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✅ Pros

It is easy to handle.
Review Pros
It is automatic.
There are no splatters on the stove.
There are presets for those that are nervous about not knowing about cook times.
The Instant Pot is a single piece of kit.
There are multiple size options. 3 quart, 6 quart, and 8 quart..
It is time saving.
It makes many dishes reliably.
The Instant Pot has largely replaced our slow-cooker.
It is super reliable.
The pot is of stainless.
It has ideal price.
It’s smaller so easier to store although I know some people think even the IP is too big!
It creates less mess.
It is electric machine.
It is easy to clean.
It has touch screen.
There is lot of recipes available online.
It is most effect cooker.
You can leave the Instant Pot and walk away after starting the cooking.
It is energy effecient.
The industrial grade stainless steel means years of service and exterior integrity.
It is easy to use.
Most dishes can be cooked in one pot making the cleanup super easy.
It is electric instrument.
It has automatic pressure release valve.
There is safety features and certifications reassure even skittish cooks.
Its programming features are efficient, reliable and easy.
There is no need to buy more utensils.
The Max’s purported 15 PSI capabilities had no effect on cook times.
The Instant Pot is much safer.
It has great safety features.
It perform several cooking functions.
It is versatile.
The cooking time is reduced and much more efficient.
This is excellent for everyday use.
It speeds up the cooking time of cheaper ingredients.
Instant Pot offers a one-year warranty on its appliances.
It has the ability to slow cook too so again, if you need space and don’t want two.
There is 3-ply bottom stainless steel instapot ensures consistent cooking from start to finish.
It has compact size.
It taste like natural cooking.

❌ Cons

This pot may not deliver the “instant” meals you anticipate.
It has certain lid problems.
It cooks slow.
It’s not easy to check on your recipes.
This 8-quart Instapot hogs cabinet or counter-top space.
The rubber seal keeps cooking smells.
It might be hard for users to adapt their own recipes.
They do cook slightly.
It is not intuitive.
If you want an air fryer or dehydrator, the Instant Pot doesn’t have that.
Pricier than the priciest Instant Pot.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
It is a single kitchen appliance that does the work of seven kitchen gadgets, including a rice-cooker, yogurt-maker, steamer and pressure cooker.
The Instant Pot is a beloved and affordable device that lets you cook all kinds of things. Just don’t get carried away and think it can replace an entire kitchen – though it may replace your oven when it’s too hot to cook.
The slim body design features lid holders for both left- and right-handed users, so you might say that this is an equal-opportunity appliance.
They have risen to significant fame over the last many years. These pots are used in restaurant kitchens and home kitchens by in large.
An Instant Pot Duo is an electric pressure cooker that can slow cook, too. It also has a sauté function so you can brown your ingredients in it before starting the cooking process or bubble off liquid at the end.
The Instant Pot Max promises more than any of its predecessors — more replaced appliances, more power, more technology, more room for creativity.
If you’re looking for more than a pressure cooker then the IP definitely doesn’t do it for you. Price; you can always seem to find it on sale on Amazon for like $89.99 or similar; especially during flash deals and Black Friday.
Instant Pot could be your one-stop shop for dinner. By having options like sauté in addition to pressure cooking, one-pot meals become super easy .
The Instant Pot uses an electrical power plug so you save space on the stove. There are lots of timing features, such as delayed cooking, keeping warm after the cooking etc that you can play with. This means that you don’t have to keep an ear out for any specific number of whistles or worry about the food burning.

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