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✅ Pros

A full upgrade path is available from shared web hosting all the way to dedicated servers.
Review Pros
InterServer limits the number of new customers to 100 a day.
InterServer also has a price lock guarantee.
No matter your hosting needs, InterServer has got you covered.
You could host your site with InterServer no matter how large your business grows.
They offers unlimited resources.
InterServer has pretty much everything for everyone.
Interserver independently owned datacenter and NO contracts.
All InterServer plans are paid on a monthly basis.
Interserver VPS reviews tend to be very positive.
30 days money back guarantee is offered.
InterServer offers a fixed pricing model.
Free SSL certificate is offered.
It includes 30-day money back.
It gives free Website Migration.
It gives scalable VPS hosting plans.
We love the up-front pricing so visitors know exactly what they will pay without having to go through the checkout process.
Quick Servers are dedicated servers with a 20-minute setup time that have the full resources of a dedicated server.
It includes unlimited storage, sites, and email.
It provices 100% in-house customer supports.
It is fastest budget hosting and TTFB below 220ms.
They give 20% discount for TemplateMonster.
They give same price guaranteed for life.
VPS hosting plans and dedicated servers come with some free server management services.
It has excellent server performance with average hosting uptime above 99.97%.
It includes free data migration, no setup fees, 24/7 uptime monitoring, and managed support.
InterServer offers a range of plans.
They offer some uncommon incentives.
Interserver has price lock guarantee for shared and VPS hosting.
They do offer a $1.99 domain registration.
InterServer provides unlimited SSL certificates for all your hosted domains for free.
InterServer offers cPanel for Linux hosting and Plesk for Windows hosting.
InterServer promises a 99.5% uptime guarantee, backed up by its SLA.
They give LiteSpeed web server and cloudflare CDN.
It has 50% server capacity.
InterServer offers a 99.5% uptime guarantee.
There is no long-term contracts or exit fees.
There is also a newer version of the ASP.NET framework known as ASP.NET MVC which is also popular among developers.
They also offer free site migration.
They provides SSL certificates included free.
Some of their hosts offer free SSL certificates.
The company offers 24/7 online support through email tickets, live chat or phone.
It inclued price lock guarantee.
InterServer claims never to overload the servers.
Customers can choose between Linux and Windows OS not only on VPS and Dedicated plans.
They offers free website migration from experts.
InterServer offers 24/7 technical support that can be reached via the InterServer Live Chat.
They excellent customer support.
Over the years InterServer has been providing hosting service from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies.
InterServer’s datacenter is equipped with the necessary tools in order to provide 100% power uptime and 99.5% network uptime guarantee.
you can move within a plan.
InterServer guarantees an uptime of 99.9% in a given month.
It has an easy control panel.
They give free sites migration for new customers.
it give guar. email delivery.
It provides excellent online support articles.
InterServer has a unique feature which they call slices.
In this server Price Lock Guarantee: fair, transparent pricing which is guaranteed not to increase.
Interserver provides affordable packages.
They have fastest support.

❌ Cons

InterServer does come with its limitations.
They give no uptime guarantee on Web hosting plans.
In interserver, one-click add-ons can get pricey ($5/month).
InterServer, on the other hand, doesn’t offer any free domain.
The customer support section of their site leaves a lot to be desired.
InterServer does not allocate huge marketing budgets as most other web hosts do.
Interserver customers will pay a bit of a premium for shared hosting.
there’s only one shared hosting account (priced at $5/month), and even if you want to host only one domain, you’ve to pay the same.
There also appears to be drawbacks with using servers below capacity.
No lightweight entry-level shared hosting packages on interserver.
Windows servers are not provided with a control panel.
Its VPS hosting not for newbies / non-techies.
It is only for local business.
They offer a subtle set of hosting plans.
They mention a cloud solution, however, we couldn’t find any details on how this is setup.
It is primarily a VPS host.
Its unlimited hosting is limited by other terms.
Interserver may not include extras that other providers might.
InterServer doesn’t offer a free domain as a signup incentive.
It is more of a business host.
Servers can go as low as 1 GB of memory, 250 GB of storage.
It is good for small-medium website.
Although the company offer 30-Day money back guarantee, this does not apply to all plans.
Content delivery network is a must if your website receives traffic from all over the world.
Their certificates will usually cost you extra cash.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
With excellent features and a rarely-found price lock guarantee, InterServer is a rock-solid web hosting provider you can stay with for the long haul. Take note that they aren’t well-suited to beginners, however, as they’ve got few beginner-friendly features and their VPS solutions are only semi-managed.
InterServer is a solid provider of web hosting services that are capable of powering websites both large and small. With its robust web hosting options, all backed by top-notch customer service.
Intserver provides Cpanel on Linux plans. It is a paid add-on with VPS packages and you need use the right Linux distribution. The host also offers Directadmin. However, Windows servers are not provided with a control panel.
Interserver’s innovative approach to how they run their business has paid off so far. By self-limiting their growth, the company has managed to keep their customers’ website performance consistent and reliable.
InterServer offers almost every feature that an ideal web host should have. From high quality hosting to affordable prices, and from great customer to lots of freebies, they’ve got it all covered.
Their web hosting also offers cPanel, a script installation service (over 275 scripts including WordPress), a 30 day money back guarantee and free site migration.
InterServer offers a wide range of hosting plans, from Linux and Windows shared hosting through reseller hosting to VPS, Cloud and Dedicated servers.
InterServer has proved itself as the industry’s best Uptime Provider with a 99.99% guarantee and every testimonial on their site applauds this point.
InterServer boasts some brilliant features, however breaking down some of the below can act as an important reminder before committing to a package.
InterServer hosting is all about Quality. It may not have an easy to navigate website, but I’m sure you’ll love the dedication of support team, the speed of the servers, and more.
InterServer does not bring any new products to the table, they are worth a look for their very inexpensive cloud VPS plans as well as fully-featured low cost web hosting, both of which employ quite a bit of proprietary technology.
InterServer is less mainstream but it’s hard to look past them once you get to know the company. The web host is a great bargain (life long rate $5/mo), highly scalable; and the server performance is superb.
InterServer is a refreshing, independent hosting option built on modern infrastructure that is assembled, deployed, and supported at the datacenter housed in company headquarters in New Jersey
InterServer offers various hosting plans, including a standard plan, similar to many other shared hosting options available. This plan includes unlimited storage, data transfer, and email.
InterServer’s strengths include offering full-featured packages at a variety of very affordable price points. These are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, monthly contracts so that you can leave if your needs ever change, and excellent customer support.