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✅ Pros

It is made to help you feel and look great as long as you continue to eat right and work hard.
Review Pros
This product mixes up really easily and won’t leave you with a lumpy drink that you are trying to not gag while drinking it.
It is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.
At $29.99, Burn-XT costs less than some other fat burners.
There are zero fillers or dyes according to Jacked Factory.
Effective ingredients are included.
It offers perfect control of appetite.
Lots of science-backed ingredients and dosages are included.
It is manufactured in a cGMP factory which means it’s about as regulated as can be expected.
It has clear and simple ingredients formula.
It appears to be well-designed, with clear ingredient quantities.
It’s all-natural with no synthetic ingredients.
It is manufactured in USA.
It is jitter-free.
It is made in the USA.
The effectiveness of this product is stellar in a variety of ways.
The doses of all the ingredients are clearly labeled.
It contains three key fat-burning ingredients.
It is reasonably priced.
It is vegetarian-friendly.
Black Pepper Extract is also a mild thermogenic and helps your body absorb more of these key nutrients – which is awesome.
It is relatively free from side effects compared to most other pre-workout supplements.
You will quickly see your strength and endurance rise plus you will notice you aren’t as sore if you are sore at all.
Some good ingredients are included.
It contains green tea, cayenne and piperine extracts.
The good news is that there does not appear to be anything in this product that is unsafe to use.
It is a cost-effective option when compared with others on the market.
It is cGMP certified.
It is transparent labeling.
It is reasonably-priced compared to competing products.
It helps with producing extra energy.
Some of the prices are lower than competitors.
There are no proprietary blends – you can see what you’re paying for.
It is affordable.
The majority of Jacked Factory supplements have label-based ingredient lists.
The dosages are all sensible and the ingredients are natural.
There are some proven ingredients used across multiple supplements.
It contains high beta-alanine total.
It is safe to use.
There are no proprietary blends in sight.
It’s not too expensive.
There are largely positive reviews online.
It is stimulant-free.
It works great.
It has some good customer reviews.
This product carries a fairly simple and very clean list of ingredients.
It uses cayenne pepper and green tea.
It has a solid amount of caffeine.

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❌ Cons

It has high caffeine content.
It can’t compete with other products on the market with more proven efficacy.
It doesn’t burn fat as other products in the fat burners category.
ALCAR more suited to a pre-workout.
Some ingredients are under dosed.
Approximately 80% of the reviews posted to Amazon appear to be fake.
Several purchasers complain of digestion issues.
There is not enough green tea.
It lacks Konjac, Vitamin B or Zinc.
This product is lacking in some fairly easy to obtain and essential ingredients such as zinc and vitamin D.
Caffeine content may be a bit high for some (135mg per capsule).
It doesn’t contain a true appetite suppressant.
It is a little low in citrulline.
It is missing key ingredients.
It contains traces of soy.
Some elements that are included are proven to be ineffective.
There are some bad customer reviews.
Unfortunately, this product only comes in one flavor which is a let down to those of you that are looking for some flavor variety.
At the time of review, not all products were in stock.
It does not use any vitamins or minerals as ingredients.
Key ingredients like L-Citrulline are under-dosed.
It causes a tingling sensation in the body Costs more than average.
There are possible side effects.
Some supplements may cause loss of water and gastrointestinal effects.
There seem to be very mixed reviews about the taste of this product.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All in all, this could have some minor benefits but if you are serious about burning fat, then you should stay clear of this, and any of the other PM fat burners we have seen so far. Stick to the proven products if you want results.
You will enjoy how well Jacked Factory Altius works when you’re aiming to get a pre-workout supplement that fits your needs. The intense power of Altius and the added focus you will develop should provide you with a powerful approach to handling your workout efforts. See what you can get out of this when finding a way to stay healthy and ready for exercise and lifting.
Jacked Factory N.O. XT rises above the normal crowd by focusing purely on the pump and increasing blood flow to the muscles, avoiding the jittery side effects that are common with pre-workouts. Its three ingredients seem well-chosen for this purpose, and although the ingredient quantities aren’t perfect, they are just about all that is reasonably achievable in a capsule-based product.
Burn-XT isn’t a bad fat burner, especially for just $29.99. However, we reckon you could do better. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you’ll probably get better results.
Generally speaking, the overall feedback for Burn-XT amongst customers seemed to be largely positive. It has clear and simple ingredients formula. However, the caffeine content may be a bit high for some (135mg per capsule).
Sure, this product doesn’t taste the most delicious and you don’t have an option to buy one container that will last you an entire month. These things are annoying but when you look at the rest of what this product is going to do for you they seem very minor and easy to get past. You will be consuming a product that is great for you and even better for your muscles.
The Jacked Factory BURN-XT weight loss supplement could be a solid option for both men and women. Users like the effects of these pills, but some complain about the adverse reactions.
I wouldn’t invest my weight loss hopes into Burn XT – there are better options available. Burn XT is a typical fat burning supplement that is made to be sold via Amazon. It is a commodity product.
There are some good formulas available from Jacked Factory. There are also a few ingredients and a few supplements that concerns us a bit. Thus, it’s best to say we cannot fully support Jacked Factory line, but some gems are in the mix.
If you are new to the fat burner market and just want to dip your toe in and see if ‘thermogenesis’ is for you, then Burn XT is an affordable entry-level product. It’s perfect if you are a first-time buyer who doesn’t want to fully commit.
Considering the fact that this is a sleep aid and a fat burner, we have to say that this product does exactly what’s on the label.
It is relatively inexpensive and would work as a good introductory product for someone new to testosterone boosters. However, when you consider the benefits of Androsurge vs Primasurge, the company recommends that you stack the products, which makes it feel a little like both are lacking in certain areas when you look at the ingredients list for Primasurge that becomes more apparent. The lack of vitamin D and zinc let this product down, in particular.
It’s reasonably priced, has a solid amount of caffeine, and almost all of the extra ingredients are research-backed and well-dosed. For 80 cents a serving, you definitely get your money’s worth with NITROSURGE.

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