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✅ Pros

The device communicates with your phone via Bluetooth.
Review Pros
You’ll be given a year’s warranty once you purchase InvisaWear.
The Invisawear Smart Jewellery also has a male version.
The brand also offers a premium subscription at $20 a month where you get 24/7 access to trained ADT agents who will stay with you on the line anytime you feel unsafe.
It connects via Bluetooth and doesn’t require charging thanks to a cell battery.
The chain that holds the technology is very tiny and is encased by 14 karat gold or silver plated charm that snaps securely to hold the components together, making it appear real.
The jewelry also works with a free phone app, which allows you to enable an optional feature that instantly notifies 9-1-1 dispatchers of your location during an emergency.
Invisawear jewelry is lightweight and plated in either 14k gold or rhodium.
There are positive Invisawear Reviews available from the customers.
The battery life is guaranteed to last one year.
There’s no monthly fee.
It uses Bluetooth Low Energy and works with a free app that you install on your phone.
The Bluetooth feature of InvisaWear makes it very easy for you to connect it with your smart devices.
The shipping is free in the U.S.
The webstore has the right presence available on social media.
These dainty, discreet necklaces and bracelets look like any other piece of modern jewelry.
30 day satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll love it, or your money back.
The coin cell battery will last for one year, so users don’t have to worry about charging another device.
When you press it twice, it sends out a distress call in the form of a text message to your emergency contacts.
It is super easy to set up and use.
When you double press the back side of the charm, it instantly sends a text message with your GPS location to five people to let them know you need help.
It doesn’t need charging.
It uses ADT technology.
This necklace could save your life.
This smart Jewel from Invisa wear is attractive, stylish and it fits into our daily lives.
Invisawear accessories are ideal for everyday wear.
A quick double press, usually within 3 seconds, will activate an alert, so users don’t have to worry about accidentally pressing it.
The battery life is guaranteed to last up-to one year, but can last close to two years depending on the usage.
The device has a battery life that can last for a year.
The battery has a life of at least one year.
The webshop is selling on the web for the last four years and is trustworthy among users.
InvisaWear has a durable battery life that can last for one complete year of constant usage without being charged.
You don’t need to worry that the device will break in the rain.
The brand currently offers a wide selection of bracelet, necklace, and keychain designs.
I like the occasional peace of mind it brings.
It’s free to use.
The app is well-designed.
It gives fast, subtle access to emergency contacts.
You’ll look more secured and won’t have any reason to panic when you’re alone.
The Jewel has a Bluetooth feature that works with a companion app.
In test mode, you can quickly check if the device is working by sending out test notifications to your emergency contacts.
Their minimal metallic charms communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
InvisaWear looks pretty good as a panic button.
Once the battery dies, you can replace it for a discounted price.
The Invisawear has a Bluetooth chip that connects to your phone.
The simple setup allows you to choose up to five people that you’ll like to notify.
It’s a discreet SOS device.
Returns are acceptable.
The battery lasts 1-2 years.
It allows the device to connect to a smartphone within 30 feet. .
Its battery lasts up to a year without charging.
It will provide you with protection when you are out on your own.
There are no monitoring fees to pay with this product.
The design is modular.
The jewelry is very pretty and well-made.
It has stylish camouflage design.
It automatically alerts your emergency contacts.
You can press twice to alert up to five preselected contacts and directly call 9-1-1.
Its simplicity enables it to operate up to 2 years.
Invisawear offer a very generous discount when you buy a replacement product.

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❌ Cons

They need to make a waterproof version.
This style and safety come at a steep price. Expect to pay at least $100 for jewelry like this.
The style is very feminine and may not appeal to all fashion senses.
The webstore has no contact address available for customers.
I think there’s hardly any jewelry design at all.
The charm is bulky.
It is not waterproof.
For it to work, you will need to be within a certain distance from your phone.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
This smart Jewel from Invisa wear is attractive, stylish and it fits into our daily lives. It is compatible with Android version 4.4+ and IPhone with iOS 9.0+ You never have to feel unsafe again with Invisa Smart Jewellery.
It is smart jewelry that allows you to send your location to your loved ones and emergency dispatchers in cases of danger. The pendant contains the device which you need to double press to send a text message to your pre-allocated emergency contacts. The pendant can be worn in different ways that would suit your style. Wear it as a necklace, bracelet, choker or keychain.
Invisawear smart jewelry is a great looking product. They offer well-designed jewelries, and more importantly, with maximum protection.They’ve integrated the products with technology which raises alarm and creates immediate awareness in case you find yourself in an unsecured environment.
Overall, invisaWear is worth every penny. Having security and peace of mind is priceless. I think it’s incredible that this is a free service after you purchase your invisaWear charm. It really makes it accessible to so many women.
It is a lot more discreet compared to panic buttons that look like a garage door remote. But with the size of a quarter (give or take) and the in-your-face invisaWear logo, it’s attention-grabbing and surprisingly non-discreet. What that means is when you’re wearing it, it will become a central part of your outfit.
These dainty, discreet necklaces and bracelets look like any other piece of modern jewelry, but they actually go to work for you during an emergency.
For a wearable safety device, the Invisawear necklace is both fashionable and effective.
Overall, then, Invisawear Smart Jewelry gets a positive review from us. It’s a stylish, smart panic button that you will want to wear. There aren’t too many personal safety products that you can say that about!
Personally, I wouldn’t wear the invisaWear charm every day. But, given that crowded concerts and theaters fill me with deep anxiety, I can see myself slipping this on whenever I have to go to a huge public event. Of course, I hope one day I won’t need to even entertain a device like this at all. In the meantime, I like the occasional peace of mind it brings. To me, that’s priceless.
InvisaWear is attractive and smart jewelry which allows you to instantly alert friends, family, and police during an emergency. The charm containing the technology is small, stylish, and can be worn in a variety of ways (a necklace, bracelet, choker, or keychain). You can even clip it to your bag or purse, or wear it with any major brand of jewelry.
After completing the analysis of the webstore that sells smart jewelry, we found it to be a reliable e-store. There is enough feedback available on the internet that points towards its legitimacy and trustworthiness. People are satisfied with their products and suggest others, too, for buying the jewelry.
Invisawear is a discreet and fashionable way to send an SOS. Unlike other safety devices that are too bulky or display an obvious “panic button,” Invisawear accessories are ideal for everyday wear—in fact, we bet you can’t tell a difference between it and regular jewelry.

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