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✅ Pros

It tracks well in the water.
Review Pros
The iRocker is a versatile board that tackles open water and creeks with ease.
It is built with four layers of ultra-durable PVC.
D-rings can be used to mount an optional iROCKER kayak seat.
iRocker’s customer support is superb. They back their boards with a 30-day money back guarantee and 2-year warranty.
The center fin is very easy to attach and clips easily into place.
It has super affordable price point.
The board comes along with a number of free accessories.
The air pump has the pressure gauge built in.
The dual action pump inflates the SUP both on the upstroke and the downstroke.
Reinforced construction using the strongest board materials makes this board extremely rigid and sturdy and incredibly durable.
It is beginner friendly.
It is best suited for ndividuals experimenting with paddling in various conditions.
It takes ~10 minutes to inflate.
It was delivered on time and in good condition.
It has a large front bungee section for securing your equipment.
Side fins are removable.
A backpack carry bag is included in the package and stores the board when not in use or when carrying to and from the water.
The iRocker performed well in packability, with a well-designed backpack included.
The iRocker is generally a familiar and trusted name in the industry which is why this board comes with a 2 year long warranty and that’s not bad at all.
2-year warranty provides peace of mind.
It comes with good warranty.
30-day money back guarantee is offered.
The fiberglass paddle weighs less than regular cheap aluminum SUP paddle.
It has a reasonable price.
It has durable stainless steel D-rings.
The large center fin is removable and it securely attaches using a convenient lever lock system.
The iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′ has a high-quality Halkey Roberts-style inflation valve.
It has comfier deck-pad than 2018.
With a slight nose rocker, this enables the board to ride over the wave rather than digging into it.
The iRocker is 11’ which makes it stronger and steady and that’s great for beginners who wish to enjoy their paddle boarding experience instead of struggling to stay on top of the board.
iROCKER backs all of their inflatable SUPs with a 2-year warranty.
The subdued palette is quite stylish and will suit a more classic taste.
The carrying bag comes in the form of a comfortable backpack.
It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
It comes with a backpack.
It has a beautifully designed premium EVA foam deck pad.
It comes in 4 colours to help in your choice.
The paddle and leash are now color-coded to the board.
It is affordable.
The reduced size can be enjoyed by riders of all sizes who want to experience the advantages of a small board.
All accessories are included.
The center carry handle has a nice rubber grip on it making it comfortable and easy to carry.
The board is easy to use and tracks very well in the water.
The price of the iRocker SUP Cruiser is very competitive considering the high quality of material used and the number of accessories that they provide along with the Cruiser.
iROCKER throws in a 30-day money back guarantee to make absolutely certain that you’re 100% satisfied with your board.
It has a capacity to carry up to 350 pounds which are more than enough for even the biggest and heaviest paddle boarder.
The board comes with an impeccable kit which will make maintaining your board a lot easier than you would expect.
The triple layer construction makes the material strong and durable.
We liked the width of this board, feeling it to be a good compromise of speed and stability.
The aluminum paddle has an ergonomic design with obvious quality and can extend from 63” to 85”.
The triple-layer material is rigid.
The extra wide 34” width provides excellent stability while the overall design ensures this isn’t at the expense of performance.
This is one of the most stable paddleboards in the market today.
It has bombproof quad-layer PVC construction.
It has reduced inflating time.
It comes with high-quality accessories.
The pump has a very clear warning label saying that the pressure gauge won’t even start to register until the board reaches 7PSI.
It has an excellent customer service.
This board is versatile enough to be an all-rounder.
It comes with great quality accessories.
There are 9 stainless steel D-rings on the iRocker.
The CRUISER’s overall finish is nicely done and there’s no sloppiness when it comes to gluing or hardware mounting.
It has top quality pump and paddle.
The new board features 2 safety handles by the cargo area.
It is made of military grade triple layer drop stitch.
All necessary startup equipment are included.
It handles up to 350 lbs.
It has removable fins for easier packing and securing gear.
It has extra D-rings.
This model is well-designed, with low-profile seams and solid materials that handled multiple creek descents with shallow sections and mandatory portages.
You get a coiled leash.

