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✅ Pros

Remove unused apps.
Review Pros
No alteration of data on device.
iMyFone Umate very efficiently removes all the temp files from your phone.
The tool scans for your iOS device connected to your Windows PC and then asks you which files to recover from it.
iTunes/iCloud Backup and Device Recovery
Recover from iCloud Backup
The possibility to clear up iTunes to free up space
Manage and uninstall unneeded apps on your device to save storage. The software will select the apps that are not often used for your deletion.
Fast data transfer
Multiple modes of recovery
Restoring problems without the loss of data.
Once the iTunes or iCloud backup is scanned, it offers a preview menu of each item.
Two-Way Transference
Lossless photo compression and deletion to get extra space for your device. Your photos will be back up on your computer before compression and deletion. No worries for photos quality compromise.
Erase Deleted Files
Ease of use.
1-Click Free Up space
Erase All Data
Clean up temporarily files from iOS device.
100% secure and easy to use.
Recovers data from an iOS device, iTunes backup, or iCloud backup
Total backing of devices & documents
Advanced Mode is available as an alternative option to walk you through other possible fixes if the first two fail.
Available on Mac & Windows
Backup large files first and then delete them from internal storage of your iOS device.
The “1-click Free Up Space” option allows users to clean Junk Files, Temporary Files, compress photos, remove large files and remove apps.
Recover from iTunes Backup
iMyfone D-Back can even recover data directly from your device, even if your iPhone is giving you a blank screen, or appears to be caught in a loop.
Delete large files to get back your iPhone space. The software will automatically scan the large video or other large files for your deletion.
Variety file support
Restore your iOS device and it’s data back to it’s original working condition.
An easy-to-use yet surprisingly powerful cleanup and privacy tool.
You can choose to wipe only deleted files, to remove private data, clean up temporary and junk files, maybe free up hard drive space by compressing photos, removing large files, uninstalling unused apps, and more.
It does lossless photo compression.
Non-Purchases & Purchases
Four Recovery Modes for your different Recovery needs.
The app can also perform a full wipe of your device, which can come in very handy if you are selling your device.
Compress photos losslessly.
MyFone Umate lists all the apps along with the memory they’re occupying so you can decide which app is not worth the memory it occupies it and then delete it.
D-Back can access and recover the data stored on the device, and the developer claims it can even repair a failed iOS installation.
iMyFone Umate is capable of dealing with upto 30 types of junk files.
It can also Fix iOS System.
A free trial is available
Erase Private Data
Backup photos from iPhone and delete them to claim more space.
D-Back can scan either the iTunes backup or the iCloud backup, and recover the lost data they are shedding tears over.
Easily deleting files
The default operation doesn’t just delete and overwrite your data, for instance– it replaces it with junk files, ensuring snoopers won’t even realise the device has been wiped.
Fixes minor software issues with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod
Fix various iOS issues without data loss.
The ability to fix over a hundred common iTunes errors such as connection, restoration and installation problems that can occur with iTunes.
It can detect and eliminate the most varied system files that are no longer needed from the moment you uninstalled the applications you no longer use.
Fix iOS system with only 3 easy steps.
Effective iTunes library rebuild
Smart Recovery of data.
User-friendly interface
Trial version available
Clean hidden temporary files, 30+ junk files and cache to release tons of storage for your iPhone, iPad, iPod.
D-Back allows users to recover files from their iPhone, an iTunes backup, or an iCloud backup.

