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✅ Pros

It has solid battery life.
Review Pros
It has solid battery life with no overheating.
It is slim and relatively lightweight.
It has a large and beautiful touchscreen display.
It also offers InstaPano photos.
It allows endless creativity.
It offers excellent image stabilization.
It comes with excellent software features.
Insta360 offers excellent stabilization.
Modular system is flexible and versatile.
Robust desktop and mobile editing tools are also avaliable.
Easy AI editing modes are available.
You can find and download the app for iOS and Android.
I like the 4K single lens mode.
I like the upgraded custom settings like the ONE RS.
It has great, one-handed design.
It has great battery life.
It has great size and build quality.
It has waterproof design.
Insta360 software has gotten so polished with each new product’s release.
It is good in difficult lighting situations (for an action camera).
It is competitively priced.
It is easy to switch between 4K wide-angle and 360-degree mods.
Insta360 offers a clear waterproof case that could protect it from accidents.
It offers 18.4 megapixel photos.
It is now fully waterproof.
It allows 4K single-lens shooting.
It comes with functional color touchscreen display/viewfinder.
It is fun to use.
There is a big touch screen with straightforward interface.
The resulting footage really does look like it was professionally shot.
The App has most of the features you might find on a paid desktop program.
The new screen makes the camera easier to use.
We love the wealth of user-friendly features.
It has compact, sturdy and waterproof build.
It offers excellent colour and detail.
It comes with a well-designed app.
The touchscreen is responsive, even when wearing gloves.
The tasteful yet inconspicuous body of the device is made mostly out of sturdy plastic which means it’s very lightweight and convenient to carry around.
There is ‘MultiView’ mode for vloggers.
The One X2 can shoot up to 100 fps video at 3K resolution in 360 mode.
Extensive editing suite is available.
It has massively improved screen and UI.
Creative and fun modes are available.
Special effects and modes are available.
It offers better low-light performance.
Operating this camera is incredibly easy.
It has large rectangular touchscreen.
New sensor and lens yield much better 5.7K 360 video.
It is waterproof.
‘SteadyCam’ mode works like an action camera.
The One X2 is one of the only 360 cameras that can shoot HDR video.
It can be used as 4K, single-lens action cam.
Hands down the One X2 has the best stabilization of any camera I’ve ever used.
It has slim and waterproof build.
5.7K video is pretty high resolution for a 360 camera and results in decent quality footage if shot in the right lighting conditions.
It offers very good image quality.
It has a large and bright screen.
It offers 5.7K30 HDR video.
Loads of capture modes are available.
It has IPX8 waterproof rating.
We like the modular design.
1″-type sensor on an action camera is unique.
It allows more video tricks than ever.
It offers 72MP photos.