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❌ Cons

The iRocker was a bit more expensive than our Editors’ Choice Isle Explorer.
We would also like to have seen some kind of grommet in the pack to allow for drainage.
As the wave glides under the board, it can create a slight stalling action that might throw some people off balance.
For an iSUP, the iRocker Blackfin Model XL is a bit on the heavy side at 32 pounds.
The iRocker performed well in stability metric but was beaten out by the Isle Explorer and NRS Mayra.
The bungee system up front is a little on the small side.
If you’re more into racing/touring boards, and need something that will let you pack on loads of gear, this board may not be your first choice.
It is not for those who feel the diamond groove is a bit harsh on the feet.
It is a bit on the heavy side.
Neoprene carry handle cover is not removable.
If you are looking for speed then the iRocker SUP Cruiser inflatable is not the board for you.
The iRocker SUP comes only in blue color.
The main fin has a metal twist on screw with a nut you have to put in to secure the fin to the board. This can be lost if your not careful.
There is no handle at the nose.
iRocker SUPs cost a little more than basic, cheaper models.
The board is slightly tippy and doesn’t have as stable of a platform.
The manual pumping can be a little bit more demanding than usual, especially since this is a considerably big board.
The neoprene cover is not removable.
It is a slower board to paddle than other narrower designs.
It is still a little heavy.
Internally there are compartments for all the peripherals but they are exactly the right size meaning that you have to be careful to make sure you are packing everything correctly as there is no room for error.
We would ike to see an upgrade in fins.
The non-skid traction pad isn’t super long.
The paddle is not the worst aluminum paddle around, but iRocker is known for it’s very nice, lightweight carbon fiber and fiberglass paddles.
There is no grab handle at nose or tail.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you are someone who likes to get around to all the places, then the all-around is for you. The differences between the 10′ and 11′ aren’t huge, though if you are a bigger rider or planning on taking extra weight often the 11′ should be your choice. Every year iRocker brings out a better series than the last and this year is no exception. It’s not hard to understand why their popularity has skyrocketed in the last couple of years.
The iRocker Cruiser 10’6 is definitely one of our favorite boards for 2019 full of options only usually found on premium priced boards. The Cruiser will be an instant hit for all the family straight out of the bag.
Last year’s inflatable board was a fantastic board and could perform well in other conditions but even though it’s not perfect for surfing you might be surprised how effective it would be if you take it somewhere. It’s mainly made for big riders and those who want to ride with extra people. It’s an excellent option for those who want to ride with their family.
This is a highly-rated inflatable stand up paddleboard. Excellent stability, extreme versatility, high-quality construction, large capacity, attractive looks, great performance on the water, and accessible pricing make it one of the best inflatable stand up boards on the market.
With the high quality and durability of the paddle board, free accessories, stability and ultra portability, the iRocker SUP Cruiser inflatable is a great board to buy. It is one of the best cheap inflatable paddle boards in the market today.
We really like the improvements that iROCKER has made to the new CRUISER, showing that the company is indeed listening to their customer’s feedback and always looking to better their gear. This is a great board for all-around use, and the outstanding stability is helpful in choppier conditions. The CRUISER is also a good choice if you’re looking to paddle small children or your dog around, as the extra width really helps when it comes to balance.
The iRocker continually impressed testers, with a solid performance across the board. This model came with us on open water, longer missions, and down rowdy creeks and rivers. It’s a solid model that can go nearly anywhere with you.
iRocker SUPs cost a little more than basic, cheaper models. However, their packages include more gear (including a high-quality fiberglass paddle) and they offer a longer 2-year warranty on their products. The quality and reliability is worth the investment, in my opinion.
Aside from some minor quibbles, there really isn’t anything you can detract points from this board for. In addition to providing amazing stability, high mid-grade weight capacity, and outstanding rigidity and durability, it does so in an impressively small frame. An excellent buy for any paddler.
At the end of the day, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better board at this price point. The iROCKER ALL-AROUND 10′ is well-designed, built like a tank, and comes with everything you need to start paddling. The 2-year warranty and money back guarantee show that the company is serious about standing behind their gear and we love the fact that customer service remains a top priority.
I believe that it almost has everything you will need to maintain it for a long time. Starting by the most important component, the back pack carry bag is an extremely useful addition which will allow you to store your board safely and transport it at ease. Second is the adjustable aluminium paddle which is both light and practical. Third is a dual action high pressure pump but sadly it’s still a hand pump (so get ready for a challenge). Last but not last is the indispensable repair kit which you’d hardly ever need unless your primary purpose is to make your board break.
Overall, if you’re shopping around for a well-designed, fun, and extremely durable inflatable SUP that doesn’t cost a fortune and includes everything you need to start paddling, you won’t find a better 10′ board this year than the ALL-AROUND 10′.
The 11’ iRocker inflatable SUP is a cool board for a good price. It is very portable, well made and comes with everything you need to get on the water right away.This board is designed for cruising on lakes, calm rivers or along ocean bays. It feels stable to paddle but we also found that it took a bit more effort to move. The tapered nose does help with glide and cutting through the water, however it wasn’t as fast as we had expected it to be.
The iRocker’s build and two-year warranty together with a set of high quality accessories makes this a great package. Just make sure you buy a decent backpack to go with it.
Overall, I’d have to agree with iRocker’s tagline: “You can find a cheaper board, but you not a better one!”.I stand by my previous reviews that rank iRocker as the ‘Best Overall Inflatable Board’. I would recommend iRocker to anyone who is in the market for an iSUP and deem them to be high quality, good value paddle boards.

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