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❌ Cons

After having been assured by the developer that an update would resolve problems, performance did not improve with the update.
Release notes were unavailable when the listing was updated.
The process can be complicated for new users.
Limited features in trial version.
This program offers you a thirty-day free trial duration along with a full refund of the price in case the product does not meet your hopes. However, the catch is that the software does not provide for all its features which may let you properly test the efficiency of the application.
Not worth when you have no junk files.
The TunesMate software offers you a free trial. But you may have to give a fee if you need to use additional qualities from the free trial pack.
Same functions are present in Iphone which can be done manually and freely.
The trial version for 3.1 downloader is damaged and will not install.
Customer support team is not very friendly.
Trial version is just very very limited (You can go for paid version for better experience)
Sometime it fails to connect to ITunes.
How it accelerates the system is yest not known.
Many users face slow speed and lagging while cleaing.
Umate Pro is so effective that it requires some care when you are using it, as it may inadvertently allow the application to delete files that may still be needed.
It boasts to free space in GBs but does that only a part of that.
There are several free apps that do a better job.
All the functions can be done manually in Iphone.
The process takes a while to complete.
If no backup is made prior to cleaning, imporant files can’t be recovered.
Not completely free
One purchase for limited devices only.
An iTunes substitute must be simpler in its usage and quicker in performing its functions.
A lot of users have reported its slowness to perform function.
It takes a lot of space too.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
iMyFone Umate is a very easy to use iOS memory cleaner that helps you get rid of the useless files and frees up space on your iOS device.
The iMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery is a worth-buying tool and essential for every iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. We could be even able to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone on both sides (sent and Received). The software is available to buy from the developer’s official website, starting from $49.95.
iMyFone offers users a free trial of their Umate software that allows users to clean junk files once, remove one app, and compress their five latest photos. iMyFone also offers a Standard and Pro version of Umate for $29.95 and $49.95 respectively.
The feature set of the program is quite good and we do believe that the problem-solving part of the program works great. We are not so sure about the “acceleration” part of the program it’s feature. The cleaning part can be very handy if you need new fresh storage quickly or if the cache, for example, is causing issues.
iMyFone Umate is indeed a great cleaner app that not only works with your iPhone but supports iPad and iPod too. It lets you manage the storage space of your iOS device by giving you the full control over your device’s storage. Unlike other cleaning apps this software is much more convenient because it deeply scans your iPhone’s storage. You can also manage and compress photos losslessly and original photos backup is stored to your PC. If you are running out of storage on your iPhone then iMyFone Umate is our ultimate recommendation to you.
iMyFone Umate Pro is a cross-platform tool for securely wiping confidential details from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, ensuring no-one will be able to recover them later.iMyFone Umate Pro is extremely easy to use. At a minimum, you can connect your phone and leave the program to clean the device.
If you need to recover data from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, there are a few options including Apple’s own recovery tools. But an app like iMyFone D-Back for Mac makes it easy to see all of your available options and recover specific data from backups via iTunes, iCloud and the device itself even if you don’t know exactly where to look. With the click of a mouse from your Mac you’ll also be able to easily isolate only the data you want, making it easy to find things like photos, messages, and data from apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, WeChat and more.
iMyFone iOS System Recovery is designed for totally repairing iOS System without data loss,fix various iOS errors like stuck at Apple logo,black/white screen,recovery mode etc,.iMyFone iOS System Recovery empower to repair your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without data loss.Thanks to iMyFone iOS System Recovery,you can freely fix iOS system issues with only 3 steps,safely and effectively,it is extremely easy to use and no special instructions required.Almost all models of iOS devices are applicable to this wonderful recovery,like iPhone 7(Plus),iPhone 6S(Plus),iPhone 6(Plus),iPad and iPod touch
iMyFone TunesMate has all the features you need for an effective files transfer to your iPhone. The file transfer speed is good, and no glitches are found.
Through the iMyFone TunesMate app, it becomes incredibly easy for you to sync your iTunes from the iDevice to your PC and also recreate the disrupted libraries to work again and perform faster than before. Most importantly, the iMyFone TunesMate software is extremely intelligent and user-friendly at best. Shifting your documents through the two-way transfer, to and from your PC to the iOS device is as laid-back as selecting and dropping them instantaneously.
D-Back allows users to recover files from their iPhone, an iTunes backup, or an iCloud backup. Hopefully users are making a regular backup of their device, and if so, D-Back can scan either the iTunes backup or the iCloud backup, and recover the lost data they are shedding tears over.
iMyfone D-Back for Windows is an impressive tool and works as it should. It is easy to use and ensures that any and every data/system loss is fixed and restored. As it is a paid tool with different purchase options, think carefully considering the options available and your requirements. There’s also a Free trial if you want to experience it before purchasing.
One thing is for sure iMyFone Umate Pro, is Not Erased from our memory ! Its a really good piece of software, well designed and easy in use. For the millions of iPhone users applications like this are a must as there will be point in time you really NEED software like this to make sure your data is erased and identity theft is secured.
If you need to recover data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, iMyFone D-Back is a great choice. iMyFone D-Back is incredibly user-friendly — it keeps you on a narrow, focused track so you don’t get overwhelmed with all of your recovery options. At any point in the process, you’re only just a few clicks away from recovering your data.Furthermore, iMyFone D-Back completes scans very quickly
Myfone Umate iPhone cleaner provides 5 powerful features to free up iPhone space. It has the unique technique to clean up 30+ junk files, temporary files and large files, with this feature you can save plenty of storage space and refresh your iPhone. The lossless photo compression can reclaim up to 75% photo space. With more space you can store more pics or more apps on iPhone. Also you can use iMyfone Umate for Mac to preview how much space each app taking up and select which to remove.

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