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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

Instamojo is ideal for freelancers and online merchants because you can send and receive payments with a single link.
Review Pros
If you refund the money to your customer, you are not charged anything additional.
They support Debit cards Credit Cards, and Net-banking as payment Mode.
They charge very little transaction fees on your purchase which is less than 5%.
You can set separate commission for individual affiliates of yours.
You can request payment instantly via Email & SMS.
If you don’t want to burden your readers or customers by money, you can ask them to pay via social share.
You can sell digital/physical goods, tickets and more on your store.
There is no joining fee.
It allows you to track buyer demographics and other details which help in better focusing on audience and region.
You can collect payments on WhatsApp, Instagram, FB and more.
Instamojo API is available for Woocommerce/Wordpress, OpenCart, CS-Cart, Prestashop, Magento, and Drupal.
GUI for analytics is very intuitive, even Google Analytics integration is enabled.
Instamojo’s interface is quite intuitive that ensures even a novice cannot go wrong.
You can get weekly performance report on email.
The InstaMojo links are very SEO friendly and it does not affect Google rankings.
They process the payouts everyday from Monday to Friday through NEFT transfers.
It offers your clients the option to pay with credit/debit card or netbanking.
You do not need to pay any upfront to start collecting credit card and net banking payments.
Instamojo.com also offers great set of tools to track the success of your product or service.
It accepts all major modes of payments like Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking.
It offers iIntegration with sms and social media or app.
Fraud protection is provided.
It accepts all modes of payments like credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc.
With Instamojo, anyone can quickly create a payment link and share it on their website, social media, email etc.
With Instamojo, a user will also get cool analytics; simple buttons where they can find the functions and other options and the best part is its simple layout, which is self-explanatory.
To do Business online you do not need a website. One may host digital products like eBooks, scripts on Instamojo servers without worrying.
The entire process from sign up to creating payment link is very easy.
They have extremely friendly and prompt online support to clear your queries.
They charge the lowest fee by any online mobile wallet or payment gateway in India.
They allow creating beautiful CTA buttons on your website/blogs.
Payment processing is done with just a single link.
You can use Instamojo API for different language like PHP, Ruby, and Python.
SocialPay is enabled for Facebook update, a tweet or a Linkedin post.
Signing up is easy and you do not need your PAN number and Bank account details to receive payments up to Rs 10,000.
The dashboard gives you complete status of Total transactions that have happened, payouts done total earnings, total products sold etc.
Transaction failure is prevented.
For a blogger or freelance writer, this is no less than a novel idea.
Real-time sales reporting is provided.
There are no upfront fees, no cost to create a payment link and no cost to use their cool features.
You can request payments through email and SMS also.
There is also a feature to directly mail your customers directly from your Dashboard.
Coding skills are not required.
Plugins for WooCommerece/Wordpress, CS-cart, Prestashop, Open cart, Drupal, Magento, are available.
Instamojo allows you to track buyer demographics and other details that will help you to focus on the regions and type of customers that pay you the most or bring more business.
One can receive net banking, credit card or debit card payments.
It is easy to setup. You can sign up and get started within a day.
You can either buy or sell your digital products and physical products online.

❌ Cons

Instamojo charges a flat 5% of your sales as its service fees.
Job security is missing.
Instamojo processes payments only in Indian Rupees.
It’s limited in terms of features when compared to other payment gateways.
1.9% commission is slightly higher than some of the other payment gateways.
Flat fee of 1.9% is deducted from payments received by you.
InstaMojo only accepts payment in only one currency and that is Indian Rupees.
There is no transparency.
This service is available only in India.
The fees for digital products are flat 5% which is more than other payment gateways.
There is no wallet support unlike Mobikwi, Paytm etc.
Then InstaMojo does not offer PayPal as a mode of payment.
To avail their service a user need to have an Indian Bank account.
Instamojo.com charges a flat 5% fee on your transactions.
Instamojo is a fairly new company.
If you are selling some products online then you can receive payments every Friday directly to your bank.
They charge their customers 1.9 % on the incoming transaction as their fees.
There is no fund raised.
It only supports Indian banks and INR currency.
If your customers are living outside India then you might have a problem losing a big customer base.
To accept payments beyond Rs 10,000 you will need to provide a scanned copy of you PAN Number and Bank statements or the scan of your Cheque Book cover.
In account creation process you will also need connect your savings or current bank account to Instamojo.com.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Instamojo is a Mumbai-based startup that has come up with a payment solution built in India for Indians. With Instamojo, anyone can quickly create a payment link and share it on their website, social media, email etc. One can receive net banking, credit card or debit card payments.
Instamojo is the one and only payment processing network of its kind. If you are looking forward for sell something online then without any question get started with Instamojo. As of now this service is available only in India and in future you might expect their expansion globally to receive payments globally.
InstaMojo is one of the largest on-demand payments and e-commerce platform available in India. It gives the best solution for the entrepreneurs or freelancers for providing payment gateways. This payment gateway service offers unique and powerful tools for online stores and much more.
Instamojo is ideal for freelancers and online merchants because you can send and receive payments with a single link. To receive a payment instantly, all you have to do sign up and provide your bank account details. Once that is completed you need to generate a link which can be emailed or smsed to your client who can then process the payment by clicking on it.
Instamojo is the best free to set-up payment gateway with plenty of useful features. Account can be setup easily without any physical paper versification and you can start collecting payments from your customers online instantly.
They make money, only when a customer makes money. A user has to pay a small transaction fee only when they make any sale or receive money. There are no upfront fees, no cost to create a payment link and no cost to use their cool features.
Instamojo is great for anyone and everyone who want to collect payments on the web – and their USP is the simplicity with which they enable it. They do not have any setup fees and activation of account is simple and fast. Anyone can get up and running less than a few hours.
Instamojo is a web based application that allows merchants and businesses to sell their products & collect money through this particular application. It has more advantages over few shortcomings. If you are an Indian entrepreneur then go for it.
Instamojo is essentially an Indian payment gateway for e-commerce. A web app that simplifies the process of buying and selling goods with the access to an integrated payment method for the business, be it small or big.
Instamojo allows anyone to sells digital or physical goods and collects payments online. Instamojo offers online payment gateway solution for individuals and businesses. As per Instamojo currently they are serving more than 250,000+ individuals and businesses across India for digital payment collection and over 2.2 million people have made transactions.