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✅ Pros

I have gained 15 lbs. of (what I believe to be) pure muscle.
Review Pros
IronMag Labs (IML) is one of the most reputable and sought after supplements companies.
One bottle should do the trick with an intense training regiment and solid meal plan.
I did not experience anything like increased aggression, gynecomastia, etc.
It intensifies your strength & power.
The company is well known due to how effective their products are.
It is non-methylated.
Their consumers are pleased and contented with the products.
This product helps you sleep well.
It elevates protein synthesis.
The owner of IML, Robert DiMaggio, is a very straightforward person, and that is why he insists that all the ingredients infused while manufacturing the supplements be labeled for consumers to see.
For those who are looking to make significant muscle gains, then this may be the right supplement to promote that quality.
The supplement also works to enhance your mental and cognitive recovery.
It intensifies libido.
You will notice that with the supplement’s promotion of a deep sleep, you’ll feel more relaxed throughout the day.
It builds up muscle mass.

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❌ Cons

It elevated aggression.
Negligible testosterone suppression was observed.
Slight acne was observed.
There are some things I just don’t know, especially when the product under review is a proprietary blend.

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Review Summaries
Overall, if you are ready to get a good night’s sleep and to help your body recovery so that you are fully prepared for the next day, then this supplement may be right for you. To order, visit the brand’s website today.
IronMagLabs has produced this prohormone to assist athletes who want their muscle mass and strength to increase quickly. This supplement was created right for this purpose. The increased levels of testosterone will multiply red blood cells in your bloodstream and provide you with power, you dreamed of, during your pre-workouts. It’s time to look ripped all day long!
2014 and 2015 were tough years for companies in the hardcore market of the supplement industry. The government began its crackdown on pro-hormones and designer steroids, rendering many popular products illegal. Despite the ban, IronMag Labs rose to the occasion and released Super DMZ 5.0 without missing a beat. They did not stumble, in fact, they improved upon previous incarnations of an already effective product to create one of the most sought after hardcore supplements on the market.
IronMag Labs has come to change the narrative that has been placed by their predecessors. Their products are genuine, original, natural, and most of the health-friendly. Going by the customer feedback, it is clear that the effects are beneficial. It cannot hurt to try them out and experience a difference from what you have been using in the past.

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