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✅ Pros

It lets users easily share their content to their social media pages with share buttons.
Review Pros
You’ll get a top performing real estate web design that was created with converting qualified leads in mind.
Built-in SEO tools help you to improve your rankings with search engines.
All the forms have the ability to automatically email the lead letting them know you received their info.
All you need to get started with Carrot is a custom domain name.
It allows users to easily track their SEO keyword rankings and view them straight in the InvestorCarrot dashboard.
It has the ability to connect all of your social media accounts with the InvestorCarrot website.
For the email marketing integrations, they will not charge you any extra charge.
The sites are also mobile responsive, which means they’ll always look good on any device.
They use the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin which is widely considered to be one of the best.
They are run by real estate investors, so they understand what is needed in our business.
No matter which plan you purchase, money back guarantee will be available for that.
Responsive design and property listing design are the other important features of those sites.
All the lead generation tools are also included with each of the packs.
They know how to construct sites that draw in buyers.
In addition to all the tutorials, they hold weekly training webinars for members.
Outstanding support and demo from the team helps you along with your journey of setting up and implementing your new tools correctly.
It enables each webpage to rank in Google and Bing with helpful suggestions and easy editing abilities for on-page SEO best practices.
They have professionally written blog posts that are SEO optimized for your target location just waiting for you.
Carrot is WordPress based, so the backend of your site will look familiar and everything can be accessed within a few clicks.
There is large amount of information and options to choose from when creating a website.
It includes built-in analytics and tools that enable users to see which pages of their website are producing the most results.
​All websites are mobile responsive.
There is a purpose for everything that they include.
It’s also very easy to integrate an Investor Carrot website with your existing social media accounts and list building services.
The Investor Carrot from OnCarrot will offer you complete professional looking website. But you can also customize that by adding or removing more contents.
It offers easy to manage leads, autoresponders and analytics.
It lets users easily determine which campaigns are producing the most results.
It offers easy integration with all major email services.
You can get access to a platform that makes it easy to drive traffic and track where your leads are coming from.
They have excellent customer service and support.
Their content marketing articles are a good start.
You can just focus on your content and promotion.
They offer instant full featured website.
Investor Carrot has made it pretty easy to create websites that look professional WITHOUT wasting a lot of your time in the process.
Investor Carrot offers campaign tracking and plenty of statistics so you know what pages are doing well.
Investor Carrot is built upon WordPress which makes it a cinch to manage.
They have a quality theme that is highly optimized to generate leads.
Tons of additional training & education is available.
It easily integrates with my social media pages.
They have extensive experience in search engine optimization, and they have a report on 52 SEO search terms that are important to real estate investors.
You can quickly create and customize submission forms.
Investor Carrot has a ton of great training to help you grow your investor website.

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❌ Cons

You need to upgrade to their top tier service to get better articles.
You cannot change your theme, plugins, etc.
Not every market, nor every website will have a consistent flood of leads.
The user dashboard is a bit busier than you would expect.
There is chance of duplication.
All Investor Carrot websites look similar.
You need to invest time and effort to ensure that your websites are 100% optimized.
You don’t have control over website host.
Investor Carrot isn’t the cheapest long-term option on the market today.
It makes it slightly more cumbersome to zero in on the specific features you want to add, remove or change.
If you need a cheap website then don’t use Carrot.
They obviously don’t custom create your site and write unique content just for you.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
This platform is easy to use and the websites created are effective in getting potential leads. You need to invest time and effort to ensure that your websites are 100% optimized.
Investor Carrot is lead generation website hosting service primarily for real estate investors and wholesalers. Their entire model is designed around removing the technical aspects of your real estate website and making it so you can focus on following up with leads. The free SEO articles are a bit low quality and could use some improvements.
If you are looking for a simple, easy to use real estate investor website that generates leads on a consistent basis, then OnCarrot is a great option. They are considerably less expensive than the other real estate investor website providers out there right now.
Investor Carrot could be the most ideal way to go. But it isn’t the cheapest long-term option on the market today, so if the cost is a concern for you – and if you have any experience building or designing websites, you may be better suited to create your own WordPress site through a less expensive service like Bluehost.
Investor Carrot is a website solution for real estate investors. These websites aren’t just company websites about your “We Buy Houses” business. They are lead generating websites that pull in cash buyers and motivated sellers. This is a form of Inbound Lead Generation.
With there extensive experience in real estate investing, they know how to construct sites that draw in buyers to provide their contact information and see your available properties, attract sellers who want to sell their property to your company/organization, offer credibility to private money investors, and work with other real estate professionals to grow your business.
To maintain the lead generation system, Investor Carrot provides some effective terms. It is able to convert the users into the leads and this system is very supportive for growing up any business firm. Then, the property listing system can be managed here through the process of organizing, listing and the marking system.
InvestorCarrot is an online software platform. It is designed to provide a website, support and lead generation tools for real estate investors. Outstanding support and demo from the team helps you along with your journey of setting up and implementing your new tools correctly.
It’s hard to ignore how many search results have InvestorCarrot websites ranking number #1. If it works then it works. Instead of worrying if people in your market have a site that looks like yours, worry about what information, tools, and features they have access to that you wouldn’t by not signing up for InvestorCarrot.

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