substantial vent holes make it easier for your dog to breathe.
These crates are quite easy to clean.
It is IATA compliant.
The kennel features sturdy .063 aluminum and is resistant to corrosion, tear and wear.
It is made in the USA.
It is lightweight & portable.
It’s also IATA approved.
It is available in a variety of colors.
It is customizable.
It is virtually indestructible and escape proof.
It is entirely escape-proof.
It has lightweight and durable construction.
It is as strong enough.
There are air inlets on each side of this crate as well as on the door.
The significant benefit is that anyone can assemble it.
The material is even resistant to damage, which keeps your dog safe in case of an accidental sudden impact.
These crates come in a number of sizes that range all the way from extra small to extra large, making it possible to find one that is just right for your dog.
It offers quick and straightforward transportation.
It is lightweight.
It boasts sturdy welded rivet construction.
​Its design is IATA compliant.
It is made in the USA.
It is perfect for traveling.
Indestructible design still allows good airflow with four sided venting.
It is compliant with International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards.
It is good for larger breeds.
It has range of dimensions.
You don’t have to worry about the luggage, and pulling a heavy container around when you have an Impact model.
Piano hinge makes the folding and door operation very smooth.
It is equipped with marine-grade locking hardware.
Composite corners offer impact-protection and the ability to stack multiple crates.
It is crafted from durable and high-quality materials.
It is easy to carry handles.
Exterior dimensions are 41”x25”x29”.
The lightness of aluminum allows for better airflow and less heat retention.
It folds up quickly.
It collapses easily for quick and simple transportation.
Capped corners help to protect your floors and the crate from damage.
It is IATA air travel compliant.
You get the advanced locking system that prevents your furry friend from getting out.
Marine-grade slam latch automatically locks when you shut the door.
It has composite corners.
This crate comes equipped with a slam latch, which means your dog is safely secured until you reach your destination.
It has carry handles.
It includes a handle for carrying.
It is a strong, reliable, and stylish metal dog crate.
It is IATA approved for airline travel.
It is 20% lighter than most comparable heavy duty crates.
It is IATA approved for airline travel.
It comes with both front door, and front and back door options.
Corner brackets provide utmost safety to the users.
Its ability to withstand collisions makes it perfect for air travel and most airlines have approved of its use to carry dogs in cabins.
It also features safety features such as capped corners.
It is stackable.
It is IATA compliant.
It has secure locking mechanism.
No harmful chemicals, dye, or toxins are used in any of the material.
It is imposssible for your pooch to break out.
The latch is strong.
Design still allows good airflow with four-sided ventilation.
It is large enough for the biggest breeds.
The Impact Case Stationary is available in many sizes to suit a broad range of dog breeds.
​The entire crate can be collapsed down to a height of 8 inches.
There are no harmful compounds, dye, or toxins found in just about any one of their material.
It easily folds down for storage/travel.
It has variety of sizes.
You can travel with your pet by road.
Latch automatically locks into place when closing.
A latch lock has been used to ensure that your dog cannot leave the crate by fumbling with the lock.
It provides a superb combination of portability and strength.
It is the best foldable dog crate.
It is manufactured from high-grade aluminum material.

❌ Cons

It is pricey.
The Impact Case Stationary Crate requires user assembly.
It is not a cheap crate.
Assembly is required.
Its aluminum body can be dented easily.
It is expensive.
It is non-collapsible.
The Impact dog crate creates a rattling sound without a pad or dog crate bed inside.
It is premium priced.
If you want a USA-made, IATA compliant crate with protected corners and an automatically locking latch, you’ll have to lay out a considerable amount of cash.
It is more expensive than other options.
It is not the best for extremely anxious dogs.
​This model comes with a premium price.
​Its design can make it hard to clean.
Dogs with serious separation anxiety, heavy gnawing issues, or those that are really large or long may need to get stationary crates and not this collapsible type.