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❌ Cons

There are some pre-release bugs to iron out.
Loads of glass is asking to be scratched.
Video must be processed before editing.
There is a bit of a learning curve to grasp 360-degree editing.
Mobile editing app limits resolution.
It requires time-consuming editing.
It is not the best camera for still photos due to the stiff shutter button.
It has small display, but that’s what you get if you want a compact camera.
It has limited battery life.
We don’t like the additional cost of having to purchase three housings.
While the battery life of the One X2 certainly isn’t awful (particularly compared to other 360 cameras), there’s certainly room for improvement.
SD card slot is a little fiddly to access.
360 video isn’t a huge improvement on its predecessor.
It is expensive for consumer market.
Non-360 action cams offer superior quality.
It’s hard to ignore the number of people in Facebook groups complaining that their One X2 has broken after being used underwater.
It requires recent phones.
There is relatively small upgrade over the X2.
It is slightly annoying that videos taken with the 360 mod need to be converted in the app to a more usable format.
You must take camera apart to get Micro SD card out.
Any 5.7K 360 footage is still only 1080p when cropping to flat formats.
Menu system is difficult to navigate quickly.
The content is not as sharp and detailed as others.
Audio quality isn’t any better than a regular action camera, although it records in stereo now.
It is overkill for most users.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Insta360 offers an extensive lineup of 360 cameras, yet the X3 still manages to stand out with clear advantages and its own niche. It’s a major upgrade over its predecessor and offers great value for money. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a ton of fun to use, as well as an incredibly versatile tool, thanks to its extensive range of shooting modes and options. As a compact and waterproof all-in-one package, the X3 is easy to carry with you and quick to pull out and start filming.
The Insta360 X3 is undoubtedly one of the best 360 cameras on the market today. From usability to image quality, it’s the complete package. If you’re new to 360 cameras, it’s an obvious frontrunner, but if you already own an Insta360 One X2, you might not feel the urgency to upgrade.
The Insta360 One X2 is a seriously impressive 360-degree camera that will exceed the expectations of anyone trying to do something new and expansive-looking without the need for drones and a camera crew. Packed with special effects modes and clever AI editing, it can turn the most basic of videos into a cinematic experience.
The One X2 delivers solid quality content with good resolution and color. There are several videos online showing off various Shot Lab features that are present through the AI capability of the camera so I recommend you discover everything the camera can do for you.
Overall I think the strengths of this camera outweigh the downsides. If you are willing to learn the proper editing techniques (you can use the many tutorial in the app), you can get some really creative shots with this camera. Don’t let anyone tell you this is a perfect device because the issues are enough to be noticeable, but at the end of the day this is still the camera i pick up when I want to get the best shots in 360.
Boiling it down, the new Insta360 X3 feels practically the same as the X2. It has a new screen that brings the experience up a notch, a new sensor, and a few new software upgrades. It’s been a winning formula for Insta360, and I don’t think you’ll find anything much better than the X3 for the money.
A seriously impressive action camera that uses its 360º lenses not only for virtual reality, but for a plethora of creative editing modes for widescreen videos, the One X2 consistently produces exquisite videos and photos. It takes time and patience to master, and its processing-intensive app demands the latest phones, but for filmmakers wanting to try something different the One X2 cannot be ignored.
The Insta360 ONE R breaks the mold when it comes to 360 cameras and we think it gives the GoPro a run for its money when it comes to the best action camera on the market. There are plenty of pluses to this resilient and versatile camera, and we think it’s a great pick for divers who also like to explore on land.
360-degree video content is trending rapidly and is the future of entertainment. With the best-in-class image quality and the myriad of unique features, the Insta360 One X might be the GoPro killer you are looking to bring along for your next adventure.
Not only does it feel far more powerful in my hand, but Insta360 software has gotten so polished with each new product’s release. And by putting a larger sensor in a camera that has not only gained significant popularity but also, for the most part, has been limited to a smaller size, it signals that the competition in the consumer 360 market is about to get a lot more exciting.
This slim spherical shooter offers better image quality, and even doubles as an action cam.
The One X2 is a promising 360-degree camera that addresses most of our criticisms of its predecessor. It’s now waterproof to 10 meters, has a new display and houses a larger battery. The huge range of shooting modes and effects also make it fun, versatile and ideal for social media video. If Insta360 manages to iron out the pre-release bugs, the One X2 could be one of the best options in its relatively niche field.
If you can get past the clumsiness of the Insta360 One R’s user interface and menu system, it’s a versatile tool for content creators. The build quality is generally good, but we wish the microSD card slot’s door had been sturdier. Swapping out camera modules was easy to do.
The Insta360 X3 uses two ultra-wide lenses to capture the entire world around it, and includes software to make 360-degree video more exciting.
If you already own an X2 already (or a One RS), we don’t think the improvements here are worth the costly upgrade. But for anyone looking to take their first steps into 360 imaging? The Insta360 X3 is a fantastic buy. It’s compact, rugged (to a point), waterproof and tackles a wide range of photo and video styles with aplomb and user-friendliness. Image quality is solid all-round too, making it a great gateway into making shareable, eye-catching content.

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