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✅ Pros

It is 100% safe and legal.
Review Pros
The tunnel vision which results from psychotic will allow for a mind-muscle connection you may have not of felt before.
BioPerine is a solid ingredient for any kind of supplement.
Psychotic comes in 2 flavours.
Psychotic comes in four amazing flavor.
It is safe for human consumption.
The mental focus is fantastic.
Psychotic is $69.95 with 35 serves which come out to $1.99/$2.00 a serve.
It operates under the supervision of FDA registered facility.
Psychotic is made for the elite athlete.
They pack their supplement in a container.
It has good taste.
This is a very strong product.
It contains Creatine Monohydrate.
It delivers long lasting energy.
It delivers long-lasting energy without interruption in athletic performance and without caffeine jitters.
It has green tea extract.
It increase muscle size and strength.
It has Green tea extract that is an amino acid which can help to reduce fatigue.
It can increase endurance.
Insane Cutz is a weight loss supplement.
Its caffeine is a key pre-workout ingredient.
You will get 45 servings per container of Insane Cutz.
Its effect will last about a month and a half.
It helps to Increased Focus.
It provides unrivaled energy with tunnel vision focus.
It gives rapid results.
It increased energy.
It have agmatine sulfate.
Psychotic is $69.95 with 35 serves.
Digesting proteins cause your body to burn more calories than it would digest fat or carbohydrates.
This increases blood flow to fat tissue.
It has L-Tyrosine .
Psychotic Pre-Workout contains 9 ingredients overall.
The bonus 5 serves and dosage of key performance booster ingredients, make this product of great value.
The supplement is able to deliver users with a host of energy release benefits.
They use ingredients, which are clinically tested.
It found safe for human use.
There is no harmful side effects have been reported to date.
It have citrulline malate.
It has good flavor.
It is high energy pre-workout.
Hordenine is a compound that’s believed to promote fat loss.
Intense! Psychotic kicks in hard and fast and delivers very strong energy and mental focus.
It can help stimulate weight loss.
This is a very high energy hard-hitting stimulant.
Psychotic by Insane Labz is the most potent stimulant pre training powder.
Proven to be a powerful pre workout powder as it delivers desirable results to both men and women.
Psychotic Gold doesn’t contain creatine monohydrate.

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❌ Cons

This is not for the faint-hearted and or entry-level lifter.
It missing key pre-workout ingredients.
It is highly priced.
The ingredients used are not quantified.
It’s formulated much more as a pre workout than a fat burner.
Some individuals did not see desirable results as expected.
With it some People May Experience Anxiety.
It has too much Caffeine that can cause a lot of unwanted side-effects, such as the jitters and energy crashes.
It may cause skin rash.
It cuse side effects.
Lack of l-theanine and other nootropics may negatively affect anxiety prone individuals.
It is too expensive.
It is the reason of headaches, nausea.
It should not be used by beginners.
It cause fast heartbeat, anxiety.
The main side effect cuse by this product is Vomiting
It is one of the most expensive pre workout powders available.
There is high likelihood of sending you to the crapper.

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Review Summaries
Out of the 9 ingredients inside Psychotic Pre-Workout, 5 of them can cause side effects – this isn’t a good thing. Beta-Alanine can cause paresthesia (a tingling and itching sensation on your face and body). Caffeine is in a proprietary blend, so it might be in a dosage over 200mg per serving (which would cause jitters and energy crashes).
B-Alanine has been shown to enhance muscular endurance being able to perform 1 to 2 reps more when staying at an hypertrophy range (8 to 15 reps). It’s remarkable to say that it’s not Carnosyn Beta Alanine so it’s not the highest quality available.
Insane Labz Psychotic is a dietary supplement that is designed as a pre-workout powder. It comes in a package of a container and each contains 35 servings. It should be mixed with a beverage, preferably water before workout. It is recommendable, to begin with half serving so as to prepare the body for the product’s tolerance.
Psychotic Gold is a high-stimulant pre workout, and that’s it. Each serving is about 4 grams, and from the moment you take it until 6 hours later – you’re going to be feeling that caffeinated mix. If you’re always looking for MORE STIMS, then this pre workout should interest you.
Insane Labz is making its mark in the pre-workout category with its hard-hitting energy pre-workout supplement Psychotic.
Insane Labz Psychotic is available in a 6.5-ounce container, which delivers approximately 35 servings. Insane Labz manufacturers recommend mixing the product with water for the best taste, texture, and consistency.
Insane Labz Psychotic is without doubt one of the most potent pre-workouts on the Australian market today. Using a combination of proven performance boosters and trademarked ingredients this product delivers results you can feel. This is NOT for the faint-hearted and or entry-level lifter. Insane know how to deliver serious energy so if you’re looking for something you can feel, look no further.
Insane labz have formulated various products which suits one’s bodybuilding or fitness needs. They have a range of products which caters to the needs of strength building, fat burning, muscle gain, pre-workout supplements, etc. we have tried you give insight in the wide range of these miraculous dietary products.
This super muscle building, fat burning stimulant, is Insane Labz newest state of the art product, specifically designed for advanced users who want to reach their fitness goals fast and safe by taking just one capsule a day.
Psychotic by Insane Labz is an extremely powerful pre workout product that provides unrivaled energy with tunnel vision focus. It is unlike any other product available today. The secret to this remarkable energy (besides the use of high dose caffeine) is the addition of the exclusive AMPiberry compound.
BURN contains 290mg of Caffeine in three forms, and that may be too much for some people, especially as it’s delivered in one single serving rather than being spread out throughout the day.

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