Cost can be somewhat high for many people.
It ooks intimidating.
It is not suited for smaller dog breeds.
Compared to other products, the price for this one is a bit higher, which may bother many pet parents.
The door may need to be made sturdier in future design improvements.
It’s on the upper end of the price scale.
Price can be a bit high for some people.
It doesn’t come with water bowls.
This crate doesn’t come with a removable pan or wheels, which can be a hindrance if you like to push it around the house or if your dog has accidents.
Some assembly is required for stationary model.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
It is a heavy duty aluminium dog crate that is lighter than heavy duty steel dog crates It comes in several different sizes and colors. It comes with both front door, and front and back door options. It is not a cheap crate. and doesn’t come with water bowls.
​The Impact Case collapsible dog crate would be a luxury heavy duty cage that’s promoted towards people who have strong dogs who prefer to destroy and escape free from classic cages. It is entirely escape-proof. Cost can be somewhat high for many people.
This model comes as an expensive option, but for that price tag, you are getting high quality and amazing features. Overall, it is strong, reliable and safe and it’s an excellent choice for anyone who has troubles containing his canine. Considering it is airline approved and portable, you will enjoy using this kennel.
The Impact Case Stationary is a fantastic lightweight, strong dog crate that is virtually escape proof. It is also ideal as a travel crate being IATA compliant. A real heavy duty dog crate.
The Impact dog crate having many useful qualities and the best part about it is its strength and stylish look. This deal can burn a hole in your pocket for an instance but the kennel will last as long as the generations of the dog keep using it i.e. for a lifetime.
We felt confident with the lightweight, durable construction of this aluminum crate. The latch is strong and with the lack of bars, reduces the space dogs utilize to chew and grab onto locks with persistent teeth. This crate doesn’t come with a removable pan or wheels, which can be a hindrance if you like to push it around the house or if your dog has accidents.
​An incredibly durable plastic crate style crate. However, instead of being made of plastic, its body is made of aluminum. This makes the crate extra durable without having to sacrifice on its weight.It is collapsible, escape-proof and designed with portability kept in mind.
Overall the Impact Case Collapsible Dog Crate is the best option on the market for anyone that needs a dog crate that will truly contain their mutt. Maybe you’ve tried other options in the past that have failed. If so, this is the product for you. Being airline approved and highly portable is also a huge bonus and that makes the higher price well worth the investment.
We know it’s on the upper end of the price scale, but it is 100% worth it. Between the incredible strength and convenience of the crate, it is truly ideal for any dog owner.
This USA-made crate from Impact Dog Crates is manufactured from high-grade aluminum material and sturdy welded rivet construction. The resulting product is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It is equipped with marine-grade locking hardware. The door may need to be made sturdier in future design improvements.
The Impact crate is an outstanding option for providing a safe spot for your dog while traveling or at home. It is made from durable yet lightweight aluminum and covered on the top and bottom, while allowing ample air flow and space to see out on the sides.
If you’re looking for something super sturdy, heavy-duty, and as secure as they come, then this Impact dog crate model is the perfect purchase. It’s strong, aluminum build won’t budge when your dog tries to chew its way out and it’s non-corrosive – even better!
Getting an Impact Dog Crate is one of the best ways in which you can protect your K9 from coming into harm.These crates work by withstanding major forces that it may be subjected to without passing the force on to your dog. It also doesn’t break or bend on impact and assures you that your dog is safely inside the crate no matter what goes on outside.
The Impact Stationary Dog Crate is a lightweight, yet remarkably strong crate made from a powder-coated aluminum panels and welded rivet construction. It requires user assembly and is expensive.
This is a crate that gets the job done for securely containing virtually all dogs. It’s also a must if you like to travel a lot on the road or by air. The Stationary model meets the more stringent IATA CR82 air travel requirements for fighting or dangerous dog breeds. It’s also lightweight for portability. The collapsible model is also great for space saving when not in use.